Victims of Civil Rights Abuses:

With the NCMB as the lead, the NCMS & NCPHP keep silent.  This provides their implicit consent during the routine abuses of HIPAA regulations regarding Protected Health Information (PHI) by the NCMB, thus placing them under the same guilt.  Remember that Chapter 90 of the North Carolina General Statutes irrevocably binds them together.


Consent orders are done with a great deal of coercion and under duress.

Contracts of any sort made under these conditions are inherently voidable;

Contracts can become voidable due to:

Mistake. A contract can be canceled on the grounds of a mutual mistake of fact. But remember, failure to read the contract doesn't make a contract voidable.

Lack of capacity. A person must have the legal ability to form a contract in the first place. A person who is unable, due to intoxication or mental impairment, to understand what she is doing when she signs a contract may lack capacity to enter into a contract.

Coercion, undue influence, misrepresentation and fraud. Getting consent for a contract in a number of shady ways can make a contract voidable. Contracts entered into based on coercion, threats, false statements, or improper persuasion can be voided by the party who was the victim of the unfairness.


Partial list of HIPPA violation victims Re; mental health issues posted online for all the world to see.

This is especially problematic while considering that the legal department for the NCMB writes fictitious reports that “justify” anything that they want their victim to endure.

Their “Findings of Fact” are purely "Findings of Fiction"! 

Their documents are largely libelous with the intention of harming their victim for the remainder of their professional career, often leaving their victim unemployable.