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Boundary Issues

Combination Boundary & Substance Abuse Issues

Legal Issues

Negligence Issues

Substance Abuse Issues


 Review of the Public Disciplinary Actions of the NCMB was undertaken:

Boundary Issues;

Least Discipline; Licensee self-prescribing and prescribing to two family members without maintaining adequate records and receives a public letter of concern

Most Discipline; Licensee wrote Ambien/sleeping pill for wife & took it himself—was out of work for 3 years.  Honorable mention; Physician falls in love with a former patient who’s wife had died, they marry, she’s forced to surrender her license. Seven years later she’s given a provisional license stating she can no longer practice Psychiatry, the field she had trained in and previously practiced.

Combined Boundary and Substance-Abuse Issues;

Least Discipline; A practitioner had an affair with patient and patient’s spouse, moved in with them and prescribed them controlled substances until the NCMB forced her to vacate their home.  She received a consent order/reprimand/120 day suspension immediately stayed.  Another prescribing controlled substances to family members who diverted some of them to him received a Public Letter of Concern

Most Discipline; Indefinite suspension in 2011, has never returned to work after prescribing drugs to friends and family, then taking some of the drugs for his own use

Legal Issues;

Least Discipline; Practicing 11 years without a license results in a reprimand

Most Discipline; Practitioner with no complaints in 40 years is rude to a family at Sam’s Club, refuses to answer NCMB investigator as it didn’t involve his practice.  Indefinitely suspended then retired

Negligence Issues;

Least Discipline; Licensee who appears incompetent is warned in 2008, no improvement, by 2012 receives a non-disciplinary consent order and is ordered to have a professional assessment of skills

Most Discipline; Licensee employed by a clinic supervising mid-levels who are following company protocols in another location, is unaware that a midlevel made some errors and has his license suspended for a year, stayed all but 30 days.

Substance-Abuse Issues;

Least Discipline; “Bill K” self-referred to NCPHP with active alcohol problems, NCMB unaware of him since he self-referred, in 4 months he’s back at work seeing patients.  Anybody who goes through the NCMB gets 1-2 years minimum out of practice; NCPHP advice is ignored by NCMB attorneys (who thus practice medicine without a license)!

Most Discipline; Numerous licensees who have self-referred for alcoholism, gotten sober, declared on renewal of license that they are sober only to have the Board intervene and take them out of practice completely for 2-4 years DESPITE THEIR CONTINUED & DOCUMENTED SOBRIETY!

*These reviews included the largest number of cases, recording episodes of arbitrary disciplinary actions ranging from very lenient to very harsh actions.  For the sake of convenience and understanding, actions were broken down into the various categories as noted above.

It should also be noted, that while the NCMB is quite harsh in its dealings with licensees; they have no responsibility when they make mistakes!  There is obviously a very arbitrary range of disciplinary actions meted out for similar transgressions.  Also of great importance, numerous licensees who have had allegations of substance abuse and other issues are not referred to the NCPHP, which is exactly what they are responsible for doing!  The NCMB is all-powerful and irresponsible in many ways!



Boundary Issues;

Charlotte NC

Latimer Anthony Taylor MD

4/24/15 Consent Order Reprimand for making an “inappropriate comment” to a female patient during a telephone call, mandated to have a “comprehensive assessment” with Eugenia Gullick PhD



Robbins NC

William Lee Bell MD

1/29/15  Public Letter of Concern due to prescribing controlled substances to family members from December 2013 to July 2014.

***Very light punishment!  No order to “assessment” for substance abuse, no referral to NCPHP, who does he know?



Lenoir NC

George Alan Gould MD

1/12/2012; Public Letter of Concern; prescribing controlled substances to close family members with inadequate documentation


Hope Mills NC

Robert Lee Ferguson Jr. MD

1/9/2012 Public Letter of Concern; PA was prescribing undocumented medications (not controlled substances) to Dr. Ferguson


Smithfield NC

A.B.M Enayet Ullah MD

2/16/2012; Consent Order for Indefinite suspension for writing Rx’s to coworkers and inadequate record keeping, may request re-entry in 6 months


Chesapeake VA

Matthew Louis Whitted MD

2/2010; Hugged a coworker in hospital, she felt it was a “sexual” offense

2/2010; 30d suspension at hospital

2/2010; VAMB Reprimanded physician

7/2010; Surrendered NC License

2/14/2012; Public Letter of Concern due to above actions


Safat 13007 Kuwait UAE

Eric Eugene Evans PA-C

11/2010; Conducted breast exam on patient “A” during post-op office visit without chaperone present, Patient thought he was inappropriately touching her.

1/2011; Patient “B” complained of inappropriate language use

2/16/2012; Consent Order six month suspension/immediately stayed, must attend boundaries course and must have chaperone present for all exams on female patients.


Greensboro NC
Vijaya Prakash Boggala MD

2/1/2012; Voluntarily surrendered license. 

2/2013; All criminal charges dismissed

5/2013; Consent Order; Indefinite Suspension.  Finds that he entered adult-only chat room where he contacted a purported 14 year old whom he spoke sexually to and arranged to meet her, it was sting set up by the Guilford County Sheriff’s office.  Consent Order also requiring PSY Eval within 6 months.

8/5/14 Amended Consent Order

RTL reinstated after he was soliciting 14 yo for sex and busted by Cumberland County Sheriff’s office and now under NCPHP contract.





Jonathan David Christenbury MD

4/9/12 Consent Order for Reprimand and $3000 fine

For having a relationship with Patient “A” who was seeing his PA, so therefore was indirectly the physician’s patient.


Savannah GA
Richard Earl Brownlee Jr MD

4/9/12 Public Letter of Concern due to incident in GA

GA Medical Board is investigating him for writing controlled substances to a patient that he had an inappropriate relationship with, 40 counts of unlawful prescribing, GA license inactivated since 2009


Jamestown NC

Reza Rezai MD
1/2010 Consent Order/indefinite suspension, given NCPHP contract and 8 week treatment.  He had been taking Ritalin prescribed by his physician for his ADD, he wrote himself a Rx for it under a family members name

3/2011 Consent Order allowing return to work

4/4/2012 Consent Order relieved

***Extremely harsh treatment, Reprimand would have been adequate, why did he need “treatment”


Mount Olive NC

Thomas John Colegero III MD

4/20/12 Consent Order on Probation 2’ to prescribing for family members and poor charting.

Prescribing for spouse without recording, had classes, charts were still poorly done after training


Nags Head

David Stuart Thompson MD

2009-2011 Patient “A” relationship with mother of one of his patients, he brought her a car, treated this woman’s children from 2008-2011.

10/2010-2/2011 Patient “B” was the mother of one of his patients.  His boss put him on a two week leave of absence while he went to the NCPHP where he was assessed, advised to have a more in-depth assessment

11/2011 Told he had to take a boundary course

12/9/11 NPA given

12/12/11 thru 2/17/12 Intensive outpatient treatment for boundary issues

5/24/2012 indefinite suspension given

5/31/12 Public Letter of Concern

8/15/13 Temporary Medical License by Consent Order must continue within NCPHP

***Technically this guy didn’t have a relationship with a patient.  Medical ethics prohibit sexual relationships with patients, he had it with a parent.  This cost him two and a half years out of work!



Ernest John Oddono Jr MD

1/2009 NCMB charged with giving Rx’s to employee, knowingly for her estranged husband who commits suicide.  Investigators see his name on victim’s Rx bottles

3/2009 Suspended for 4 months, stayed for all but 1 month, told to take Ethics class

2/2010 Reprimanded for not taking the ethics class

6/14/2012 Relief from original consent order


Grover NC

Kerry Layne Lowery MD

9/2005 became acquainted with patient and started treating him and included wife in sessions.  Patient’s wife died suddenly

10/2006 stopped seeing Pt. “A” that patient “A” was ready to stop therapy but not clearly terminating the physician-pt relationship.  Several weeks later saw pt socially, developed a relationship and started to re-prescribe controlled and non-controlled medications for “former” pt that she was in a relationship with.

Referred to NCPHP then Acumen.

12/2007; Indefinite suspension of license

11/2008; Requested reinstatement; denied because she had married the pt. which they felt put her at future risk of boundary violations.

2/2009; requested hearing

7/12/12; Given consent order to reinstate license to practice but not allowed to practice psychiatry.

*** GROSS injustice! Public Letter or Reprimand would have been adequate!


Goldsboro NC
Loretta Van Haasteren MD

7/19/12 Public Letter of Concern Re; inappropriate records and prescribing

Has close friendship with her female landlord whom she has a business venture, treats patient and gives controlled meds without keeping medical record.


Douglas Ray Smith MD

10/2008 arranges to meet with a patient after work for a sexual encounter but he does not go as arranged

6/2012 Voluntary surrender of license when he finds out that he’s being investigated by the NCMB for the above, fully cooperates, goes into rehab

10/5/2012 Consent Order Indefinite Suspension of license

*** Harsh, where was the NCPHP?


High Point NC

Gordon Bruce Arnold MD Physician since 1969 in High Point

8/2006 to 8/2010 Treated family members on occasion for non-emergent conditions with controlled substances.

Patients “A” through “G” for pain and other conditions from

1/2007 to 12/2010 with controlled substances

4/2012 Consent Order/Reprimand; May not prescribe Schedule II or III, must obtain a physician clinical competency assessment covering internal medicine and pain mgmt, patient care, medical knowledge, system based care and professionalism

12/17/2012 Amended Consent

1/2013 Relief of obligations of consent orders


Denver NC

Stanley David Hoffman MD

From 8/2010 to 6/2012 self-prescribed medications and to 2 members of immediate family, all but two of these were for non-controlled substances originally prescribed by other physicians, also prescribed controlled substances for 2 family members during this time.

12/14/12 Public Letter of Concern

*** Very Light Sentence


Bradenton FL

Donald Freeman Westra Jr MD

8/26/10 Consent Order/Reprimand, needs to take CME on boundaries

Licensed OB-GYN since 1979

7/2009 Patient “A” was asked out for a drink several times, making patient “A” uncomfortable, he denied anything to do with this

12/31/2010 Provider retires

7/2011 Patient complaint to NCMB that provider engaged in a romantic relationship with her after she saw her in office 1/2009.  He states that they had a business relationship, not a romantic relationship, he admitted to prescribing Adipex and another non-controlled medications without conducting a physical or maintaining records on her

12/13/12 Board Reprimand/inactivates license

***Mismanagement, reprimand after retirement?



John Francis Cassidy PA-C

2004 Reprimanded for practicing before licensed

1/2006 Consent Order/Reprimanded for making a substantial move of practice without notifying NCMB

2010 Inappropriate sexual relationship with Patient “A” whom he treated from 3/2009 to 6/2011, diagnosed, treated for ADHD, Bipolar, Panic attacks, Marijuana dependency, anxiety issues, sexual and work issues.  Mr. Cassidy continued to prescribe multiple substances after she was no longer an official patient, but they were the same medications she had been on while she was officially a patient. The prescriptions were not recorded in the patient charts

12/7/2012 Surrendered License

12/7/12 Indefinite suspension

***Extremely Harsh, Reprimand/Ethics CME would have been appropriate


El Dorado Springs MO
George Duncan Methven DO

MOMB suspended license and gave 7 years’ probation after his spouse claimed he had a sexual relationship with a patient in 2012, remanded to a Boundaries class.

1/24/13 NC Consent Order Medical License issued with conditions; NCPHP contract, no drugs/alcohol


Elkin NC
Linda Michelle Shuck DO

1/22/13 Public Letter of Concern for writing a controlled weight loss medication for a family member

Louisburg NC
David James King MD

10/2005 Dr. King discussed with several patients about his relationship with a former employee, she had resigned in 2004 from her position as a receptionist.

2005 Referred to NCPHP

6/2005 Had a formal evaluation by consultant to NCPHP; Professional Renewal Center

6/20-7/15/2005 PRC course

8/24-26/2005 Boundaries class at Vanderbilt University

2005 Board Hearing, suspension for 2 years, all but 90 days stayed, NCPHP contract

2/2/2013 Pre-signed scripts for controlled substances and other substances on more than one occasion, he was hospitalized due to personal health problems at this time.

2/28/13 Consent Order, 60-day suspension stayed for all but 2 days and to pay $3K fine

***Harsh, CME class would have been better, possible Public Letter


Arden NC
Brian Michael Bothe MD

2002 Began a pain mgmt. practice which expanded then closed 9/2007 when he was treating 30 patients/d

Illegible records/poor documentation

Patient “A”-“D” records below acceptable standards

Diverted Celebrex and Ultram to himself and Zoloft to himself

2/2010 Consent Order for Suspension X 6 months immediately stayed with 1 year probation, required to complete a prescribing course, within 3 months of completion of the prescribing course will have another chart review by NCMB investigator

2/6/13 Consent Order for Relief

***Reprimand and CME would make more sense than a suspension, where was the NCPHP?


Janaki Ram Prad Earla MD

Fayetteville NC

2/2009; Voluntary surrender of license

6/2009; Consent Order states he wrote prescriptions for controlled substance Rx’s without adequate exams; given indefinite suspension, had inappropriate physician-patient relationship

2/2011; Ongoing counseling/monitoring with NCPHP, given temporary license but was never sent away for treatment

1/19/2012; Renewed Temporary License

1/2013; Unrestricted full license

2/2013; Relieved of all consent order obligations


Elizabeth Town NC
John Whan Kim MD

2/20/12 NCMB received complaint Re; inappropriate relationship with Patient “A” whom he’d been treating for 4 years for pain, depression, insomnia, PTSD.  Dr. Kim denies inappropriate relationship

In 2012 patient called Dr. Kim on his cell phone, that she ha a burn that she would like him to look at.  He met her in a hotel room and treated her for the burn but did not make any record of this.   Mandated to take the class within 6 months

3/13/2013 Consent Order for Reprimand

***Why a reprimand?  What did he do wrong? He didn’t TREAT the burn with Rx meds!


Hurdle Mills NC
Robert Neal Irons PA-C

10/7/12 self-reported that he had been treating/prescribing controlled substances to a family member; Patient “A” who has acute leukemia and complications from two bone marrow transplants, had been under the care of Mr. Iron’s supervising physician.  Over time, Mr. Iron’s began treating patient “A” with less supervision from his supervising physician, prescribing controlled meds from 7/4/07 through 9/16/12.  Mr. Iron’s sporadically prescribed Lorazepam 2 mg, Ritalin, Morphine Sulfate from 8/15/07-7/2009 and large quantities of Oxycodone 10 mg.  He admits that not all of the prescriptions were documented.

3/12/13 Consent Order for 6 month stayed suspension and Reprimand

***The physician who allowed the PA to treat a relative was not supervising by allowing this.  The only other thing wrong is that he didn’t document the Rx’s.  He never admitted to taking them.  A Reprimand would have been heavy discipline; Public Letter would have made sense, but a suspension??  Why??


Oxford NC
Raul Humberto Towne MD

4/8/13 Public Letter of Concern for prescribing controlled and non-controlled substances to family members and Tylenol#3 to a child that typically does not require controlled substances, but he DID maintain a folder of prescriptions for his family members

Had issues going back to 1990s

*** Very light discipline


Ocean Isle Beach NC
Sarah Patton Towne DO

5/30/13 Public Letter of Concern for prescribing controlled and non-controlled substances to family members.


Charlotte NC
Darlington Ibifubara Hart MD

2003 private letter of concern Re; allegation sexually assaulting a female employee

2008 allegation by SCMB that you initiated sexual contact with a female patient during her office visit on two occasions.

2009 SCMB allegations of trading sex for medications

2010 Allegations that you raped a patient then gave her narcotics

3/29/10 entered a private agreement with SCMB agreeing to use a chaperone with 100% of your patients and that chaperone would counter-sign records, you would take a boundary course, continue to be monitored and submit to a polygraph exam every 6 months

2011 Investigation of emergency immediate suspension of SC medical license involving allegations of sexual assault in which he surrendered his SC license in 6/2011

2011 Investigation Re; allowing an unlicensed PA to practice medicine

12/3/12 Agreement to relinquish SC license agreeing to waive further proceedings

History with SCMB including 2001 letter of concern Re; hugging a female patient

5/30/13 Requesting appearance before the NCMB, NCMB agrees within 10-20 days, since then has been order to continue

5/30/13 Denial of Reinstatement of licensure due to history of NCMB including private letter of concern dated 7/14/04 involving allegations of simple assault from 2001, 6/24/10 Private letter Re; boundary violation of a female patient

7/31/13 order to continue

Kenansville NC
Douglas Lawrence Lamb PA-C 

5/29/13 Public Letter of Concern due to prescribing including controlled substances to somebody he had a relationship with but did not maintain record of same.

***light discipline


Raleigh NC

Shawnee Dee Weir MD

6/24/13 Public Letter of Concern Re; prescribing controlled and uncontrolled medications to family with lack of documentation, physical exam.


Cary NC
William Todd Stoeckel MD
7/19/13 Public Letter of Concern Re; dispensing of controlled substances

Dispensed medication to somebody with whom he had a personal relationship.


Hendersonvile NC

Jack Lloyd Flippo MD

7/16/13 Public Letter of Concern

For prescribing medications to family members






William Carlton Cabaniss Jr PA

8/31/11 Public Letter of Concern; In USAF, USAF found inappropriate relationship with pt. from 3-5/2010; USAF placed clinical privileges in abeyance 7/15/2010 and imposed summary suspension 8/13/10, privileges revoked effective 9/17/10.  PLOC states he needs to take a Boundaries class within 6 months.

***Seems a bit lighter than most others get


Cynthia Poff Butler DO

1/28/11 During a visit with Pt. “A”, licensee made inappropriate comments to patient about his weight and office visits.

2/28/11 Provider threw her pen on the floor and struck patient in the chest with a closed fist.

8/2011 Consent Order; 6 suspension, stayed after 30 days, within 6 months must take a course on “Managing difficult communications in patient practice” at Case Western University

12/2012 Consent Order relief for all of above.

***Was there a chaperone in the room, any witnesses?  Males don’t tend to complain.  She batters a patient and gets 30 days out of practice + 5 months suspension, was there evidence that this happened.  Had never had an incident with the NCMB, in practice since 1993.  Would a simple apology have been adequate, this seems very unlikely to have happened, did she simply percuss his thorax?  Class to take with a reprimand seems more appropriate.  How long did her NPA last?


Dwight Melvin Fitzgerald MD

Practicing 1976

9/2000 Met with NCMB who referred him to NCPHP

2004 Hospital privileges disrupted due to behavior 6/2000

5/2005 Suspended hospital privileges due to disruptive behavior

10/2005 Licensee reported that his privileges at Catawba Med Ctr had been suspended from 5/24/05-6/15/05 due to unprofessional/disruptive behavior while on duty.  One of the allegations is that he threw an empty foley catheter collection bag, appearing agitated and angry, another allegation is that he shouted instructions to a nurse during a surgical procedure, some members of the nursing staff were reluctant to work with him due to him verbally abusing/intimidating them.  Licensee and Hospital agreed that a contract with the NCPHP would allow him to continue to work there.

3/24/2006 Consent Order for 2-month suspension immediately stayed re; allegations of disruptive behavior, hospital employees did not want to work with him due to their own fears

11/2010 Hospital privilege suspension due to disruptive behavior Re; treatment of a patient with a stab wound, during that treatment of the patient, the Dr. verbally belittled the staff, making sarcastic and inappropriate comments toward staff members while they were assisting patients.  These behaviors were continued during subsequent treatment to such a degree that the hospital staff complained about not wanting to work with him in the future. 

8/2011 Consent Order; Dr. Fitzgerald has been working with Glenn Newsome PhD Re; professional behavior and anger mgmt., NCPHP advocates effective therapy.  Suspended for 2.5 years immediately stayed, $2000 fine to the NCMB, continued NCPHP contract order

***Licensee apparently aggressive to hospital employees, suspended from hospital twice, never removed from practice until after treatment then given an immediately stayed 2.5 year suspension.  Would a reprimand be more appropriate after he was treated for apparent mental illness/seems likely to have been bipolar disorder? Was he evaluated elsewhere? Who was Dr. Newsome?


Michael Lantry Smith MD


Nags Head NC

9/5/07 Allegations Re; episode below
12/2007 Consent Order; Reprimand.  Patient “A” & “B” are family members of Dr. Smith who treated them for non-minor/non-emergent medical issues.  He prescribed for them Vicodin, Darvocet and to Patient B had a dermatological/surgical procedure.  Records were kept on treatment given and prescriptions given which were medically appropriate

1/2008 Consent Order amended, required to take a CME course on treating family members. 

8/2011 Consent Order; 60 day suspension, immediately stayed for continuing top prescribe for Patient “A”, a close family member.

***This demonstrates the harsher discipline that currently would generate a Public Letter of Concern.  There is no evidence of negligent practice of medicine or patient harm.


Gary L Fink MD

Prescribed medications and controlled substances to patient “A” who was a close friend and business associate, you did not keep a treatment record and even picked up his mediations from the pharmacy for your friend.

7/19/11 Consent Order; Public Letter of Concern; Re; Above

***Boundary violation, possible substance abuse, why is the NCPHP not involved and why did he get off such a very light disciplinary measure compared to all of the others?


Michael Carlyle Dubick MD

8/2010 VAMB terminates license due writing for 360 doses of Mirapex to himself in the name of a family member.  Also wrote 4 Rx’s for Paxil and Ambien for family members outside of a bona-fide physician-patient relationship.

7/7/11 Public Letter of Concern from NCMB due to VAMB issue although his VA license had been reinstated.

***Prior to 2012 others were getting Reprimands for such practices in NC; licensees do not receive equal treatment by the NCMB for various violations.


John Joel Harris Jr. MD

1987 EtOH treatment

7/2003 Mental Health issues in GA treated for 84 days then transferred to a “3/4 facility” for 14 months, entered into GAPHP and contract under NCPHP, advised to abstain from EtOH.  Sober since 10/2003

2003 Surrender of license

2004 Consent Order; license re-activated after treatment of EtOH 1987

2005 Temporary License

2006 Renewal

2007 Renewal

11/2008 Full license

2/2011 NCMB receives complaint Re; licensee prescribing medications, including controlled substances to 4 close family members;

Patient “A” for Lunesta & Ambien, could not produce record

Patient “B” for Ativan and Ambien, could not produce record

Patient “C” Diazepam & meprobamate; no record

Patient “D” PolytussinAC no record

2/9/11 atty contacts NCMB, stating that licensee had been out of the country during NCMB investigation

12/9/2011 Consent Order; suspension for 3 months, retroactive to 9/9/2010

***Why was he suspended for writing medications for family members when Fink and Dubik get Public Letters of Concern?


Jerry Anderson Heath PA

24 2nd Ave NE Hickory NC 28601 (828) 324-9900

Licensed 1978 Hickory Psychiatry

2/2011 Notice of Charges & Hearing

8/2007 Treating patient “A” for behavioral issues at CV Behavioral Health

10/2009 while continuing therapy at CVBH he also began treating patient in his residence at Cornerstone Treatment Center (CTC) which he owned and operated out of his residence.  He treated the patient for pain with Percocet.

2010 engaged in sexual activity with patient “A” at his home

1/3,4,5/2011 Mr. Heath was evaluated at Behavioral Medicine Institute in Atlanta for sexual problems, disruptive behavior, medical and psychological problems with conclusion that he had poor insight and professional boundaries placing him at risk for future professional misconduct with recommendation for long term treatment there and should not practice medicine.

Records of patients “A-E” provided to independent reviewer certified in Psychiatry with care below the acceptable prevailing standard

2/22/11 Charges filed

6/16/11 Consent Order; Indefinite suspension, no further entries on NCMB website

***Another provider off into oblivion.  Was he put under contract with the NCPHP, did he get treatment?  Was he cleared to return to practice by the treating facility?


Matthew Block MD


Licensed 2001 Laurenburg NC

Patients “B-F” former employees who were given prescriptions, many for controlled substances without documentation in charts, 2 employees admitted to diverting meds to patient “A” a relative to Dr. Block, numerous Rx’s were issued to patient “A” to treat a number of medications.   A pharmacist notified Licensee to this being a problem; patients “B-F” began drug diversion to the family member.

NC Division of Public Health complaint reviewed that 6/2007 and 12/2007 seven of his patients who had office stress tests tested for (+) for hepatitis C that may have been contracted by an unsafe technician during myocardial perfusion studies.

8/28/2008 Interim Consent Order; no invasive office procedures other than venipuncture or finger-stick procedures with direct physician supervision and that NCDPH will begin testing his patients for Hepatitis C

11/11/08 Emergency NCMB session Re; 7 stress test patients with Hepatitis C complaint from NCDPH

11/21/08 Consent Order to stop invasive office procedures.  2 year suspension/immediately stayed, indefinite probation.

2/2/09 Consent Order granting permission for in-office nuclear testing

4/11/09 Relief from all prior consent orders.

***This provider gave his relative and numerous employees controlled medications with inadequate documentation—BIG boundary violations.  Then the employees began diverting their medications to the family member; which is hard to believe that licensee was unaware of (but conceivable).  THEN 7 patients who had undergone nuclear stress testing in his office were positive for hepatitis C (A BIG act of negligence) requiring the NCDPH to get involved—they needed to go back and test every patient who had ever had a nuclear stress test in that office, and possibly everybody who had ever had blood drawn in that office to ensure no other hepatitis C exposures (a HUGE task and expense to the state)  After all of this, he gets a 2-year immediately stayed suspension?  Wow! No mention made of NCPHP or evaluation of ability to practice or anything else being done to correct the boundary violations and negligence involving this licensee! Is the NCMB this inept?


James Thomas Skeen MD

Works for Center for Pain Pinehurst

11/29/10; Public Letter of Concern

Issued prescriptions for controlled substances to a family member without documenting anything including physical exam

***No time off of work, no NCPHP contract/boundaries course, no monitoring contract in the event he was self-diverting.  Other licensees are severely punished for this.


Milton Paul Kale MD

12/2010 Consent Order for Reprimand

Committed unprofessional conduct, pediatrician in Jacksonville NC, NCMB rec’d complaint that he was regularly prescribing medications to close family members, between 1/2009 and 7/2010 numerous Rx’s for 3 family members including Schedule II, IV drugs without documenting history/physical etc in charts.

***Other providers would be out of work for prolonged periods, NCPHP contract, urine screens, Boundaries class and possibly off to treatment under suspicion of substance abuse/diversion.


John Everett Marshall MD

Licensed in 1999.  No malpractice or convictions.  PA had him surrender his license, now on exclusion list for Medicaid and Medicare

OB-GYN and Primary Care in Lincolnton

2003 Consent Order that was unable to be opened

Wrote controlled and non-controlled medications for 4 NC patients and occasionally to close family members who live out of state, he did not always maintain adequate medical records for these patients and close family members.  He was alleged to have engaged in unprofessional behavior by inappropriate remarks and unwelcome touching Re; a nurse.  He was inappropriately familiar and facetious with the nurse.  He said he never meant to make her feel uncomfortable.

This physician also volunteers at a free clinic in Mecklenburg.

11/2010 had scheduled a hearing in front of the Board but then accepted a consent order

3/15/2011 Consent Order Indefinitely Suspension; remains inactive to this day.

***This guy made some errors regarding who he prescribed for/records that were not kept, made some remarks, that touching was “unwelcome”.  This sounds like it could be a case of Asperger’s Syndrome, which is a disability.  He never had NCPHP evaluation or treatment, never given a boundaries course, never given an opportunity for outside evaluation.


Edward Conrad Blasko MD

Between 3/2/09 and 9/10/10 wrote for patient “A”, 16 Rx’s for Hydrocodone Schedule III

7 Rx’s for Xanax, 7 Rx’s for Klonopin, 1 Rx for Ativan, 1 Rx for Meperidine, 1 Rx for Dilaudid.  Failed to maintain chart documenting history/exam/plan for patient who is a former friend from when he practiced in PA.  He would also take this patient to the pharmacy to get the Rx’s.

1/2011 Consent Order; Reprimand

***No order to NCPHP, no evaluation for substance abuse—which is very likely with the quantities etc being used, improper documentation, multiple controlled substance Rx’s.  Other providers lose their licenses/have indefinite suspensions, why did he get off with a reprimand? No order for NCPHP Re; boundary issues/courses.


Lynde Knowles-Jonas

10/2010 Consent Order 45 day suspension/unstayed.

Unprofessional conduct in NC by writing a prescription for somebody she was having a significant relationship with while doing OB-GYN in Burlington.  NCMB heard that she was prescribing controlled substances to family members; which has been investigated.  Will have suspension held until she delivers the babies of women under her care and will do a CME course on prescribing medications.

***Why such harsh treatment, was not self-prescribing, did not give Schedule II/III substances.


David Martin Cook MD


Engaged in inappropriate relationship with patient

2010 Consent Order; Reprimand

***Why are other providers out of work for years for this transgression? Who did he pay how much money off to?  Others are out of work for years for this!


Todd Michael Alford MD

NCMB received information of a boundary violation during a physician-patient relationship

5/2009 Surrendered license

2/18/10 Consent Order; indefinite suspension.

***Where was the NCPHP?  Is he another “lost” provider?  He hasn’t had a license for >4 years due possibly to a single liaison with a patient?



Laurence Seaton Webster MD

NCMB receives info Re; inappropriate contact and conversation with patients and staff, had treatment during which he gained insight from regarding his prior conduct, he also engaged in inappropriate self-diagnosis and treatment by giving himself testosterone.  NCMB reviewed two charts that found that his charts did not support diagnosis of conditions that were included in his billing

6/24/09 Consent Order; Indefinitely Suspended.

10/11/13 Provider is still not working

***Where was the NCPHP?    This may have been a simple diagnosis of Asperger’s with a bit of disregard for NCMB rules in giving himself appropriate testosterone therapy that was indicated (no indication that it wasn’t) and a witch-hunt regarding his charts.  Why has he been out of work for 4.5 years?


Pete Matitag Sarmiento MD

10/2007 Surrendered License

4/2009 Consent Order; indefinite suspension due to allegations of improper physical relationship with 6 patients as determined by the NCMB.  Consent Order states that provider surrendered his license.  Patient “A” complained to the NCMB. Nowhere does it state that there was sexual intercourse with any of his patients.  What is the truth/nature behind the allegations made by the NCMB?

***There have been numerous cases observed thus far in which the NCMB Consent Order “Statement of Fact” has been anything but factual; is this another case?  These providers need to be interviewed by the auditor to find the real truth.


Thomas James Andrews MD


9/17/08 Inactivated NC license due to CA MB allegations of an “emotional affair” of a patient within his psychiatric practice during 2-3/2005, CA MB Action 4/2008.  CA had placed him on 5 year probation during which time he must have 65 hours of CME, requirement to remedy deficient knowledge at issue (Boundary & Ethics) during the 1st year of his suspension, must take an entirely separate professional boundaries program

9/2009 Consent Order; Reprimand Re; above

***What is an “emotional affair”?  Wouldn’t a “Private Letter of Concern be adequate?  Letter not sent


Robert Alan Clinton Jr. MD Family Physician

12/2008 mis-represented his identity to a pharmacy for a valid prescription to himself for Phentermine to assist with weight loss.

5/29/09 Voluntarily stopped practicing

7/2009; Consent Order; Public Letter of Concern Re; failure to make restitution for care not rendered after filing for bankruptcy

10/2009 Consent Order; 4 month un-stayed suspension, shall no longer practice cosmetic surgery due to romantic relationship with a former patient.  Performing cosmetic procedures on patients related to him.

*** Dr. Clinton basically mis-represented himself to get a non-controlled medication that he self-prescribed, had a romantic relationship with a former patient, we don’t know if that patient was formally discharged or not.  He also treated family members, no word on level of care, type of procedures, possible negligence. Would assume in the absence of those charges that none were pertinent.  He loses his entire career due to boundary violations of self-prescribing one time, one relationship with a former patient and some type of procedure, possibly even a Botox injection on family members?  This is absurdly heavy-handed treatment! NCMB attorneys in statement of fact on the consent order refer to him as a “plastic surgeon” when in fact he’s a Family Physician


Paul Carl Drago MD

Plastic surgeon who developed paresthesias of hands Spring 2008, by June 2008 sought neurology evaluation and w/u, no explanation given.

Later 2008 due to concern of symptoms affecting performance he chose to stop surgery

Diagnosed with a vitamin imbalance that resolved within weeks of changing his supplement regimen, allowing resumption of surgery.

During the time of his evaluation NCMB received complaints.  Patient “A-B” failed to meet the acceptable standards of care.  NCMB was concerned about this and his self-prescribing testosterone.  Medical Treatment of “A-H” exhibited “unprofessional conduct” including failure of medical ethics.  He sought care from an endocrinologist who continued the testosterone due to low levels.

9/2009 Indefinite Suspension due to “unprofessional conduct” as described above.

2/2010 SC License restricted him to working only in penal institutions

2/2012 SC removes all licensure restrictions, still suspended in NC

***Extremely harsh treatment, no evidence of NCPHP involvement.  He had a medical issue for which he sought assistance.  He did self-prescribe testosterone for valid reasons; that should be treated as a mild infraction of the rules.  He apparently failed to pay the right amount to the appropriate members of the NCMB.  Website offers no evidence of alleged negligence/unprofessional conduct examples.


Robert Francis Perry MD

GP, licensed 1994, Wilmington NC
Patient “A”, he asked if she had considered modeling, he could arrange a photo shoot for her, he provider arranged for a photo shoot at his practice.  Patient “A”’s children and spouse are Provider’s patients as well.  Patient “A” and Provider started exchanging Email’s about personal matters, some containing sexual overtones. 

10/7/08 License voluntarily surrendered, self-referred to NCPHP, remained in full compliance and took a boundaries course at direction of NCPHP

1/2009 Consent Order; indefinite suspension

3/23/10 Consent Order; Temporary license with conditions; must have a chaperone with all female patients and may not be a solo practitioner

9/2010 full license

***Practitioner has inappropriate leanings via Email/conversations with patient.  Inactivates license and self-refers to NCPHP.  These are all professionally appropriate actions to a boundary incursion.  NCMB gets involved, suspends license indefinitely, he’s out of work over 17 months without having sexual contact with his patient.  The response of the NCMB is far more inappropriate than anything the licensee is guilty of per these records on their website.


Ernest John Oddono Jr. MD DECEASED @ 53 yo Wife Gluditta


Also owns 6219 Nelway Dr #1 McLean VA 22101

3/23/09 Consent Order; Suspension for 4 months/immediately stayed with 1 year probation.  He was licensed since 1994, specialty is AN (anesthesiology?).  Since 2005 authorized prescriptions for a co-worker, patient “A” which were not documented in any patient chart.  4/4/08 authorized Rx’s for Seroquel & Zoloft with 12 RF’s.  Patient “A” had been getting the drugs for her spouse’s anxiety/depression/bipolar disorder.  Patient “A”’s spouse had a history of these conditions for which he had been treated successfully with these medications, patient “A” had no history of these issues.  Must take a medical ethics and professionalism class at Case-Western U in Cleveland OH, or take the professional problem-based ethics course in Summit NJ within 6 months.

2/2009 Consent Order; Failed to timely comply with above consent order. 

3/23/09 Completed the course and received a consent order for reprimand.

6/24/12 Consent Order; relief of obligations.

***He tried to assist a coworker, didn’t keep records of his efforts, didn’t evaluate the patient as he should have.  Did not prescribe controlled medications.   Ended up with a 4 month suspension then probation, had to go out of state to take classes that should have been available in a state with; UNC, Duke, Wake Forest, & Brody Medical School—4 medical schools yet couldn’t find any class within NC to satisfy the requirements.  Why is this poor guy being penalized to this degree?


Amy Denise Price MD

Licensed 1986, Freemont NC FP

~2003 Medical issue forced her to stop practicing.

2/2007 NCMB notified about prescribing irregularities; she had written Rx’s to former patients including at least 2 prescriptions for controlled substances. Did not have active DEA # at that time.  She prescribed to patients that she had a significant emotional relationship with.

1/15/08 Voluntarily inactivated license.

3/26/09 Consent Order; Indefinite Suspension due to prescribing for former patients including controlled substances. NCMB suspended license because licensee had “deceived the board by not notifying them sooner that she had a medical condition…”.

***What exactly was the breach in standard of care here?  There’s no report on NCMB documents that adequate records were not kept.  This could be a simple issue of a provider with a disability that was possibly short-lived such as MS who tried to maintain relationship with long-standing patients by helping them out regarding refills of meds without charging them for that favor.  When it became evident to her that she would not be able to return to practice in a reasonable time frame, the NCMB found out about their perceived deception and indefinitely suspended her, which is a very heavy-handed approach to a disabled physician who had apparently done everything else within the bounds of professionalism.  Why was she thus abused?


Barry Russell Lee MD


Gastonia NC Graduated Tulane 1987

4/3/09 Public Letter of Concern by Geo Saunders.  Incident regarding an assistant who was subjected to unwanted touching when you placed your hand on her back after completion of a procedure on a patient.  NCMB notes that you have cooperated with the investigation and taken steps to ensure that this behavior has not been repeated.  Regarding suturing a superficial laceration on a family member, the NCMB a proper record was not kept and only emergencies on family members are allowed to be treated.

***Are you kidding me?  This guy had the audacity to touch a nurse on the back at the completion of a procedure, a pat on the back to her for assisting him and he gets a public letter of concern???  Then he gets into trouble by suturing a laceration on a family member?  The NCMB contends that licensees are allowed to treat family members in an urgency or emergency. What condition would require suturing other than a laceration, albeit an emergency?  This poor guy with a clean prior record gets a punitive measure for thanking an assistant and caring for a family member in an emergency (but possibly not keeping adequate records of same).  This is over-the-top heavy-handed treatment!


Perrin Thomas Dobyns MD

1547 Ohio Ave

Anderson, IN 46016

(765) 641-7499 (Office)

(765) 641-0256 (Fax)

Fayetteville since 8/2007

12/2008 Surrendered license voluntarily

5/2009 Notice of charges/allegations/hearing; Practicing in NC since 2007, had “polysubstance dependence” in IN.  Participated in the IN PHP before coming to NC in 8/2007.  8/2007 NCPHP contract entered and licensed in NC with prohibition of using mind-altering substances and random drug screens.

8/31/08 Urine had THC

11/22/08 Urine Had Oxycodone and Oxymorphone metabolites; violation of NCPHP contract

12/2008 surrendered license.

5/2009 requested hearing in NC

7/2009 Consent Order; “Neither admits not denies allegations of Hx substance abuse”.  Indefinite suspension of NC license never worked in NC again.

***No evidence of being given the option to go into residential treatment, continue to abide by NCPHP contract etc.  He eventually resumed practiced in IN


Ginger Dobbins-Gregory PA

Became a PA in 1991

1998 Consent order re; substance abuse concerns

10/17/2007 Consent Order; Indefinite suspension 2’ to EtOH abuse, consistently tested (+) for EtOH and on one occasion for Tramadol.  False positives for EtOH are possible from a variety of sources such as Autobrewery Syndrome;

***This practitioner has been out of work for 6 years; there is nothing in the documents on the website to explain this or address the possibility of false positive results; the practitioner repeatedly denied using alcohol when the tests were positive.


Robert Winton MD

1978 licensed

11/24/04 During therapy, patient “A” became upset thinking that provider had not adequately reviewed her email correspondence to her.  In an attempt to reassure pt. he gave her a brief hug after she had asked him not to do so (unknown exactly when that request to not hug was made). 

12/20/2004 Patient “A” reports that during a therapy session, he made comments from which she inferred that he had a sexual attraction to her.  He denied same.

11/2004-8/2005 Parties engaged email’s that “were of a more personal nature at times” in which he disclosed inappropriate personal information about himself to patient “A”.  Provider denies any intent toward an inappropriate relationship; the interactions were intended as therapeutic but he failed to maintain appropriate boundaries.  Patient “A” stopped seeing provider and began seeing a different psychiatrist concerning her interactions with Dr. Winton.

Patient “A” complained to the NC Psychiatric and American Psychiatric Association; both organizations suspended his membership for 3 years and mandated supervision afterwards.  Since that time Dr. Winton no longer exchanges Emails with patients.

7/2009 he requested a hearing, then there was notice of charges and allegation and notice of hearing.

11/2009 Consent Order; suspension for 1 year immediately stayed except for 30 days, probation for 1 year, $5K fine, NCPHP assessment, must take Category 1 CME on boundaries.

***I don’t see that he did ANYTHING wrong here.  Patient “A” seems to have had misperceptions/no mention of her mental status/was she delusional?  Had been seeking psychiatric help for 20 years; something isn’t healthy within her head.  She accuses this provider without any evidence per the material on the NCMB website.  He gets penalized by his professional societies, fined & suspended by the NCMB.  I don’t see a reason for any of this other than a patient’s word against his.


Dominic Carbone MD


1/2007 Voluntary surrender of license, went to treatment @ Professional Renewal Ctr in KS, then into contract with NCPHP.

2/2007 Consent Order; Indefinite Suspension for having sex with a patient from 12/2005-

8/2007 Returns to work

6/2008 Release from all restrictions

***Very light disciplinary action was out of work for 7 months for having a sexual relationship with a patient for almost 2 years.


Kim Brydon MD

Chapel Hill

111 Vytex St Chapel Hill 27516 (919) 967-0099

2001 Had a sexual relationship with a patient while working at the correctional institute for women as a psychiatrist.

After the patient was released, she moved into Dr. Brydon’s home, they continued a sexual relationship.  The patient was later re-incarcerated due to forging Dr. Brydon’s name on a Rx pad.  Dr. Brydon continued caring for the now-incarcerated patient

4/2007 Voluntary surrender of license

6/26/07; License revoked, never returned to practice.

***Another lost soul…


Michelle Martin MD FP

Morganton NC, recently married now Michelle Martin-Maffucci

4/2003-7/2006 had an intimate with patient “A” with whom she continued a professional relationship, continuing to treat including controlled medication Rx’s to patient “A” & “B” from 1989-2002 to patient “B”, one of her family members.

6/2007 Consent Order; 6 month suspension/stayed on probationary terms that she attends a Vanderbilt course on professional substances and boundaries within 12 months.

***Why does she have an immediately stayed suspension, “intimate” vs “sexual” in the above incident?  Terms are somewhat vague, possibly misleading?


Laura Bliss MD

Roommate Brian Dobyns
FP, Mebane NC

Prescribed Xanax for a coworker, asking coworker to share pills, her employer sent her to NCPHP where she was assessed and found to not have a substance abuse problem but EtOH dependence therapy was recommended.

6/2007 Surrendered license

10/2007 Consent Order; Indefinite suspension

12/3/08 Consent Order 6 month temporary license

5/2009 Consent Order; return to work

***Another 1.5 years out of work for a voluntary entry into a NCPHP contract despite recommendations of treatment center which typically recommends return to work.



Eron Manusov MD

FP/SM (sports medicine) West End NC

5/2005 had been treating patient “A”.  Dr. M began sexual affair with an employee who was also married to one of his patients.  At no time did Dr. M inform the patient that he was having a sexual relationship with his wife nor did he terminate the physician-patient relationship.

7-8/2005 Dr’s PA provided care and wrote Rx’s for the spouse of his employee, the patient’s wife was divorced from the patient, she later married Dr. M

11/17/07 1 year suspension/immediately stayed for 1 year of probation, required to complete CME’s.

***How was this a violation of boundaries?  Morally unjust, yes.  It does not violate statutes on boundary violations, however.



John Irvin MD

FP Wilmington NC

1/2006 Non-disciplinary consent order for writing Rx’s for controlled substances for a family member, not keeping a record during interval from 4/2003-8/2005.

***Very light treatment!


Roy Mathew MD

Psychiatry/Addiction Medicine Durham NC

2000 developed personal feelings for a patient and terminated his professional relationship with the patient.  After ending his relationship, he provided her with 2 Rx’s for a specific medical condition.

2/2001 Advises patient he’s terminating their relationship; she engages an atty alleging neglect and unprofessional conduct on his part.

9/2001 After discussions with Duke University and NCPHP he surrendered his license and voluntarily enters therapy with Dr. Stratas recommended by NCMB & NCPHP.  He then relocates to TX where he was allowed to practice
8/2006 Consent Order; Permanently surrenders license

***Where is the boundary violation?  He discharged the patient, then began a relationship with her.


Albert Whitaker MD

Gastonia NC 64 yo

8/2006 Non-disciplinary consent order stating he wrote Rx’s for controlled substances for a family member who had knee surgery/the treating physician was out of town.  No chart/record was kept for the family member or the 5 of the Rx’s but he did keep copies of 4 of the Rx’s.

***He wrote 9 Rx’s for a family member and gets such light discipline?



Gurpreet Jawa MD


8/2004 NCMB rec’d information that patient “A” had a personal, romantic, sexual relationship with the Dr. that continued indefinitely.  Dr. Jawa cooperated, the relationship extended from 11/2000-8/2001.  In 8/2001 he advised patient to see another psychiatrist which she did, they continued their relationship.

3/2004 patient “A” ended her relationship

10/2004 surrender of license/entered a healthcare facility that specialized in physicians with boundary violations

2/2005 Indefinite suspension due to sexual relationship with patient

***Never returned to practice again…



Bradley Scott Setser MD
Metairie LA

Public Letter of Concern

From 7/2011-6/2013 prescribed controlled substances and other medications to a person with whom you have a significant emotional relationship.  You also prescribed control substances to that person’s family members and another friend.  You also failed to maintain appropriate records for these prescriptions.  NCMB requires Category 1 CME course on controlled substance prescribing within 6 months.

***Why is the NCMB getting involved in issues that happened in LA?  Are they trying to rack up the amount of disciplinary actions they’re giving out to improve their disciplinary ranking with the FSMB?



Delmer Lee Shelton PA

Efland NC (Completed PA program at Duke in 1974, this puts his age in the 70’s)

6/20/2013 Voluntary surrender of license after sex with a patient

1/23/14 Consent Order License Revoked.

***Permanent loss of license after an alleged episode of sex with 1 patient by a provider in his 70’s!? This was presumably an adult patient (if this ever happened at all), presumably not rape but consensual sexual contact.  This seems over-the-top ludicrous and I don’t buy for a moment that his sexual partner was so overpowered by his status as a PA that she couldn’t decline—how do we know that he wasn’t seduced if there even WAS any sexual contact?



Joseph Gerard Keenan MD

Nags Head NC

Consent Order

Reprimand for discharging a patient from his care to another member of his group and then engaging in a personal relationship with that patient.  Needs to take a boundaries course @ Vanderbilt.

***What did he do wrong?  He discharged the patient from his care appropriately, apparently even documented it appropriately.



Michael Larson MD

Psychiatrist Raleigh/Chapel Hill now in division of prisons

5/2001 began treating patient “A”, in 6/2001 asked patient out on a date, 8/2001 began sexual relationship including intercourse in his office at Albemarle Mental Health Center during which time he falsified her medical record indicating that he treated her for an office visit on that occasion.  Dr. Larson moved to Chapel Hill late 8/2001.  He did not advise the patient of the move.

10/2005 Consent Order; Suspension for 1 year, may not re-apply for reinstatement until a year later.

10/2013 Surrendered license

3/7/14 Consent Order Indefinite Suspension

***He was out of work for 1 year for having a sexual relationship with a patient.  No mention of boundaries course etc.  Then relapses, surrenders license and a year AFTER surrendering license is indefinitely suspended?  What is the rationale for suspending a surrendered license?  Do we throw this guy away?  No rehab/supervised practice etc?  Would it make more sense to mandate he treat males only and return to practice?



Polyzos, Panagiotis (PA-C) Cardiology

Monroe NC

 8/14/13 Surrender license

8/15/13 Voluntary surrender acknowledgement

3/11/14 Consent Order for indefinite suspension based on allegations of 2012 “inappropriate contact” with a patient/denied, then another similar complaint 2005 in which MedMal paid damages to a patient in a settlement in which he denied wrongdoing.  Had NCPHP evaluation/assessment which revealed at least 2 other allegations of inappropriate contact, patients were interviewed by the NCMB.  Polyzos denied all.

***I’ve seen enough consent orders and heard enough of the “other side” (provider’s version of what is written in the consent order) to seriously doubt validity of anything written in a consent order.



Robert Joseph Stratta MD


12/2012 self-reported relationship from 3/2010-12/2012 with a former patient, employer placed him on administrative leave without pay for 2 months while awaiting clearance from NCPHP is given 6 month suspension stayed for all but 60 days from 4/12/2014-6/10/14.

***This is a much-needed improvement in the dealings with boundary violations---or is it simply another case of favoritism?




Susan Holly Wicke MD

Durham Psychiatrist

6/30/14 Consent order/indefinite suspension

Married “patient A” whom she also prescribed Methadone for, also lied about having a romantic relationship with a patient initially to NCMB investigator

***The last psychiatrist that I’m aware of that married a patient was out of practice for 7 years and the allowed to resume practice but was forbidden to practice psychiatry!



Franklin Charles Wefald MD

Smithfield NC

Consent Order/Reprimand (Social Media) & 1 year suspension/stayed after 120 days +$5K fine (Boundary)

Inappropriate use of social media/identifying self by first and last name and “MD” then making derogatory comments about “fictitious” patients.

Prescribing controlled substances to family member and forging the name of another provider in his practice to the Rx

***How does he get off so lightly?  Others have been out of practice for years for prescribing to family members!  How much did he pay for this? Who was the intermediary?  There is no mention in the public paperwork of who his “defense” attorney is.



Robert Andre Fleury MD


Consent Order; Indefinite suspension/immediately stayed except for 3 months and $10K fine, Boundaries class

While treating a colleague whom he’d known for 20 years with medications he failed to completely document all medications and began a romantic relationship with his longtime friend & colleague

***Pimp my Board!  This is not a “defenseless” patient, but a colleague of 20 years he was involved with!!!  Don’t tell me that this is such a huge “power differential” that the patient was defenseless!!



William Levi Cooper PA-C
Rock Hill Tx

Summary suspension of license

Had sex with inmate/patients at Federal correctional facility

***His career would be over if this happened in NC.  Follow-up of how TX handles this may be enlightening.




Jeffrey Joseph Viscardi MD
Greenville NC

Consent order/agree to take CME on Boundaries for prescribing controlled & non-controlled medicines to family members, office staff etc. while involved in a romantic relationship with “Patient A”.

10/4/16 Relief of Consent Order

***Why isn’t he out of work for a few years for this?  He’s not even getting a public letter of concern whereas others are put away for prolonged periods of time.  I wonder how much this cost? Exceedingly light discipline!  What is the rationale behind a 6 month suspension stayed after 60 days?  Why not a 60 day suspension?



Alan Henderson Watt PA-C


6/2/15 Consent Order/Voluntary surrender of license due to having sex with a former patient effective 12/16/14

***Who knows if he’ll ever return to the practice of medicine after what appears to be consensual sex between adults—no word on capacity of the patient.


Ismael Tamba DO

Duke Wake-Forest Family Physicians

12/11/14 Consent Order/Reprimand for prescribing controlled substances to the patient and maintaining an “unduly familiar relationship” & exchanging texts with the patient, also he did not always document well in the record.

***So, this was a friendly primary care doctor who apparently never had sex or did anything wrong other than occasionally exchanging texts with a patient and may have prescribed meds but not recorded them in the record a few times?  Seriously?  Family Physicians are taught to form relationships with patients and families.


Eric Eugene Evans PA-C

Greenville NC

9/14/11 Notice of Hearing/Charges Unprofessional conduct related to his post-surgical exam in an internal medicine practice regarding touching a patient’s breast 11/2010.  2/2011 touched patients breast during an exam.  1/2011 with another patient was “loud, rude & offensive” with “inappropriate and disruptive behavior” all of which constitute unprofessional conduct.

2/16/12 Consent Order for 6-month suspension immediately stayed and shall attend a boundaries course.

12/10/14 Relief of Consent Order Obligations

*** There may or may not have been anything inappropriate here.  There have been numerous cases in which the NCMB uses such vague phraseology in which multiple accused practitioners allege that the statements by the NCMB on the Consent Order are in no way related to what actually occurred.  He could have brushed a patient’s breast while listening to her heart.  Why would an internal medicine PA be doing surgery?  What is “loud, rude, offensive, inappropriate/disruptive”?



Lawrence Andrew Champion MD
Hillsborough, NC

Consent Order Reprimand 2’ to consensual sex with patient by psychiatrist

***Most psychiatrists are lucky if they ever return to practice or spend years out of practice at least.  Why does he merely receive a reprimand?



James Andrew McCarthy MD
Oxford NC

9/29/15 Amended Consent Order removes all obligations from the 12/4/14 CO

12/4/14 Consent Order 60-day suspension retroactive 8/14/14 to 10/20/14 due to striking a nurse during a delivery 8/2/14, 8/8/14 self-referred to the NCPHP

***There are no remaining obligations from the 12/4/14 CO!

Top of Document

Combination Boundary & Substance Abuse Issues;

Mount Airy

Peter James Barbian MD

8/21/2011 in Johnson City TN, rec’d a DUI/arrested for drugs, drug paraphernalia and alcohol

9/21/2011 given a reprimand for having written Rx for a friend and for family members

1/26/12 Public Letter of Concern Re DUI arrest and prescribing issues

***No time out of work?  How much did he pay somebody to get this?



Norwalk OH

Kathleen Meehan-DeLaCruz MD

3/12/12 Consent Order; 30-day suspension immediately stayed

Has romantic relationship with Pt. “A”, claims to have terminated physician-patient relationship but it wasn’t documented.  After that date she wrote a Rx for that pt that she used to treat herself, falsified that Rx which she had originally received from a prior physician.

***Diverted/took medication only got 30 day suspension which was immediately stayed, others who diverted and took meds are out of work ~years!


Moyock NC
James David Fenn MD

3/2009-11/2009 NCMB became aware that he had practiced medicine in NC without a license by calling in Rx’s from VA for family and friends, had failed to answer a question correctly on his application

1/2010 Consent Order/Reprimand/6 month suspension immediately stayed

10/26/11; DUI 0.14 BAC, Pt. immediately met with NCPHP after DUI, interviewed by NPHP and evaluated at a facility specializing in professionals

12/5/11 left NCPHP without accepting recommendation for additional evaluation

12/2011 NCPHP sent letter recommending 3 different treatment centers

2/8/12; Arrested for assault on a female, charges later dropped

2/13/12; evaluated at Shands Evista Gainesville for treatment

2/15/12; NCMB issues order for examination by Shands requiring Dr. Fenn to submit to any further treatment ordered by Shands and to provide NCMB Shands treatment.  Shands diagnoses of EtOH/cocaine abuse/anger mgmt. requiring treatment.  NCPHP reminds patient to abide by recommendations, pt. promised NPHP he would seek treatment @ The Pavilion Center in NC 2/19/12

2/2012 Didn’t show for treatment @ Pavilion

2/21/12 He is still treating patients, he tells investigator that he’ll be evaluated 3/5-9/12 although NCPHP has not approved the center that he plans to use in California

3/7/2012 Summary Suspension of License, multiple continuances requested.

8/16/13 Wake County General Court of Justice, Superior Court Division states the treatment center he chose was acceptable although NCMB had stated he had to go to a NCMB chosen facility, superior court reversed NCMB decision

***VERY SIGNIFICANT!!  Not only did he not put up with the NCMB’s Legal Departments coercion, he actually went to the Wake County Civil Court, which promptly overturned the NCMB Legal Department’s actions!


Lumberton NC
Michael Lee Brooks MD

12/2007 Voluntarily surrendered license

5/2008 Consent Order Indefinitely Suspended concerning illegally obtaining Schedule II drugs by prescribing the meds to somebody else without their knowledge, given an indefinite suspension Ordered to NCPHP

10/2010 Consent Re-entry

4/2011 Re-Entry completed

4/17/2012 Full license restored without any consent order in place

***Out of work for 2.5 years


Rocky Mount NC

Josephus Th. J. Bloem MD

10/2011 Prescribing controlled substances to a close family member for diversion to him, also asking other providers to prescribe controlled substances to family members so he could divert them to himself.

4/2/12 Public Letter of Concern to not continue this behavior, no other discipline

***Public Letter of Concern???  Where’s the NCPHP evaluation and treatment, where did he go for addiction treatment?  Why was he not out of work for 2 years? Who was paid off??!!


Jacksonville NC
Cynthia Helen Wrenn PA-C

7/10/76 Felony Conviction for sale of cocaine, spent 4 months in prison then probation due to possession with intent to distribute cocaine

On application for licensure in 1999 answered “no” to prior convictions when in fact in 1983 she had been convicted of a DUI with BAC >0.1%

1/22/00 Issued license by NCMB

9/2007 elicited use of a coworker to divert controlled medications to patient “A”, and patient “B, C, D, E” had prescriptions without documentation for the reason why in the patient’s chart

7/2008 goes to treatment, surrendering license

9/19/08 Consent Order for an assessment with indefinite suspension

Had a significant emotional relationship with Patient “A” for whom she prescribed controlled and regular medications without documentation.

4/2010 Consent Order re-instatement of six month temporary license, shall continue under NCPHP contract

9/2010 Renewal

9/2011 Unrestricted license returned to practice but RELAPSED; her DEA for Schedule II, III had not been restored, she prescribed Schedule II & III medications and/or had other mid-level providers prescribe for her and falsely documented in the patient charts.

5/29/12 Consent Order 2 year suspension stayed all but 4 months, must surrender DEA registration for at least two years

***How did she get a license to practice with her history; no 2000 Public letter of concern, so she lied on her application for licensure, NCMB didn’t do any background check.


Mebane NC
Timothy John McGrath MD

Licensed in 2000

12/2010 Consent Order/Reprimand due to prescribing 1,1034 Oxycodone 5 mg strengths on 8 different occasions between 2008 and 2009 controlled substances to family member A but did keep a record of it.  Patient “A” also received 504 15 mg Oxycodone Rx’s on three different occasions and Ambien and Lunesta on 3 occasions in 2008 and 2009 to address chronic long-standing back pain and medical issues after multiple surgeries.  Patient “A” was receiving concurrent opiates from his other treating physicians. 

Family member “B” received a cough syrup on one occasion in 2008 and 2010 but he did keep a record of it.

Family member “C” receives Rx for Endocet (schedule II) on one occasion in 2008

5/23/2012 Voluntary surrender of license.

***Why was he only given a reprimand in 2010 for such egregious prescribing habits?  There is no mention of CME requirements, NCPHP Boundary evaluation or other discipline.  Although not clear, he was probably abusing drugs due to the surrender in 2012.  If the NCPHP had been involved he may have been salvageable.


Winston-Salem NC

Chad Cameron Caldwell PA-C

8/2009 Surrenders License, arrested for aggravated assault, discharging a firearm into a condo where he was residing during vacation

3/2010 Consent Order Indefinite Suspension due to excessive use of drugs, entered into NCPHP contract.

6/2011 Temporary license via Consent Order

5/17/2012 Full license restored


Bexly OH

Howard Chad Larky DO

From 2005-2009 had an ongoing physician-patient relationship with patient “A” with allegations of sexual contact (was married at the time as well).  She was not a patient when they first met.  2006 patient requested provider prescribe her pain medications due to chronic back pain; which he did for a period of time.  They broke the relationship up for a while, she saw him as a patient in 2007, then in 2008 the relationship resumed, he did maintain records on his laptop computer which was reported as stolen 7/27/09.  There were two progress notes in his office.

9/2007 prescribed controlled substance Ambien to a close family member without recording it.

11/10/11 OHMB suspends license for 180 days then 2-year probation and required to take CME’s and get treatment, must take a CME class on Physician-Patient Boundaries and Medical Records, must appear periodically before the OH MB

2012 Relinquishes his FL license based on OH medical Board actions

2012 MI MB reprimands him

2012 IN license is put on probation because of OH incident

2012 KY, IN & CO put him on probation reciprocally as well.

9/11/12 NCMB Consent Order mirrors Ohio order


Taylorsville NC

Vikki May Alex PA-C  

2009-3/2012 Re; inappropriate relationship and prescribing with patient “A” and “B”, “A” was husband; “B” was wife, seen from 2/2009 thru 3/2012

9/2011 “A”’s records were transferred to another practice; provider began a sexual relationship with him while continuing to prescribe controlled substances to him.

12/2011 Provider began living in the home of “A&B”

1/2012.  Treatment to “A&B” included controlled medications.

3/2012 Provider had been terminated from her employment

3/12/2012 Self-reports to NCMB that she had been terminated from employment

3/9/12 NCMB becomes involved after receiving information Re; inappropriate relationship and prescribing with patient “A” and “B”, “A” was husband; “B” was wife, both seen from 2/2009 thru 3/2012.

3/2012 Provider moved out of their home

12/18/12 Consent Order/Reprimand/Suspension for 120 days immediately stayed, no loss of time at work.

***Unbelievably light!


Roseboro NC
Eddie Nelson Powell MD


3/2010 anonymous complaint to NCMB regarding possible substance abuse issues

4/12/2010 Referred to NCPHP

6/1/10 NCPHP evaluation narcissistic and anti-social personality traits and possible malingering and substance abuse/dependence needed to be considered

7/12/10 Provider wrote letter to NCPHP refusing to go to Acumen

8/3/10 NCMB Ordered provider to Acumen for exam within 60 days

9/21/10 providers counsel asked for extension

9/28/10 new counsel requested extension, given an additional 60 days, failed to comply with NCMB

6/16/11 NCMB issues charges against provider to have the evaluation done at Acumen

9/21/12 had an assessment done; NCMB acknowledges health issues and inability to travel by air

12/13/12 Public Letter of Concern (no clear indication why or indication of anything wrong)

***From 6/16/11 to 9/21/12 the NCMB does NOTHING, this guy continues to practice without restrictions while under NCPHP’s concern for substance abuse.  This gives him time to enter treatment on his own (if he did so), clean up his act and he never missed a day of work at the behest of the NCMB other than any possible time in treatment?  He doesn’t comply with NCMB or NCPHP and his license is never inactivated or restricted in any way!


Cary NC
Michael Christopher Moore, DO

5/14/2011Patient “A” saw a different provider in Dr. Moore’s practice who had pain 2’ to a closed pelvic fracture, was referred to orthopedics.  Dr. Moore admitted that there were deficiencies in the care of patient “A”.

7/2011 NCMB receives complaint about inappropriate care and medication prescribing occurring from 2/2011-7/2011 to patient “B” with whom he had a personal relationship

Investigation showed deficiencies in record keeping, prescribing and other quality of care concerns

9/2011 NCMB orders assessment with NCPHP which orders a more comprehensive workup at Behavior Medicine Institute of Atlanta (BMI)

1/2012 Assessed at Talbot in Atlanta indicating alcohol dependencies, professional boundary issues and occupational problems

1/2012 Voluntary surrender of license

4/2012; Consent Order voluntary suspension

1/28/13 Temporary license granted

7/18/13; Undated License granted.

***Only out of work for 1 year with NCPHP involvement, even this seems excessive if NCPHP advocated for earlier return to practice, other providers would get a much longer term out of work.


Charlotte NC
William Barry Driscoll MD

2/29/2012 DEA gave information to NCMB that Henry Schein had discontinued all sales of controlled substances to Dr. Driscoll due to his admission of self-use of controlled 7/2010-3/2012 had placed 58 orders for controlled and non-controlled substances to Schein


3/2/2012 Voluntary Surrender of DEA#, refused Consent Order from NCMB

3/20/12 Admitted to receiving controlled and non-controlled substances and self-treating since 2005 and taking medications as noted below and in addition hydrocodone for his life., surrendered NC medical license

5/2012 NCMB charged him with nonprofessional conduct

10/20/12 Admitted to self-treating since 2005; Medications including Testosterone, Phendinetrazine and to giving medication to his wife.  Quantities of medications were excessive;

10 orders of Xanax #2100 2 mg tablets

8 orders of 10 mg Hydrocodone 1,200 tablets

5 mg Hydrocodone 5 mg tablets #100 tablets

4 orders of Depo-Testosterone 5 10 ml vials at 200 mg/ml concentration

1 order for Diazepam 5 mg 200 tablets

1 order of Carisoprodol 200 tablets 350 mg tablets

13 orders of Phendimetrazine totally 13,000 35 mg tablets

Tramadol was also ordered, as well as Metformin, Prednisone, Remeron, Sertraline, Clonidine, Cymbalta, Oxybutinin, Carbidopa, DepoMedrol

3/2012 license expired/not renewed.

8/19/13 NY Board accepted surrender of his license

12/13/2012 Hearing in front of the Board Dr. Driscoll was not present, did not testify nor present evidence and was given a Reprimand by the Board for unprofessional conduct

1/2/13 Consent Order Reprimand after he chose to not renew his license

***Apparently would have been allowed to renew his license, no mention to the contrary. Another licensee had been “forbidden to ever apply for NC license again” which is not stated in this licensee’s Board Documents.  A reprimand is unbelievably light discipline, that illustrates how harsh the Legal Department treats licensees in comparison to the Board Members themselves!  Licensees should NEVER accept a “Consent Order” without appearing before the Board.


Raleigh NC

Ernest Russell Braasch MD

2/22/13 Licensee receives a Public Letter of Concern for prescribing to family members and personal use of medications including controlled substances and given $1500 fine. Must take 2-day CME course at Vanderbilt University May 2013

5/30/13 Provider has completed the requirements.

***Extraordinarily light sentence


Virginia Beach VA

Janice Adelaide McDonald MD

4/2011 authorized Rx for a friend and employee for Xanax and diverted Xanax for herself, self-referred to NCPHP, entered into a contract

6/2011 surrendered license

12/2011 Indefinite suspension

4/15/13 Consent Order for temporary license to maintain NCPHP contract


Statesville NC
Elmer Hancock Stout III MD

2009 began inappropriate relationship with his RNP, continued to care for her and prescribe controlled substances for her, giving her Rx’s in the name of his practice-partners without their knowledge, Self-prescribed testosterone

2009 Admonished by the Board to not continue to do this

9/2011 Consent Order 1 year suspension immediately stayed with restrictions 10/15/11 thru January 15 2012 will serve an active suspension, pay $5K fine within 90 days, within 6 months will take CME courses on Medical Ethics, Contract with NCPHP.

4/10/13 Consent Order Relief of obligations


Rock Hill SC
Adanma Ijeoma Mbadinuju MD


8/2008 Diverted Phentermine to self in name of other physicians

Entered into NCPHP contract, 1 year monitoring contract with NCPHP

6/2010 Suspended for 12 months, all but 3 months stayed.

4/3/13 Consent Order for relief of obligations.

***Pretty harsh treatment for taking diet pills/self-prescribed

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James Franklin James MD


Licensed 1967 Psychiatry

12/2008 Surrender of license

10/2008 the NCMB learned that licensee had obtained controlled substances prescribed for other patients and family members.   Entered into NCPHP contract.

1/2009 Consent Order; indefinite suspension

2/2009 Surrenders DEA license and receives treatment for PTSD

6/2010 Consent Order; Temporary License, Reprimand, requires NCPHP contract

5/2011 Has been writing controlled substances Rx’s since 2/2010 to 5/2011 without a DEA number using pre-printed Rx plans with his surrendered DEA#

6/2011; Refuses NCPHP drug screening

7/2011 Surrenders license

9/21/2011 Consent Order; indefinite suspension

***Why does he get a reprimand with a temporary license in 2010?  Is he actively trying to resume practice and lost to F/U due to Legal Department or did he retire?  Supposedly living in Chocowinity NC currently.


Wendell Calvin Danforth MD

5/24/13 Voluntarily surrender of license 2’ to prescribing controlled substances to patients “A”- “E” and intimate relationship with patient “E” as well as alcohol abuse

Since then has completed residential treatment for addiction and under NCPHP contract

10/28/13 Indefinite Suspension


Richard Thomas Jackson MD

9/2007 Public letter of Concern for self-prescribing and prescribing for family, ordered for NCPHP evaluation

10/2007 NCPHP contract; Refrain from EtOH

2/4/08 Random urine (+) EtOH admitted to using the prior weekend and two other occasions

6/12/09 Public Letter of Concern Re; 2/4/08 (“had received no complaints”)

***He had alcohol issues, relapsed, was caught, it took a year and a half for the NCMB to give him a VERY LIGHT disciplinary action in the form of a Public Letter of Concern, why so late and why so light?


Kenneth Stan Friedman MD

5/11/09 Public Letter of Concern for pleading guilty for getting caught patronizing a Charlotte Escort Service.

***So much for professional misconduct, would a reprimand have been more appropriate?


John Blevins Davis MD


2005 wrote for controlled Rx’s in the name of his children, forged them in the name of another physician and had been taking hydrocodone from his orthopedist, entered NCPHP who did not believe he had a substance abuse problem.

1/2006 Indefinite suspension/immediately stayed with requirement for surrender of DEA license.

2006 arrested/leading to felony conviction Re; obtaining controlled substances.

7/2/09 Consent Order/Public Letter of Concern for felony conviction on obtaining controlled substance by misrepresentation, fraud, deception, and subterfuge.

***Who was paid how much???  The NCPHP- “did not believe he had a substance abuse problem…”.  Then there’s the NCMB; he had a FELONY CONVICTION which would have led to indefinite suspension and being out of practice for several years!  Where/when did he go to residential addiction treatment?  This is VERY LIGHT discipline!  It must have cost this poor guy a fortune to pay all of these people off, I should send him a sympathy card!  He’s still practicing.  Does he have the NCPHP & NCMB on retainer for his addiction?



Rodger Wendell Lefler MD
Gastonia NC

1/2/14 Consent Order/Reprimand/4 month suspension-immediately stayed/$3K fine for giving phentermine from his clinic to his step-daughter and her husband who are also all physicians.

***No word on what happened to the other 2 physicians, perhaps they are not located in NC.  This is garbage!! Doctors treat family members all the time, these are not addicting medications, but it makes the NCMB look like it’s “doing something” in terms of disciplining physicians (although in an unnecessary manner, it IS highly profitable for them).


Fayetteville NC

Sudhir Eugene Finch MD

6/22/10 Consent order/reprimand/CME Re; prescribing controlled substances and treatment of family members

3/2/13 Guilty to domestic battery, during the investigation into the arrest, NCMB learned that he had continued to write controlled substances to family members without maintaining medical records using his licenses while in NV & SD where he was also licensed

9/17/13 DUI arrest

10/21/13 signed NPA until cleared by NCPHP

2/20/14 Consent Order/indefinite suspension

3/31/15 Consent Order; Reinstatement of NC License

***Why was he out of work for over a year when treatment for substance abuse typically takes 90 days?



Melissa Weatherspoon-Cupid MD

Waxhaw NC

Reprimand for prescribing controlled substances to staff members then diverting them to self, 4 patients care fell below the standard of care per expert review.

***This would have caused her to lose her license for years or permanently in the past; she either has connections or the NCMB is becoming more lenient and reasonable.  What about restitution or correction for the numerous physicians who have been unjustly maligned—or does she just know somebody?



Amir Ishak Kaldas MD
Davidson NC
Consent Order/6 month suspension for prescribing controlled substances to close family members, his pet and inadequate care of patients on review of charts A-E by an independent examiner



Brent Ashley Westbrook PA-C

Clinton NC

Consent Order/Indefinite suspension

22 counts of obtaining controlled substances by prescribing them to an associate who split medications with him.  He then self-referred to NCPHP and went into treatment

***Yet another case in which the NCPHP does nothing, there’s no mention of what the treating facility recommends for this practitioner.



Timothy Mark Han MD

Surf City NC

Indefinite suspension, $5K fine, may apply for reinstatement in 1 year

Threw a water bottle at his wife during an argument, police incarcerated/investigated, found anabolic steroids in his personal belongings with guns and $22K, Dr. Han then went to stay with a female patient for a few nights who gave him some of her Suboxone for his opiate withdrawal symptoms

***Yet no referral to NCPHP, further evaluation etc as mandated by NCGS 90.

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Legal Issues;

Mt. Airy NC

Wendell Lewis Randall MD

2/19/15 Consent Order; Reprimand for working for a chiropractor (Holistic Medical Center of the Carolinas LLC) & supervising an NP working for a chiropractor


Palmetto FL

Laura Jane Deleruyelle NP

2/19/15 Consent Order; Reprimand for working for a chiropractor instead of a physician


Stillwater OK & Fayetteville NC

James Alistair Mitchell MD

2/17/17 Consent Order for Revocation of License 2’ to inappropriate prescribing/diversion of controlled substances



Anthony Vernon Dallas Jr MD

1/14/15 Public Letter of Concern due to issues in MS Re; inappropriate prescribing of controlled substances, reciprocal action to; MS, KY, CO, AB, MD, TX, MI, AZ, IN, OH, PA


Dallas Tx

Linda Eck Norton MD

1/10/2012 Public Letter of Concern because Texas Medical Board had put her on inactive status due to depression, NC license inactivated until able to resume practice


Mian Mohsin Shah MD

2/27/12 Failed to properly complete the application for licensure form.


New Bern NC

Michael Kermitt Nunn, MD

2/8/2012 Consent Order; Fined $5,000, 12-month suspension immediately stayed due to concerns that his office was involved in Money Laundering, Medicare Fraud and Billing for unqualified personnel doing services, double-billing.  Dr. Nunn failed to supervise correct billing, denies personal responsibility but the practice was fined $700,00 and $297,000 restitution


Seattle WA

Louis Chao-His Chen MD

2/24/12; Indefinite Suspension of Resident Training License; murdered adult & child


Dustin Barry Allen Physician’s Assistant-Certified (PA-C)

Princeton WV

3/28/12 Application denied; failed to disclose prior DUI and Reckless driving convictions


Roanoke Rapids NC
Shiva Kumar Rao MD

3/27/12; Consent Order/6 month suspension all but 30 days stayed.  Applied to become a member review committee choosing North Carolina Medical Board (NCMB) members but lied on her application forms to be on committee


Charlotte NC

Carl Trent Augustus MD

10/2008 Order of Discipline/Ordered to Repay/Indefinite Suspension; Found to have rec’d BCBS Pmt $170K not made out to him he deposited and refused to return it to BCBS/had spent it all.  Also 24 counts fraudulent prescriptions and felony convictions

10/2011; License Revocation due to failure to comply with above, hearing scheduled; never showed for hearing

3/26/2012; Entry of Revocation


Saint Simmons Island GA

Edward Coleman Crawford MD

3/20/12; Indefinite Suspension. Was prescribing then selling drugs on the street illegally


Statesville NC
Benjamin Emerson Dunlap MD

3/20/12; Public Letter of Concern; Poor judgment with addicts/advised to take 2-phase course on comprehensive assessment of drug seekers, given Xanax #120 tab 3 Rx’s to pt all on same day, Rx filled that day, pharmacist notified NCMB.


Winston-Salem NC
Emily Kathleen Carr MD

3/8/12 NCPHP advocates for resident training license, must remain under NCPHP contract and pay $500 fee

Physician had failed to disclose prior health issues on application for licensure

4/30/14 Consent Order/Public Letter of Concern for not telling the NCPHP that she had been hospitalized for a serious medical condition

Rochester NY
Carol Jean Peterson MD

3/1/12 Public Letter of Concern $1000 fine and Public Letter; had falsified application, neglecting to disclose involvement in 6 malpractice suits


Raleigh NC
Werner Scott Haddon MD

2008 license suspended after a gunfight with police while kidnapping his son

4/23/12 Revocation of license


Roanoke Rapids NC
Heidi Jo Little PA-C

4/2012 Public Letter of Concern due to her wearing a lab coat indicating PA-Certified prior to becoming Certified License denied

8/8/12; Public Letter of Concern advised to read the rules for PA’s



Jamie Jaqua Contreras MD
4/9/12 Public Letter of Concern and $1,000 fine for failure to renew license


Augusta ME

David Allen York MD

3/2012 NCMB found that the Maine Medical Board had revoked his license 2’ to Possession of child pornography

5/29/12 Notice of Revocation completed


Elmwood Park NJ
Hach Vladimir Turyan MD

5/25/12 License under 24 month probation in NY, applied for NC License which was denied


Manistee MI
Raymond Edward Frank Schmoke MD

5/24/12 Public Letter of Concern, $500 fine due to improper completion of licensure application


Susquehanna PA

Robert Simon Mathews MD

5/17/12 Voluntary surrender of license after insurance fraud in 2006.


Matchez MS
Jack Dunn III MD

Had been under investigation from several state boards 2’ to Fentanyl addiction, another state had indefinitely suspended his license

5/17/12 Non-Disciplinary Consent Order 2’ to falsifying application and referral to North Carolina Physician’s Health Plan for impaired providers (NCPHP)


Charlotte NC
James William Foster MD

5/10/12 Public Letter of Concern when physician left TN he didn’t give adequate notice to his patients that he was leaving and made error on his application for licensure but was not fined for it.


Raleigh NC

Joseph Herman Theriault LP

5/10/12 License is inactive


Harrisburg PA

Robert Alan Skotnicki DO

5/2/12 $1000 fine, Public letter of concern due to licensure application neglecting to mention 4 malpractice suits


Folly Beach SC

Michael Lee Maynor MD

6/26/12 Indefinite suspension 2’ to having been suspended in KY


Monroe NC
Latika Dushyant Patel MD

6/22/12 Public Letter of Concern after defrauding Medicaid for $750K



Kathleen Elizabeth Zeller MD

10/2010 Brought to board due to “having issues”

9/2011 Temporary License

5/2012 Full unrestricted license

6/14/2012 Full relief of consent order


Anchorage AK
Michael Donahue Massey DO

6/4/12 Public Letter of Concern Re; Did not admit on license renewal application misdemeanor driving conviction 2006, failure to disclose 11/2010 substance abuse and dependency evaluation in AK by AK referral


Asheville NC
Ronald Lawrence Plemmons MD

6/4/12 Consent Order Indefinite Suspension due to having heard a customer from out of state requesting an Oxycodone Rx from the pharmacy, pharmacist refused.  Dr. Plemmons wrote the Rx without having examined the patient or having had a prior professional relationship with the patient while standing in the pharmacy.


Casper WY

Robert Glynn Day MD

10/2009 Consent Order 1 yr suspension/all but 1 month stayed;

He was working in telemedicine and engaged in fee-splitting while prescribing controlled substances without performing a physical exam, no longer allowed to prescribe Schedule II & III until end of probationary period unless he’s in the Skilled Nursing Facility/Nursing Home (SNF) or Emergency Department (ED) and within 6 months take a CME on prescribing controlled substances and provide proof within 30d of taking the CME class, shall attend medical records course and obey all laws and periodic urine testing

7/23/2012 Relief of Obligations


Asheville NC
Earl E.
Sunderhaus MD

2/6/11 involved in an incident in which he shoved another shopper in Sam’s Club market, witnessed by spouse “B”, shoving “A” in front of their 3 small children who were present.  “A” was in the aisle as Dr. Sunderhaus and spouse walked down the aisle, then Dr. S pushed “A”, “B” confronted Dr. S who told them that they needed to “go back to their own country” and then made an obscene 1 finger gesture at the couple. 

6/1/11 Dr. S refused to reply to NCMB investigator

6/3/11 Dr. S. sent NCMB a letter stating among other things; “I am not an Arab and can touch Muslims with my L hand, I wipe with my R hand!”  Two NCMB investigators attempted to interview Dr. S.  in a follow up to the letter to the NCMB.  Dr. S. Replied that this was none of the NCMB’s business and told the investigators to leave him alone, that the NCMB was a “bunch of horses asses”.  Dr. S. engaged in conversations and correspondence with NCMB members and staff that contained obscenities etc.

7/3/12 Indefinite Suspension; Fact of Law after hearing; “Dr. S. conduct constitutes immoral or dishonorable conduct, lack of initial response constitutes failure to respond within a reasonable time and in a reasonable manner determined by the NCMB, his communication to the NCMB and staff is unprofessional conduct”.  Was given 60 days to wind down his practice, must provide notice to patients, staff etc., may not apply for re-licensure for 1 year, prior to any consideration must complete CPEP Pro-BE course, undergo a neurologic assessment by a physician approved by the NCMB, an MRI and audiologic testing and NeuroPsychiatric assessment by Dr. Mark Hill.

***Seriously??!!  Very Harsh treatment!  He was not “politically correct”; this may be a reflection of his age and generation.  No problems with the practice of medicine are listed at all!


Cullman AL

Benjamin Michael Rogers MD

9/2010 Marital difficulties

5/18/11 Arrested in Winston-Salem for assault on wife, threats, breaking and entering when confronting estranged wife and her male friend outside of her apt.

Civil judge ordered prayer in his orders

Acquitted on assault charges

4/2012 Consent Order; given NCPHP contract & indefinite probation

8/29/12 Relief of consent order


Salisbury NC
Tiffanie Lauren Adams PA-C

8/17/12 Consent order/reprimand, $1000 fine for failure to declare prior DUI on licensure application, mandated to CME on Professionalism


Spartanburg SC

Karen Margaret Czuba MD

8/17/12 Consent Order/Reprimand with conditions on license for failure to supervise midlevel’s.  She practiced medicine at On-Site health in Spartanburg. She supervised a midlevel who provided care for patients in both NC & SC although Dr. Czuba provided supervision inadequately and across state lines at times.  At times the midlevel’s inappropriately prescribed controlled substances without documentation of justification, must take CME on record keeping, proper utilization of templates and EMR within 6 months

2/2013 Relief of obligations


Bristol TN

Timothy Michael Tech LP

8/16/12 Reprimand with conditions on licensure-no other data available.



Roxboro NC
Robert Middleton Foster Jr. MD

8/14/12 Public of Concern and Reprimand

September through December 2011 Closed his practice.  Left a prescription pad with signed prescriptions for his nursing staff to use to refill patient prescriptions in his absence until the patients found a new physician.


Matthews NC
Jill Funderburk Adams RNP

8/8/12 Public Letter of Concern
While completing her application, did report a 5/2006 arrest for resisting arrest in Greenville NC, in 7/2010 reported intoxication.  She was referred to NCPHP for assessment, which tested (+) for Marijuana and PCP which denied use of to the NCPHP.

7/2012 appeared before subcommittee, admitted to marijuana use, is under a 3 year monitoring contract with the NCPHP.

1/2013 Amendment


Greenville NC
Joni Byrd Skipper MD

2010 Agrees to relinquish pharmacy license of SC after prescribing for self for a pre-existing condition, referred to NCPHP

8/1/2012 Public Letter of Concern was given and was given a Resident Training License.


Norton VA
Gayle Southworth Vest MD

VAMB gave her reprimand due to her treatment of a patient below standards.

2007 Patient “A”, a high-risk OB patient with pre-eclampsia was admitted 6/15/07, delivered 6/20/07, fetal distress was not appreciated to be in fetal distress, baby was born with brain damage, died 1/12/08 of complications.  
Provider had been on call for 14 consecutive days and delivered 53 babies during that period of time when your partners were unavailable.

9/24/12 Public Letter of Concern by NCMB due to above.


West End NC
Sarah Winstran Young MD

9/19/12 Amended Consent Order/conditions on license



Kelly Gene Svedberg PA-C Whistle-blower

7/2012 US Court sentences provider for insurance fraud, restitution of $81K, 2 years’ probation, in-house arrest X 6 months, however he’s the whistle blower on his employers and did not profit directly from the fraud. 

9/18/12 Revocation of licensure due to insurance fraud

3/1/13; Suspension of license for 13 months

***Why was a whistle-blower who tried to do the right thing punished so severely?


Concord NC
Marlene Marie Brogan MD

9/14/12 Surrender of license; chose to retire


Westminster MD
Melvin Anthony Yeshnik MD

9/6/12 answered question on application wrong, Public Letter of Concern and $1000 fine


Towson MD

Paul Clifton McAfee

10/4/12 Consent Order/Reprimand, $2000 fine omitted declaring malpractice issue on his application; involved in 4 malpractice cases


Chesapeake VA

Dianne Marie McNeill MD

10/4/12 Consent Order/Reprimand following Virginia Medical Board actions

12/2010 and 3/2011 had action taken by VAMB while serving as Medical Director with Skin Renaissance allowed nurse to assess, develop treatment plans and inject dermal filler, Botox, Juvederm and Aradiase and provide follow up care to such patients.

3/2011 and thereafter was co-medical director providing verbal and telephonic orders to the nurse

VAMB restricted providers license


Shelby NC
Melissa Sims Logan MD

11/9/12 Temporary License issued


Kahului HI

James Richard Frede MD

5/2012 filling non-controlled medications over the internet without examining patients.

11/14/12 Consent Order/Indefinite suspension by NCMB.


Griffin GA

Chionesu Sonyika MD

12/2011 License inactive status due to inadequate CME 2011.  She had to re-apply for licensure but failed to correctly answer the question regarding Continuing Medical Education hours (CME’s), was re-instated with $1,500 fine and reprimand

12/20/12 Consent Order/Reprimand


Philadelphia PA
Jay Harris Schwartz MD

12/3/12 Letter of Concern due to past substance abuse issues

NCMB received information Re; NCMB Consent Order/voluntarily surrendered license 2’ to substance issues which were successfully treated, 5/2007 NJ license restored

Pennsylvania Medical Board (PAMB) took reciprocal action for NJ’s actions with 5 yr probation

8/2012 PAMB termination of probation

*** Didn’t do anything wrong in NC yet got a letter


Atlanta GA
Manuel John Chaknis MD

1/23/13 Public Letter of Concern; did not disclose that he had been investigated in GA after he had paid a fine there of $5K and mandated CME class on eye surgery complications


Pinehurst NC
Craig Sumner Purcell PA-C

1/23/13 Was given a public Letter of Concern given 1/2012 and 1/2013 regarding not having a signed statement from his on-premises supervisor.


Steamboat Springs CO

Darrin Franklin Eakins MD

10/2010 Provider had a Motor Vehicle Accident while towing a boat with a truck, he fled the scene on foot when police arrived.

11/1/10 He was arrested for unauthorized use of a motor vehicle and larceny, incarcerated after also taking the boat from his neighbor, was charged with theft and breaking and entering

11/3/2010 Surrenders license

8/2011 Convicted of misdemeanor, was given a suspended sentence and placed on suspension.

10/25/12 NCMB issues charges against him

1/11/13 Hearing in front of NCMB; was not present at hearing, does not testify at hearing, is reprimanded for the above-described conduct but apparently did not request licensure reinstatement, has inactive Oregon license and an Australian license

4/4/14 NC Licensure revoked.

***Very light discipline is given when he appears in front of the Board instead of accepting a consent order from their legal department!


Milford DE

Allen Charles Weiss MD

12/27/09 does not renew NC license

6/2010 While in Delaware, the DEMB motions for emergency suspension of license due to failure to appropriately prescribe/dispense controlled substances, he failed to appropriately document care of patients, he had bizarre behavior including biting his hands and fingers, verbal abuse of patients and pharmacists, physical abuse of patient 6/9/10 resulting in his arrest, and arrest and unlawful imprisonment of a patient in the 2nd and 3rd degree

11/1/11 Public hearing in DE

11/28/11 DEMB enters order indefinitely suspending license and ordering full psychiatric evaluation

1/11/13 NCMB Hearing Scheduled; does not show or send counsel

*** Where was NCPHP or Delaware equivalent?



Robert Allen Huffman RNP

1/11/13 Public Letter of concern; website documents won’t open


High Pont NC
Raymond Joseph Oenbrink DO

7/15/09 appeared at “interview for licensure”, concern expressed by committee that application had two incorrect answers; 1 involved hospital privilege limitation explanation was that when provider left ED employment to go into private family medicine hospital bylaws required surrender of ICU privileges, he requested and subsequently had them restored with the exception that intubation was only permitted in an emergency setting.   The other question involved prior board investigations, which was answered in the negative.  He received a “Private letter of guidance” in 2005 from the Florida Board of Osteopathic Medical Examiners (FBOME) to release a patient’s chart to her spouse without her knowledge immediately prior to HIPPA enactment; he didn’t recognize this as a formal investigation as no discipline was required, no statement by provider was requested etc.  It took several days and attempts to contact the FBOME to determine if this was or was not an investigation, this was a very confusing situation.  Three attorneys in the interview felt it was not a formal investigation, Board Chairman George Saunders demanded that the provider accept a PRIVATE Letter of Concern, instead he was given a PUBLIC letter of concern

1/14/2013 Signed Non-Practice Agreement (NPA) due to cultural issues and Asperger’s Syndrome to be given treatment at Acumen

1/2013 refused to sign consent order for 2 year suspension/stayed, NPA not vacated.  Provides evidence of innocence on charges to NCMB Legal Department.

9/12/14 Despite numerous procedural violations including allowance of remote testimony despite objection/under appeal, physician was found guilty of unprofessional conduct by departure from acceptable prevailing medical practice or ethics, honesty, justice, good morals due to comments made to patients and staff in front of patients and to assisting patients into position on exam table with chaperone, assisting patients with chaperone in disrobing at patients request and providing incorrect answer(s) to licensure renewal forms and hospital privilege application form and for having a disability, Asperger’s disorder that accounted for the above behaviors and his safety to practice as verified by 3 independent professionals that he was directed to by the NCMB he is indefinitely suspended/immediately stayed

***No reason to be out of work after clearance by NCPHP & Acumen, NCMB Atty’s refuse to charge or release despite having evidence of innocence provided 9/13/13.


Rutherfordton NC
Paul Henry Ziomek MD

1992 Licensed

3/2010 He was employed by a medical practice that had been owned by a non-licensed employer of a pain clinic.  

4/2010 He purchased the clinic from the corporate entity.  He would remove the labels from vials of testosterone and re-sell the vials to his patients, authorized testosterone Rx’s for his former patients from the pain clinic without maintaining adequate records, didn’t examine patients, was not trained as a urologist, did not appropriately address medical issues, did not test PSA levels, medication doses were difficult to determine, poor records were kept

9/27/10 Consent Order 6 months suspension, retroactive to 1/1/10 and re-entry agreement stipulating that he must work at a NCMB-approved location with mentor etc.

9/2011 Consent Order for all of the above

10/2012 Surrenders License due to not being in compliance with the 9/27/10 Consent Order

2/27/13 Consent Order Indefinite suspension since he was to enter into a re-entry agreement and only practice in settings approved by the NCMB


Woodlawn NC
Bradley Jackson Goad DO

9/2012 Virginia Medical Board (VAMB) gives Consent Order for Reprimand for pre-signed multiple blank prescriptions to be used in a SNF to be used in an emergency only.

2/21/13 Reprimand from NCMB reciprocity to VAMB

***Should all have consistent treatment discipline for pre-signed Rx pads, some licensees get reprimands, others Public Letters, others suspensions


Hickory NC

Robert Louis Liljeberg MD


3/3/09 Public Letter of Concern due to leaving the scene of a reportable accident in Catawba County, 7/24/08 which reflects poorly on the licensee

2/9/12 Privileges to practice at Viewmont Surgery Center indefinitely suspended due to conduct toward an employee unprofessional and detrimental to the quality of care in the facility.  Provider attempted to vandalize the car of the employee.

2/2012 NCPHP referral/contract given with compliance

2/21/13 Consent Order; 90-day suspension, not stayed.

***Leaving scene of accident is now a Board issue?


Woodlawn VA
Vanessa Jean Sturgill-Fant MD

2/20/13 Consent Order for NCMB Reprimand due to…

6/4/12 VAMB had Consent Order for pre-signed prescriptions in a SNF


Winston-Salem NC

John Charles Gerancher III MD

9/28/11 Provider notified NCMB that he had been arrested, was given NCPHP appt. and contract

10/4/11 Inactivated his license

2/15/12 Plead guilty to 1 count of indecent exposure, resolving all criminal charges

after completion of several weeks of inpatient treatment and continues outpatient treatment

2/2012 Indefinite suspension

2/6/13 Given Temporary license

7/2013 Renewal of license


Wilson NC
George Edward Newsome MD

3/8/13 Voluntarily surrendered license


Mooresville NC
Karen Romaine Bissell MD

Licensed 1982

Physician at Roberson Health Center (RHCC)

1/3/12 Suspended from clinical responsibilities, placed on administrative duty to complete her 1,000 delinquent charts

2/6/12 after completion of charts, restored to full duty

2/22/12 given 1-month notice of termination due to poor completion of chart, she then resigned immediately leaving 97 incomplete charts

2/27/12 RHCC sent certified letter to complete the records

4/12/12 Admitted to NCMB investigator that she had failed to complete records, responded that the records are laborious, and she didn’t appreciate being treated like a criminal, that she would complete records by 4/30/12 but she made no attempt to do so.

3/15/13 Consent Order; Indefinite suspension.


Atlanta GA
Charles Edward Chandler MD

4/29/13 Public Letter of Concern $1,500 fine due to dishonest answer on application for licensure due to probation during training and misdemeanor DUI, advised to be more accurate in the future.


Clayton NC

John Michael Arnold MD

4/18/13 Public Letter of Concern Reciprocal to VA

6/10/11 falsified medical History and Physical exam (H&P) of Patient “A” who was scheduled for surgery by using copy/paste of Electronic Medical Record (EMR) and fabricated cardiac and pulmonary exam while in VA, admitted to VAMB that two other patients were falsified during residency which placed provider on probation during residency, psych evaluation then recommended return to resident status, that he knew it was wrong to have done what he did.


Mt. Pleasant SC
Lawrence Lutner MD

4/16/13 Consent Order for Non-Disciplinary Public Letter of Concern/$3K fine due to not correctly answering questions on his application.


Chicago IL
David Bruce Barinholtz MD

4/3/13 Denied license due to question about “use of illegal drugs, alcohol (EtOH), been told you have a mental health condition, charged or convicted with a misdemeanor”, answered “no” but to NCPHP answered “yes”, entitled to formal Board hearing.


Chesapeake VA

Jeanette Frances Shimkus DO

11/28/11 pleaded guilty to filing false claims or using false statements Re; health care matters in VA, sentenced to 6 months home confinement, 3 years supervised probation and ordered to repay $48K in restitution.  She had been in the USN as a Commander for 30+ years.  The Navy (USN) had concern Re; fraudulent marriage 1/2006.  Her spouse obtained health care benefits.  Her sexual orientation previously investigated by the USN, which began steps to take a divorce, finalized 11/2010. 

4/3/13 Denial of License.  Failed to satisfy NCMB due to conviction of a felony.

7/9/13 Received full unrestricted license with Reprimand, $5K fine

***Why was this person who was legally married subjected to these travesties?


Peoria AZ

Cecil Curtis Graham MD

4/2/13 Consent Order; Reprimand

Also holds WV license, NC license since 2002

5/21/12 entered a Consent Order with WVMB allowing license to expire based on his failure to properly supervise mid-level provider, to personally evaluate and supervise prescribing of controlled substances and ensure that records met the proper standard of care.  Must periodically meet with NCMB


Huntersville NC

Mark Tuan Le MD

12/2011-10/2012 Complaints of substandard care, inappropriate prescribing of controlled substances, non-evidence based treatment of obesity with HCG, inappropriate self-referrals, fraudulent over-utilization of medical testing, fraudulent medical billing.

Patient “A” over the course of 3 years would bill the insurance company for many visits, labs etc. which are not reflected in the chart; 38 visits billed but no documentation that visit occurred, 12 instances of billing for diagnostic testing but no evidence in the chart

Patient “B” was a 38 yo female who presented 3/2012 with cough; numerous tests were done.

5/17/12 appt. for RF of meds, billed >$1K for allergy testing that was not reflected in the chart

Patient “C” 62 yo F, managed since 3/2005, in the course of treating her, he provided substandard care in several areas, including prescribing Metformin who had documented liver damage but had no evidence of DM, continuing narcotic prescriptions despite her preference to stop narcotics, listing DM as a diagnostic code although it was never addressed in her charts.

Patient “D” 44 yo presented 8/2012 initial visit billed for level 3 visit although documentation only supported level 1 visit, subsequently billed for 4 units of Toradol, 10/12/12, prescribed Phentermine  despite evidence of abuse/diversion, 12/21/12 billed for Echocardiogram despite lack of medical necessity for the test.

9/24/12 Patient “E” 45 female with obesity given HCG and B12 injections with Rx for phentermine despite BMI of 22.8

Patient “F” 52 male with DM/Htn/Lipid was billed for numerous visits and tests that were either not indicated or no indication that they were ever done


Grandforks ND
Wendell Calvin Danforth MD

5/24/13 Voluntarily surrendered license, no other data available.

5/29/13 Consent Order, 12 month suspension, stayed except for 6 months with $25K fine within 60 days of consent order


Evans GA
George David Volpitto MD

2008-2009 worked on an internet company reviewing patient records, rules of GAMB do not permit this, so he was investigated

9/13/12 given a Consent Order/Reprimand by GAMB and required completion of a mini-residency on appropriate prescribing of controlled substances and 20 hours of CME on Ethics and $5K fine

5/16/13 NCMB Consent Order/Reprimand for issues in GA


Lancaster CA
Ramanathan Prakash MD

6/28/13 Revocation of license reciprocally with CA and other states after insurance fraud



Martinsville VA
Howard Richard Brown MD

6/26/13 Public Letter of Concern

$1K fine and request for no more supervision of midlevel’s in NC.  Provider who practices in Martinsville VA was supervising two PA’s in NC who did not have documents in compliance with NCMB requirements and inadequate chart documentation.  The PA’s were using prescription pads with the names of numerous other physicians, but not your name, address etc. as required by the NCMB.   The NCMB recognizes your decision to no longer supervise PA’s in NC.


Rocky Mount NC
Delmer Lee Shelton PA

6/20/13 Voluntary surrender of license


Southern Pines NC
John Woodson Roberts MD



Hendersonville NC
Gregory Robert PA-C

4/2008 Arrested for felony embezzlement of funds from East Hendersonville Football and Cheerleading, charged with misappropriating $20K in funds, pled guilty to misdemeanor larceny, required to reimburse all funds

8/2008 unintentionally aided and abetted unlicensed practice of medicine by working for Esthetic Medical, which was not owned by a physician and was not a licensed facility (unknown to him).  Panel found that he had poor overall decisions in complex medical procedures, failed to document exams.

7/17/09 Consent Order 6 month suspension stayed all but 45 days.

12/2010 Concerns regarding treatment of chronic pain patients with controlled substances; entered an agreement with the NCMB to stop treating chronic pain patients. Was confined to prescribing up to a 30 day supply up to 12/31/10 but no further prescribing after 12/31/10.  Attempted to conceal violation of this order by back-dating prescriptions

3/22/11 NCMB was notified that he continued to treat his chronic pain patients beyond the 12/31/10 agreement

3/24/11 Voluntary surrender of license

11/2011 Consent Order for indefinite suspension

6/12/2013 Denial letter due to prior disciplinary history and due to forging the former practice owner’s letter sent to an organization in an attempt to obtain services for a family member.  Is entitled to a formal hearing if requested.


Monroe NC
Seth Lewis Jaffe DO

6/11/13 Relief of Consent Order

10/2011 Consent Order Suspended license for 18 months/immediately stayed, within 90 days will pay $85K fine to the NCMB (so you’ve ripped off the insurance companies, now give the money to the NCMB?!)

Orthopedic surgeon and pain mgmt. who began offering plasma disc decompression (PDD) procedure.  He practices with Chason Spender Hayes MD Orthopedics & Neil Goldberger MD an anesthesiologist.  PDD is a minimally invasive disc procedure.  If Dr. Goldberger obtains a (+) result from a discogram, one of the other physicians performs the PDD.  The PDD wand vaporizes disc tissue, which allows decompression, 77% of the tissue is removed during the process.  Once the disc is decompressed, other discs may also be treated.  Patients “A-G” are all MVA patients represented by personal injury attorneys who have also had the PDD procedure done.   NCMB concludes that the PDD falls below the standard of care since discogram’s with positive results are invalid due to lack of controls being used at other levels.  In the orthopedic community another physician performs the diagnostic discogram, not having the operating surgeon do both the diagnostic and therapeutic procedure.  Patients “A-G” had no spinal structural abnormalities to justify the procedure, nor was there a clinical presentation suggesting the need for disc decompression with diagnosis such as cervical whiplash/strain and myofascial pain which are all non-surgical complaints.

Patients “A-G” also had disc disease, but the other patients who had the procedure did not have surgical spine issues.

***Commits insurance fraud and instead of restitution to the defrauded, is ordered to pay money to the NCMB?


 (linked to above case)
Charlotte NC

Chason Spencer Hayes MD

6/11/13 Relief of Consent Order

10/20/11 Consent Order suspended license for 18 months, immediately stayed with $85K fine payable to the NCMB within 90 days.




Charlotte NC

Neil Goldberger MD

6/10/13 Consent Order for relief of obligation

10/20/11 Consent Order for suspended license for 18 months and $85K fine payable within 90 days to the NCMB



Chesapeake VA

Tommy Taylor Osborne MD

6/10/13 Consent Order Public Letter of Concern on his application for licensure

1996 as a resident substance abuse issues.

2001 due to 1996 incident had a conviction for DUI/manslaughter, received 10 years’ probation, 350 hours of community service, electronically monitored house arrest, treatment for EtOH abuse and anger mgmt.


Augusta KY
Julie Ann Farrell MD

6/5/13 Denial of license after 3/2013 interview due to numerous errors and omissions in application for licensure, you were given $2K fine then but you allowed your employee to identify herself as being you during phone calls from the NCMB to your office in KY.

12/18/14 KESSELDenial of License; same as above and failure to reveal problems with OH Medical Board.


Roanoke TX

Ralph Craig Saunders MD

6/3/13 Reciprocal to Texas MB Consent Order prohibiting conscious sedation in the office

11/2011 Consent Order in Texas from TXMB requiring 6 hours of CME on physician-physician communication and record keeping and $7K fine and pass a medical jurisprudence exam.


Sailsbury NC
James David Gregoire MD

7/31/13 Consent Order Voluntary Surrender of NC License 8/1/13


Greenville SC
Ryan Edward Groth PA-C
7/31/13 Non-disciplinary Consent Order to maintain compliance with NCPHP

Has licenses in WV/SC/NC

Referred to NCPHP to have forensic professional fitness to practice, was then referred to Acumen with Diagnosis of medical condition which could affect his ability to practice, NCPHP reports full compliance with all recommendations.


Houston TX
John Andrews Tafel MD

12/2012 TXMB ordered temporary suspension for improperly supervising and monitoring pain clinics

3/2013 NVMB Summary Suspension

7/29/13 NC Consent Order Indefinite Suspension


Lillington NC
James Stanley McQuade MD

7/16/13 Consent Order for Reprimand

Licensed since 1973, reduced his practice when he started teaching at Campbell University of Law, continued to treat patients for about 11 years until 7/2013 despite having allowed his NCMB license to expire, continued to prescribe controlled substances etc. with an active DEA # but no state license

***very light sentence practices 11 years without a license!  NCMB Incompetence!!


Elizabeth City NC
Steven Mark Faber

7/1/13 Reprimand

MedMal settlement by patient “A”


Portsmouth VA
Bruce Jonathan Webb MD
8/29/13 Voluntary Surrender of License


Mount Airy NC
Lee Adam Thompson PA

8/29/13 Reciprocal Reprimand from VAMB

Licensed in 2007, also VA license, all of these issues happened in VA

Early 2011; Maintained pre-signed Rx’s in a SNF that were undated

4/18/11 Order for Lortab from a PA, a member of the nursing staff obtained the pre-signed Rx, filled in the Rx and had the Rx filled.

6/6/12 Reprimand in VA

8/29/13 Reprimand


Monroe NC
Panagiotis Polyzos PA

8/14/13 Voluntary Surrender of License


Charlotte NC
Shannon Nicole Overes MD
8/6/13 Public Letter of Concern and $2K fine regarding incorrect answer on misdemeanor conviction related to DUI in 2007 Boulder CO with possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia


Marietta GA
Tomas Jorge Chao PA

8/1/13 Reprimand by NCMB reciprocally to GA MB

2/7/13 GA MB Consent Order requiring Ethics CME and $6K fine

3/1/08-3/31/11 Chao represented that he was a physician while responding to on-line marketing surveys, but not while providing medical care


Greensboro NC
Kayla Jo McKenzie PA

2/5/13 passed the PA National Certification Exam and applied for NC license

2/28/13 responded to inquiry from NCMB requesting description of job duties, she understood this to mean her future job duties.  The NCMB wanted to know her current job duties and did an investigation, which revealed that she may have done some of the duties of a licensed PA.  She further told the investigator that her supervisor would usually see the patients after she had evaluated the patient.  She had listed her name as “PA” and wore lab coat with the same when she was not yet able to do so legally.

9/20/13 Consent Order $1K fine and given license.


Boone NC
Benjamin Bradley Fann MD

8/15/07 Consent Order for 18 month suspension, all but 1 month stayed and placed on probation, due to failure to notify his OB patients of his lost of staff privileges

7/19/09 Consent Order for 6 month suspension unstayed, regarding pre-signed prescriptions for use by Juan Carlos Devirgiliis MD to prescribe controlled substances to patients during a time that he did not have a valid DEA license, he needed to contact the NCMB any time he prescribed a controlled substance

10/12/12 NCMB review of charts from patients of Dr. Fann who provided group therapy for patients with abuse issues.  Inadequate records were kept, visits were billed to the insurance companies with inflated codes billed to the insurance companies.  Billing was felt to be fraudulent.  Dr. Fann had also been prescribing controlled substances in violation of his prior consent order.  In 2012 the DEA restored his privileges, so he began prescribing without NCMB permission while under contract with the NCMB, prescribing Buprenorphine and other controlled substances without notification of the NCMB.

9/18/13 Consent Order Indefinite Suspension


Juan Carlos DeVirgiliis MD

Licensed 1984

2005 lost DEA for Schedule II, III, IV

2008 MedMal payment made, but no mention of Public Letter Re; this.

2009 Began practicing with Benjamin Fann who had a full DEA license

Employed an RNP who had a unrestricted DEA as her from 2007-2009, is the sole owner of Total Health Integrated in Boone employing Dr. Fann & the RNP, treating patients for pain and chronic pain-related issues

~1/2009 he would examine and treat patients using schedule II, III, IV substances by using pre-signed Rx’s by Dr. Fann and give in-office IV controlled substances.  The RNP also prescribed controlled medications to the patients. He violated GS 21NCAC32-b by attempting to circumvent DEA regulations with the pre-signed prescriptions.  

6/24/11 Consent Order; Indefinite Suspension, shall make application for re-instatement no sooner than 1 year from the date of suspension.

7/28/11 Consent Order; temporary custodian of Medical Records.  Practice given to the hospital.

***What happened to him?  In three years he’s not practiced, is he another licensee who has not been treated properly by the Legal Dept. without the Board member’s knowledge?



Raleigh NC
Robert Charles Shepard MD

3/16/2007 Consent Order due to VAMB suspension Requesting re-entry, had been reprimanded in 5/2002 by MDMB and told to take an ethics course

4/2003 Consent Agreement with Massachusetts based on MDMB action

2/2005 MA issued order of default revoking his ability to renew his MA license

4/2005 VA issued consent order to suspend license 2’ to MA action on license

7/2005 VAMB reinstated his license with conditions

11/2006 Met with panel of NCMB seeking program of re-entry, which found that Dr. Orlowsky would let him work with him for 200 clinical hours and he had to comply with consent order allowing re-entry.

3/2007 Consent Order for Reprimand

9/17/13 Public Letter of Concern, $1K administrative fee due to improperly failing to disclose prior problems in other states.


Williamsburg VA

Faith Nicoe Lamberson PA
9/6/13 Voluntary surrender of license; no further information available.


Lexington NC
Bradford Arlin Farrington NP

9/5/113 Voluntary Surrender of NP Approval without further information available.

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Amy Elizabeth Ward MD

Inactive License

11/2009 Filed fabricated complaints with Forsythe Sheriff’s Office that you were receiving threatening notes from a prior relationship, arrested for false reports and carrying a concealed weapon, charged by FSO, Pleaded guilty 6/2007

5/7/10 Consent Order for Indefinite License suspension; would need to apply for new license.

2011 Public Letter of Concern Re; Above

***Why give a PLOC to an indefinitely suspended provider


John B Overton MD

9/29/2008 son lived with licensee in CA, both were arrested with 120 marijuana plants growing inside the house they were living in.  The CA MB entered into a stipulated settlement and disciplinary order, reprimanded and required his completion of an ethics course.

11/2010 Consent Order for Reprimand by NCMB


Kevin Michael McKnight MD
New Bern NC

Early 1990’s had been under contract with NCPHP

6/8/08 Charged in Pitt County with stalking and impairment on prescription drugs

12/15/11 Pled guilty to reckless driving, sentenced to $250 fine and 32 community svc hours

3/30/12 during patient visit had eyes closed, slurred speech per anonymous complaint to the NCMB and closed his practice early @ 1330 after admitting that the night before had 2 cocktails, Ambien, Hydrocodone, then Nuvigil, Cymbalta, BP Medication, Testosterone and various supplements that morning

9/14/12 Patient “A” requested her records which she did not receive in a timely manner, licensee was instructed to provide records within 3 weeks.

6/4/12; NCPHP assessment which recommended 4d comprehensive assessment @ Farley Center which he did, they recommended entry into residential treatment and NCPHP contract which he declined.

6/12/12 Voluntary surrender of license after making false statements on his annual renewal Re; reckless driving in Craven County NC regarding above incidents where he answered “no” on renewal form.

10/5/12 Patient “B” requested records, then complained but licensee proved to the NCMB that he had provided records in a timely manner.

10/1/2013 Consent Order; Indefinite suspension

***Why did it take almost a year and a half for him to get a consent order for indefinite suspension?  Why could he have not been told that he needs NCPHP contract and compliance to avoid further charges?


Aaron Harvey Gootman MD

9/2513 NPA, 9/26/13 DEA surrendered


 Browne-Brabham MD

4/25/13 Charges from patients about not receiving medical records in a timely manner

10/18/13 voluntary surrender of license

5/9/14 Indefinite suspension


Fernando A. Sanchez-Brugal

10/28/13 Indefinite suspension of license

2/14/13 License renewal; failed to disclose prior criminal charges, specifically;

2/14/13 DUI

1/13/13 & 2/4/12 DUI

3/21/12 Assault on wife/arrested

1/26/10 Assault on wife/arrested


Edward Kabar PA education at COM

3/2007 License indefinitely suspended, referred to NCPHP due to multiple domestic issues with ex-wife, no prior problems before divorce had a hearing 3/2007, not allowed to return to work.

***Never returned to work, one of the lost… 


Anthony Bray MD FP in Greensboro NC

1/2001-6/2003 Dr. Bray treated patient “A”, an employee of his practice.

1/2002 began an intimate and sexual relationship with patient “A” lasting until 7/2003.

7/2003 assaulted patient “A” in his office, a warrant for his arrest was issued for his conduct, he was charged with assault on a female, receiving a “prayer” for judgement.

4/2002-3/2003 treated patient “B”, husband of patient “A”

7/2003 patient “B” discovered the relationship between his wife and Dr. Bray

8/2003 Dr. Bray unlawfully damaged patient “B”’s property by shooting out a tire of “B”’s truck with a rifle for which he was arrested, again receiving a “prayer” for judgment.

1/2004 NCMB ordered NCPHP evaluation and compliance, but in 1/2003 NCPHP had already evaluated Dr. Bray and had ordered him to have an assessment done at Professional Renewal Center

9/2004 evaluation was completed, resulting in a determination that he was depressed and unfit to practice, he was suspended for 18 months and stayed subject to conditions including a NCPHP approved therapist and return to Professional Renewal Center for a repeat evaluation in 3/2005 and must complete CME course at Vanderbilt Re; boundaries no later than 11/2005
11/2006 Suspended due to

4/2007 Consent Order;

11/2008; incorrect answer to question related to any crime, false answer “no”, 4/13/2008 had been arrested and served a warrant for arrest due to simple assault for an incident of 4/11/08.  He had been previously disciplined by the NCMB.  11/8/04 18 month suspension due to boundary violation and criminal arrests, received another 18 month suspension/stayed for mis-handling controlled substances which a patient had returned to him.

1/18/08 hearing on a notice of charges & allegations Re; violation of his amended consent order of 4/2007, he was suspended for 30 more days, not allowed to prescribe controlled substances.  Conclusion of law, false statements were made on his application.

Cannot return for at least 1 year, must enter into 5 year contract NCPHP which was signed 12/2009.

12/2009 appealed via hearing to return to work; denied

***Another lost soul…


Charmaine Lowe-Hoyte MD
Hendersonville NC


2004 patient “A” was involved in a MVA during which she lost one of her arms.  As a result of the original injury, the arm had been re-attached without function and requiring chronic pain medications with considerable ongoing neuropathic pain.

2005 Consent Order; Reprimand that Dr. Lowe is not allowed to prescribe Suboxone, must take CME’s on medical record keeping

12/2008 patient presented with depression, post-traumatic stress disorder and suicidal ideation.  Dr. Lowe prescribed Xanax, Prestique, Seroquel, Oxycontin, Oxymorphine, while continuing opiate therapy from the patient’s previous physician.  Dr. Lowe did not pursue aggressively signs of substance abuse.   She called in RF’s in an overlapping fashion exacerbating patient’s substance abuse, she did not use any controlled medication contracts nor the NC Controlled Substances reporting system.  Patient “A” was “doctor-shopping” and “pharmacy-shopping”.

***Unclear if there was anything improper in this patient.


Anne Litton-White MD

FP Winston-Salem

Had done some dermatology cosmetic injections.  She used advertising that was misleading in terms of her dermatology training; she is actually an FP.  She had been dishonest with the NCMB investigator by denying giving Perlane & Restylane, then later admitted to doing so.

2/2005 Consent Order; Suspended for 2 years beginning 4/2005 stayed all but 60d, then random audits of billing records, will not advertise that she is Board Certified unless it states that she is only certified in Family Medicine and will undergo a NCPHP assessment and comply with all of their recommendations.

5/2009 Consent Order; Stating that she had advertised in the Yellow Pages that she was a Board-Certified Dermatologist at Carolina Laser and Cosmetic Center where she is an employee, Dr. Treen employed and provided training to her.  Dr. White reported that Dr. Treen provided services at her practice.

***Why is the NCMB involved in billing issues?


Joseph Vanderwerf MD


10/2003 arrested in VA by US Park Police for DUI/reckless driving/failure to stop, pled guilty to reckless driving, other charges dismissed, fined $300 and placed on probation (his 2nd DUI)

1/2005 Consent Order; Reprimand after being arrested/convicted for 1998 DUI

***Only a reprimand for DUI?  Where was the NCPHP?  Where did he spend months in treatment and why was he not kept out of work for several years like the others have been?


Dwight Williams MD

OB-GYN Roanoke Rapids NC
Has Hx of substance abuse, lead him to voluntary surrender of license in 2003, in closing his practice he did not give his patients sufficient advanced notice of the closing and how to get their records.

1/2005 Consent Order; suspended indefinitely

11/2006 Consent Order; returns to work

***So in 2003 he goes to treatment for substance abuse, in 2005 he is indefinitely suspended for not notifying his patients in a timely manner after he’d been immediately pulled out of practice???!?  He gets an indefinite suspension for this?


Margot Stock RNP
Greenville NC DOB 1936/elderly? Bar Grievance

2003-2004 Prescribed controlled substances to four patients who were her friends or children of neighbors who were her friends.  Documentation was not made, nor was her supervising physician notified.  She also post-dated a Rx for Percocet and issued RF’s for schedule III controlled substances.  She had also been prescribed Phentermine for her own use by 2 healthcare providers with whom she worked, 5 times she called in RF's for herself that were not authorized by the prescriber.

6/2005 Consent Order; Termination of license.  Must re-apply for approval and the NCMB may consider these matters in the future.

***She’s permanently terminated, loses her license for failure to document and for self-prescribing Phentermine for self-use. No NCPHP, no CME for documentation, she’s disposable?


Amanda Sweet PA

Raleigh NC ~40 yo

Pled “no contest” to a misdemeanor charge of uttering a forged Rx in 9/2001, received a 3 year sentence of probation, on completion of the probationary period, the court set-aside the conviction, allowing a plea of “not-guilty”, dismissing the original complaint.

NC gave her a reprimand while she was living in NC at the time.

***Very light treatment


Joseph Long RNP

11/2005 Consent Order for indefinite suspension with Nursing Board to surrender license and complete a course on ethics and legal decision-making based on allegations of instances of prescribing without having a supervising physician and without approval to practice by the two boards.

Attempted to return to practice several times unsuccessfully.

***Why the harsh treatment?


Mareen Ann Long MD

3/5/14 Indefinite suspension of license due to failure to have assessment done by NCPHP for TBI after MVA with evidence of inability to practice medicine safely 2’to TBI.



Danette Marie Jordan MD
Staughton MA


Non-disciplinary consent order

Issued a license after evaluation by and signing contract with NCPHP due to the fact that she takes medication for ADHD.

***What about her HIPPA rights for nondisclosure of psychiatric illness??? appears to mandate a separate authorization for mental health conditions.  HIPAA violations to $50,000/violations with an annual maximum of $1.5 million per



Christopher Eric LaCroix MD
Washington NC

Consent Order/Reprimand for inadequate supervision of mid-levels  with $2K fine while working for Carolina Locum Resources.

***He got off easy.



Christopher Gregg Tobin MD

Chevy Chase MD

Revocation of license after conviction in US Federal court for felony trafficking of controlled substances



Graham Scott Meyer MD

Elizabethtown NC

2/20/14 Consent Order & Public Non-Practice agreement

Assaulted his wife, ended up with NCPHP contract then had (+) Pot urine test

4/20/14 Dissolution of public non-practice agreement

***How much did this cost and/or who did he know to make this happen? He should have been out of practice for a few years!!!



Mark D McDonough MD

Orlando FL

Consent Order/Public Letter of Concern

Reciprocal action to FL action due to he and his partner exchanging pre-signed Rx’s for him to get his Adderall Rx’s for his ADD

***Why does NC need to get involved in this?




James Wayne Blanton PA
Charlotte NC
Consent Order/Public Order of Concern for not keeping up with PA supervision documents



Melvin Douglas Gerald MD
Cerro Gordo NC

Consent Order/Public Letter of Concern reciprocal to Consent Order with DC Board 2’ to billing practices, record keeping, management & supervision of  mid-levels.



Willard Howe Howard III DO
Tryon NC
Voluntary surrender of license; no other information available.



James Allen Wichser MD
Grundy VA

Denial of licensure due to multiple perjuries on application involving substance abuse and other issues from multiple other state medical licensing boards.



Regulo Calaycay MD

Milton FL

Consent Order/Reprimand/Reciprocal action to FL for problems he had in FL with weight loss clinic in Pensacola involving reprimand, prohibition from presciribing controlled substances for weight loss, ethics course, administrative fines & costs



Andrew O Kwon MD
Consent Order/Public Letter of Concern

Licensure granted but NCMB felt he did not adequately reveal problems resulting in a Washington Quality Assurance Commission issue Re; events at a SNF where he was medical director.



Daniel Joseph Bernstein MD
Maiden NC

Consent Order/Public Letter of Concern Re; inadequate supervision of mid-levels in Hendersonville, Mt. Airy, Asheboro & Denvery NC while located in Charlotte and working for a physician who practices in TN

***This is exceedingly light disciplinary action for what has happened in the past


Allen William Elster II MD RTL

Consent Order/indefinite suspension 2’ to multiple counts of indecent exposure.  Is under NCPHP contract.

***What does the treating institution say?  Often there is no advocacy from the NCPHP, folks can be suspended for prolonged periods despite being cleared to return to practice by the treating facility and the NCPHP won’t do anything to get the practitioner active again.



Alice M Ingram MD
Houston TX
Consent Order/Public Letter with license due to having problems with OB in TX, may practice in NC but has the record of prior problems in TX on her NC license.



Linda Rita Boggs PA-C
Clinton NC
Non-disciplinary consent order

Issued license in NC after having had problems in WV which she failed to complete the required CME courses in the time prescribed by the WVMB but is given a NC license.



Pamela D Harris DO
Wilmington NC

Consent Order/Public Letter of Concern for working for a company that was not owned by a licensed physician, having substandard care by an “expert” of the NCMB and ordered to take remedial CME on weight loss and medical records

***I find this law antiquated, that one cannot work for a business not owned by a physician.  In this day and age of ACO’s and the insanity of MCO’s and our environment in general it seems excessively punitive to physicians who are trying to maintain gainful employment. 



Maximus Eziudo Frederick MD
Raleigh NC Internal Medicine

Consent Order/Reprimand/Mandated CME

Prescribing methadone for opiate maintenance without the credentials to do so.



Bruce Harlan Lobitz MD

Columbia SC

Consent Order/inactivated license

Had been making bizarre comments/behavior as an ED Locum Physician, was ordered to have evaluation @ Acumen.  Chose to inactive license instead.



Rodrigo Antonio Bolanos MD

Public Letter of Concern

Behavioral issues @ FirstHealth Moore Regional Hospital regarding difficulties in getting along with coworkers that seemed to improve after a boundary course




Vijaya Prakash Boggala MD RTL

Amended Consent Order

RTL reinstated after he was soliciting 14 yo for sex and busted by Cumberland County Sheriff’s office and now under NCPHP contract.



Charles Earl Frazier MD

Consent Order/Surrender of license

Did not comply with NCMB order to not write for schedule II, III medications



James Bernard Barber MD

Jacksonville NC

Amended consent order; previously had only been allowed to do disability evaluations, now may have a license without that restriction but may only prescribe schedule IV, V drugs



Michael Allen Evans

Smithfield NC
2nd Amended Consent Order

Removal of paragraph 3 of original order




Randall Eugene Lewis PA

Monroe NC

Summary suspension of license for repeatedly sexually assaulting/molesting a minor who is related to him, now at large and being sought by law enforcement.

3/16/15 Charged by Monroe PD with statutory rape of a minor who was related to him, fled the area, police are looking for him

4/15/15 Transcript & record Sealed.



Little Rock AR

Kimberly Ann Sherrill MD
11/12/14 Consent Order/Public Letter

Sanctioned by AK for falsifying reporting of CME, fined in AK and must complete the missing 5.5 hours of CME and had a reprimand from AK.


Fayetteville NC

Sandra Normann MD

11/4/14 Consent Order/Public Letter of Concern for failure to notify practice/patients that you were permanently leaving the country while employed in a group practice.  Documentation for 8 patients were not completed.

***This isn’t exactly patient abandonment


John Woodruff Kessel

Hickory NC

11/3/14 Voluntary surrender of license—no reason given.

6/28/18 Felony Conviction/revocation of license due to controlled substance trafficking.


Negligence Issues;

Elizabethtown NC

William Joseph Birmingham MD

2/20/15 Consent Order for Reprimand after MedMal Settlement due to bowel perforation during laparoscopic cholecystectomy


Kinston NC

Douglas Elry Watford MD

6/25/10 Consent Order; Reprimand for failure to report felony arrest reduced to misdemeanor charges on licensure renewal form

3/16/15 Consent Order; Additional Training.  In July 2011 licensee was directed to complete CME on responsible opioid prescribing, course completion April 2013.  January 2013 another complaint against licensee was made, review of prescriber’s database led to review of 5 charts showed inadequate care, licensee was ordered to report to the Ctr for Personalized Education for Physicians in Raleigh within 6 months

4/16/16 Surrender of license

5/19/16 Consent Order; surrender of license

***What REALLY happened?  This Dr is probably in his 50’s which should be the most productive point in his career.  So much of what the NCMB does is corrupt & illegal, documented craftily to conceal the truth.  He completed training, then a chart review was done that would look at the pre-training documentation he had and a year later he surrenders his license. Why?!


Durham NC

Sampson Emanuel Harrell MD

3/10/15 Consent Order for Suspension X 6 months immediately stayed for having pre-signed Suboxone Rx’


Wilkesboro NC

Pradip Chimanlal Thakkar - MD

1/13/15 Failure to diagnose thyroid storm & renal failure resulting in death of elderly complex patient without mention of MedMal settlement.



Sulphur Springs TX

Patrick Glenn Daus DO

1/7/15 Public Letter of Concern Re; 9/6/12 MedMal settlement involving patient with foley catheter replaced after TURP and complications after replacement requiring surgery


Eden NC

Steven Lee Case MD

6/13/14 FL BOM Reprimand for failure to properly maintain XRay films

1/25/15 NCMB Consent Order for reprimand 2’ to FL actions


Pineville NC

Daniel Hamaty MD

7/23/14 TN Board of Medical Examiners Surrender of License 2’ to inappropriate mgmt. of a pain clinic in Murfreesboro TN

1/22/15 Consent Order NC Indefinite Suspension based on TN action

7/6/15 PA Board of Medicine Suspension 2’ to TN action


Plantation FL

Lloyd Ian Maliner MD

1/31/12 Public Letter of Concern Re; FL Settlement agreement/Probable malpractice for issue occurring in FL

Wrong-site surgery of spine


Wilkesboro NC

Michael Aldred Blackwell MD (OB-GYN)

7/21/07 received a Reprimand for inadequate practice of medicine

2010 Consent Order Amended requested correction of order

1/25/2012 Consent Order Amended to allow physician to leave OB-GYN and work in Primary Care only


Wilmington NC

Anthony Kechante Njapa DO

6/2007; Public Letter of Concern due to discussing private life, which made patient uncomfortable

6/2008; Consent Order after errors due to 2 second trimester abortions, one of which required total hysterectomy, mandated to education on 2nd trimester abortions and had to be monitored doing them for a period of time afterwards

1/2012; Public Letter of Concern due to inadequate supervision of PA-C who covered his practice when he left for vacation


Jacksonville NC

Earlie Thomas Johnson Jr MD

3/2008; Public Letter of Concern for giving IV Rocephin, High-dose steroids, over-testing by both the physician and his PA

8/2010; Reprimand, 6 month suspension/stayed for all but 30 days & Consent Order due to above and inadequate record keeping, mandated Continuing Medical Education (CME), within 1 yr needed to do CME on Mgmt of common community-acquired respiratory infections and steroid use and IV Therapy, all medical records completed within 72 hours of patient visit and physician to co-sign every mid-level entry within 72 hours

1/13/2012; Public Letter of Concern for not obtaining CME above and $1000 fine


Beulaville NC

Carl Daniel Pate Jr. MD

3/2008 Pt. “A with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) or emphysema presented to ED with exacerbation, admitted to hospital for treatment for COPD, Congestive heart failure (CHF), Atrial Fibrillation (AFib), Pneumonia, pt placed on oral potassium supplements.  Hospital day 5 Nausea/vomiting/Abdominal Pain (N/V/abd pain), Lab elevated potassium/creatinine, physician aware, didn’t alter supplements, no investigation of renal insufficiency or change of therapy, patient died that day of cardiac arrest probably due to hyperkalemia Advised to take more CME’s

1/10/2012 Public Letter of Concern; Med-Mal Pmt.

***PLOC seems light; reprimand and CME’s would have been more appropriate


Southern Pines NC
Craig Sumner Purcell PA-C

1/3/12 Public Letter of Concern due to no signed supervisory agreement in office

1/3/2013 Public Letter of Concern due to signed prescriptions that he allowed the nurse to complete, ignored evidence that patients he was prescribing controlled substances to were actually addicts.

*** 1/3/13 Reprimand may have been more appropriate


Morehead City NC
Peter Friedrich W. Keurs MD
9/2009 Consent Order/Reprimand/one-year probation Unprofessional Conduct due to removing skin tags and other minor procedures without wearing gloves, no steam-sterilizer in office/using bleach and detergent instead of sterilization, outdated drugs and test-kits in his practice, was forbidden to ever own, manage or operate a medical practice

2/28/2012 Consent Order Amendment; now allowed to own his practice but must first notify the board and prove that he maintains sanitary conditions


Charlotte NC

Tuan Anh Huynh MD

2/27/12; Consent Order/Reprimand; Needs to take CME courses due to being Overly indulgent with pain meds

3/2012; Consent order amended

4/2013; Relief of all consent order obligations


Linville NC

Joseph David Barker MD

2/17/2012; Consent Order/Reprimand/12 months’ probation/may not give>5d course of class II-III medications due to over-prescribing of controlled substances


Davidson NC
Daniel Lee Kirby MD

2/26/12; Consent Order/Reprimand/$10,000 fine for importing non-FDA approved drugs from Canada


Atlanta GA

Olufemi Abiola Babalola MD

2/16/12 Reprimand and license inactivated; Had 3 bad outcomes on laparoscopies in Sylva NC, had reduction in hospital privileges, failed to notify NCMB of reduction, will need to appear before NCMB for hearing if he wishes to return to NC


Dallas TX

Tearani Joyce Williams MD

2/15/12; Non-disciplinary Consent Order; Internet-based practice/telemedicine, was not examining patients prior to writing Rx’s



Charlotte NC
Margaret Gloria McIntosh MD

1/2008; Consent Order, 90-day suspension followed by indefinite probation, must take a course on compliance issues with NCMB, must examine patient prior to prescribing worked for Internet company/telemedicine, failed to physically examine patient, had prescribed controlled substances to self

7/2010; Public Letter of Concern; owns a tattoo parlor which she’s not allowed to do

3/2011; Voluntarily surrenders license

2/2012; Consent Order; Indefinite suspension. Was prescribing to herself and spouse via Internet; Ultram, Prednisone, Lisinopril, Testosterone, Schedule III substances via telemedicine to two patients, Testosterone, had inactive DEA license since 2007


Fayetteville NC

Robert Olney Sherman Jr. PA-C

2/1/2012 Public Letter of Concern; Lack of signed supervisory agreement at place of employment.

Morehead City NC

John Theodore Johnson Jr. MD

7/2004; Patient  “A” admitted for Gastric Bypass Surgery, following day tachycardic/Shortness of Breath (SOB), Chest X-Ray (CXR) of 7/22/04 revealed Left Lower Lobe (LLL) infiltrate; antibiotics started, symptoms persisted, 7/25/04 revealed anastomotic leak, repaired in Operating Room (OR), Pt developed sepsis/complications.   Board concerned that leak wasn’t suspected sooner.

2/14/2012; Public Letter of Concern due to 7/2004 complication of surgery, MedMal Pmt


China Grove NC

Kim Purcell Reid, PA-C

3/29/12; Public Letter of Concern.  Prescribing Methotrexate for Psoriasis, patent developed cirrhosis.  Practitioner neglected to do Liver Function Tests (LFT’s). MedMal Pmt.


Charlotte NC
Daniel Baxter Whitesides MD

3/22/12; Public Letter of Concern; Runs an IVF clinic, patient tested for Cystic Fibrosis (CF), nurse mis-charted entry as negative for CF, baby had CF when delivered/physician had missed abnormal lab due to nurse charting error.


Jefferson NC
Margaret Lynn Lewis NP

6/14/07 Patient “A” a new patient in the urgent care clinic with Shortness of Breath (SOB)/fatigue/swelling/loss of appetite/lower extremity swelling, CXR showed CHF with history (Hx) obesity/Diabetes Mellitus (DM)/Hypertension (Htn), random sugar 315, UrinAlysis (UA) showed glucose and ketones, was prescribed additional medications and restarted medications that patient had stopped 6 weeks earlier, did not do EKG, scheduled follow-up (F/U) visit in a week but failed to refer patient to any specialist for any additional care, patient died 2d later. 

3/21/12 Consent Order; Public Letter of Concern Re; 6/1/07;

***Light discipline Unclear of this was MedMal


Windsor NC
Rhonda C. Oeters MD

3/20/12 Public Letter of Concern; Missed diagnosis of retained Foreign Body in thumb, later found by surgeon and removed.


St. John FL
Tasha Jean Harris PA-C

12/2006 Patient “A” discharged from hospital with Diagnosis of Anemia 2’ to Dysfunctional Uterine Bleeding.  The following day patient evaluated in ED for continued complaints with Hemoglobin 5.7 and Platelets 80K, 4 days later patient taken to ED in cardiac arrest then died of myocardial ischemia 2’ to anemia

3/2012 Public Letter of Concern due to above after notice from malpractice carrier


Pinehurst NC
David Bryan Kee Jr MD

3/15/12 Public Letter of Concern from 3/2012 wrong-site/side spinal surgery


Fayetteville NC
Clarence Joseph Washington III MD

3/2010 Consent Order/Suspension-immediately stayed; in the future before 2nd trimester abortions are permitted he must observe 10 procedures then be observed doing 10 procedures, then notify NCMB upon completion

10/2005 Outpatient dilation and evacuation (D&E) /abortion, uncontrolled bleeding uncontrolled with uterotonic agents, clamp applied to control cervical bleeding, patient taken to ED, Surgeon left clinic unattended to go to ED where significant laceration at cervical-vaginal junction was repaired in the OR

OB-GYN had done 2nd trimester D&E as an outpatient 6/18/09; 7/10/09 still bleeding with significant cervical laceration and retained suture needle in cervix requiring emergency hysterectomy

3/13/2012 Consent Order; 12-month suspension all but 90 days stayed.   Medical Director @ HRC NC, a professional corporation based in TN, while doing bio-identical HRT, patients were not given information Re; side-effects of Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT), Off-label use of Femara for feminization effects/not FDA approved.



Albemarle NC
Ann Rose Brewer MD

2011 Consent Order; 6-month suspension immediately stayed, must take CME course of 10 hours.  Narcotic prescribing is without clear indication or safeguards in place

3/1/2012; Order of relief of obligation.


Charlotte NC
David Steven Lancaster II MD

4/12/10 Pt. “A” Presents to ED with diarrhea, mid-epigastric pressure, Left upper extremity pain, physical, labs all within normal limits (wnl), 2 EKG’s an hour apart while having chest pain, EKG evidence of ischemia present but interpreted as non-specific, given IV Zofran and GI cocktail, responded to treatment for presumed gastroenteritis, given Rx for Pepcid, advised that CardioVascular (CV) event could not be ruled out, to see primary care physician (PCP) within 2 days, Pt. (discharged) DC’ed from Emergency Dept. (ED)

4/14/10 pt. returned with cardiac arrest from Left anterior descending artery coronary thrombosis/occlusion

4/30/2012 Public Letter of Concern due to Malpractice Issue; “failure to conform to standards of current medical practice”.

Oxford NC
James Dewey Williams MD

3/2011 Pt. “A” referred to evaluate persistent tongue pain/bleeding since 9/2010, initial exam shows ulceration of L side of tongue Compatible With (C/W) Squamous Cell Carcinoma  (SCC), no airway compromise, Biopsied (Bx’ed) several days later.  Unable to be intubated after anesthesia, Bx done without secure airway, complicated by loss of airway, pt. expired

4/30/2012 Public Letter of Concern; failure to maintain standard of care.  It’s unclear if this was due to a MedMal pmt;

***if not a MedMal pmt, a letter of concern is to lenient


Asheville NC
Constantino Dino Cona MD

1/2007 Pt “A” admitted for evaluation of SOB/intermittent chest pain, CT Scan showed enlargement of R superior mediastinal mass, Bx recommended, both physician and PA were aware that the scanner reversed images on the monitor but did the Bx on the wrong side, puncturing pulmonary artery causing pericardial tamponade and death.

4/24/12 Public Letter of Concern Re; failure to adhere to standard of care.

***If this was due to a MedMal Pmt, it’s in keeping with other providers, if it was not due to a MedMal pmt, it is too light of a disciplinary measure


High Point NC
Gordon Bruce Arnold MD

4/20/12 Consent Order/Reprimand, unable to prescribe Class II or III controlled substances, NCPHP Competency evaluation and training.

4 year period of prescribing medications non-emergently for family and friends without documentation.

12/2012 Amendment Consent Order; is in compliance, still unable to prescribe II/III

1/2013; Released from all restrictions.


Moncure NC
Melissa Danielle Gilmer-Scott MD

1/2011 Investigation by NCMB by prescribing pain meds, NCMB requested that she take CME classes which she did, F/U investigation Pt’s A-E for pain and other conditions were found to be treated below accepted standards of care, given 30d to transfer her pain pt’s to another provider if they require Schedule II-III medications

1/2011 Consent Order agreeing to above after investigation

4/20/2012 Order of relief of obligations but will undergo further inspections


Paduca KY
Douglas Hardy Snow DO
12/2006 Pt “A” Discharged (DC’ed) from hospital with Diagnosis (Dx) Anemia 2’ to Dysfunctional Uterine Bleeding (DUB), returned the following day to the ED with chest pain/Shortness of breath (SOB)/continued vaginal bleeding, PA on duty assessed pt., reviewed labs from recent hospitalization with Platelet count 8K, Hemoglobin 5.7, Pt DC’ed from ED, physician did not examine but did sign off on the chart.  2d later to ED via Rescue, died due to ischemic cardiac arrest

4/20/12; Public Letter of Concern/failure to meet standard of care. MedMal Pmt


Red Springs NC
Robert Michal Chavis PA-C

2/2007 Consent Order found poor record keeping of all controlled substances on pt’s A-E, given 2 year suspension, all but 30 days stayed, probation for the remainder, physician must be on-site at all times.

7/30/09; requested relief of consent order probation

2/26/10; Partial relief

4/19/12; relieved of all probationary obligations


New Bern

Rickie Wade Ellis MD

3/2008 Voluntarily surrendered license

7/24/08 Requested reinstatement, told to have evaluation @ Acumen in 2009 which indicated areas in which he needed improvement

10/13-14/2009 given education program followed by another assessment which required further education

9/2010 Consent Order related to above

3/2011 Full license reinstated

4/19/12 order for partial relief of obligations

No evidence on website as to what obligations were or what necessitated same.


Charlotte NC
Mary Elizabeth Gaffney DO

3/2004 Consent Order/Reprimanded, given 6 months to have evaluation

4/2010 Diagnosed Pt “A” with DM, started Metformin 1000 mg bid, went to ED, no evidence of Diabetes (DM) but had uncontrolled hypertension (Htn), labs never supported Dx of DM, Htn was not addressed

5/2012 Consent Order took assessment from Medical Director of the NCMB

*Reason for evaluation unknown/cannot open on NCMB website


William Maxwell Sherrod MD

10/2007 Pt “A” presented to ED after Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA) with Right upper extremity (RUE) pain and R ear laceration, hematoma RUE, surgical dressing to ear and XR’s of arm, Pt  discharged DC’ed with pain meds R ear avulsion instructed to Follow Up (F/U) with Private MD (PMD) in 2d, the following day found unresponsive at home, brought to ED revealing large R subdural hematoma, referred to a tertiary center where he died of injuries.

4/17/2012 Public Letter of Concern due to Malpractice Payoff


Decatur AL
James William Roy MD

4/12/12 Public Letter of Concern

No NC License, analyzes sleep lab results in AL


Charlotte NC
James Allison Watkins MD
11/2010 Scheduled partial gastrectomy based on EsophagoGastroDuodenoscopy (EGD) for probable gastric malignancy, no pre-surgical consultation with thoracic surgeon or oncologist was scheduled, no staging imaging was done.  Pt was found to have esophageal cancer

Patient had significant post-surgical complications necessitating 26 day hospital stay

4/12/12 Public Letter of Concern Re; Above

***Seems like light discipline


Los Angeles CA
Richard Lester Stephen Jennelle MD

1/2009 Pt “A” seen to schedule Radiation Therapy (RadTx) for lung cancer Right Middle Lobe (RML), seen with supervising resident who mistakenly entered that tumor was in L lung, patient had 32 radiation treatments to L lung, transcriptionist noted the error.  RML treatment was then undertaken.  Patient died after completion of treatment

4/4/12 Public Letter of Concern due to malpractice claim


Fayetteville N
Aaron Harvey Gootman MD

4/3/2012 Given Consent Order/Reprimand for allowing one of his PA’s of his pain clinic to sign Rx’s for another PA in his clinic who was not allowed to write for controlled substances instead of the physician signing off on those Rx’s

9/2013 Given NPA until NCMB relieves him of it.

3/3/14 Consent Order Indefinite Suspension

***Why an indefinite suspension on an NPA?  What needs to be done to relieve the suspension?


Oxford NC
Mark Allen Welsh MD

3/2011 Patient “A” presents for outpatient biopsy (Bx) of lesion on tongue.  Anesthesiologist CNRA attempted to establish airway but failed, patient died of respiratory distress due to lack of endotracheal intubation

5/29/2012 Public Letter of Concern after malpractice award


Poplar Bluff MO
David John Mauterer MD

3/17/11 NCMB learns of Malpractice award from actions of 2/13/09 after laparoscopic hernia repair with mesh and cholecystectomy which lead to complications requiring a second surgery 11 days later, became septic, required prolonged mechanical ventilation, tracheotomy, complicated post-operative course.

3/2011 No response to multiple letters sent to him.

6/2011, 7/201 no response to messages left at his office

5/10/12 Reprimand for failing to respond


Asheville NC
Edward John Urban DO

7/2011 Investigation of prescribing practices after complaints from local pharmacies

On 4 occasions from 8/4-9/13 2011 on each occasion without physical exam or medical justification gave Rx for 10-15 mg Oxycodone tabs to Patient “A” who was an undercover policeman and falsified reason and other notes for the visit.

6/22/12 Consent Order Indefinite suspension


Moorseville NC
Timothy Ryan Heider MD

7/28/09 Patient “A” presented to ED with Nausea/Vomiting/Fever/Abdominal Pain (N/V/F/Abd) pain X 3d, CT Scan; acute appendicitis, laparoscopic appendectomy, did well, was sent home the following day, then…

8/3/09 N/V/bloating/constipation, re-admitted with dehydration with elevations of BUN/Creatinine signifying kidney problems and/or dehydration.

8/4/09 Small Bowel Obstruction (SBO) noted on CT,

8/5/09 sent home after clinically improved

8/8/09 Expired, post-mortem showed necrotic appendiceal stump and abdominal abscess

6/11/12 Public Letter of Concern 2’ to prior malpractice event.


Gastonia NC
William Bartholomew Shannon MD

4/28/10 Patient “B” was to have surgery L eye, spouse insisted it was the R eye, discrepancy with incorrect paperwork was reconciled but not noticed until patient was already in the OR, unacceptable

5/12/10 Patient “C” arrived in the OR for lens implant to the R eye, that eye had already had the lens replaced, the L eye was due to be operated, wrong-site surgery was prevented by the OR staff.

7/28/10 Patient “A” presents for lens implant to correct cataract, was prepped for surgery brought to the OR, is 66 yo with cardiac history, anesthetist anesthetized the patient without the surgeon knowing which lens to insert into the patient.  Surgeon left the OR to go to his office to look up the correct power lens, 45 minutes later the patient had been moved from the OR

8/4/10 Placed on precautionary suspension after Dr. left OR while preparing to perform cataract surgery on patient “A” and had been inattentive in the OR, had paperwork indicating the wrong eye for surgery.  Staff caught errors prior to surgery.

11/2/10 repeat suspension of hospital privileges when the incorrect powered lens was inserted in patient “D”.

12/2010 NC Physicians Health Plan (NCPHP for impaired physicians) initial assessment was done, appeared unkempt/disheveled and had no insight into his situation, referred to Acumen for further assessment which he never reported to, requesting his license be placed on inactive status

6/11/2012 Hearing scheduled, given non-disciplinary consent order to inactivate license


Charleston WV

Josiah Kenneth Lilly III MD

1/2006 Consent Order Reprimand/NCMB concerning 6/2005 WV consent order for unprofessional conduct for allowing a minor to witness a procedure that the patient had not given consent for the observation.

11/14/11 WV Consent Order due to repeated infections in his WV pain clinic and delegating responsibility to a person not trained to do procedures that were assigned to that person in WV in 2009

6/7/2012 NC Public Letter of Concern


Wilmington NC
David G Dyer MD

4/2010 Law enforcement notified NCMB that Dr. Dyer was under investigation by law enforcement, he had not renewed his medical license 5/3/10

5/11/10 License suspended by NCMB due to law enforcement investigation for diversion of controlled substances by physician License revoked

3/14/12 Entered Alford Plea for 3 counts of prescribing controlled substances without justifications and 2 counts of attempting to traffic in opiates, all of which are felonies

6/7/12 License Revoked/Physician requested hearing


Hamlet NC

Janet Elizabeth Harris-Hicks MD

9/27/12 Amendment to Consent order of 10/28/11

Pt. “A” fetal distress on monitor ignored/child dies

Pt. “B” induced labor, fetal distress unaddressed

10/2011 Suspension x 1 yr. immediately stayed, required 9 month OB-GYN mentor and pmt. of $5K fine

9/2012 Relief of Consent Order, required further education on fetal heart monitors


Greenville NC
Daniel Acosta MD

8/2010 dispensing Soma to pt. “A” to help wean pt. off of Xanax, he had given the Pt. “A” a bottle of outdated Soma with label of another patient on it, and it was outdated.

NCMB investigator found numerous old bottles from former patients who didn’t use their medications, some outdated in the office.  Patient “A” had been originally prescribed Xanax by a prior psychiatrist.   Patient went to the pharmacy, showed him the Soma bottle, was referred back to Dr. Acosta and stopped taking her Xanax until she had withdrawal symptoms and was hospitalized by a psychiatrist for 3d of withdrawal.

3/13/12; Reprimand after Investigator collected records and meds on patient “A”-“F” and had failed to comply with accepted medical standards, must take classes on Record keeping and prescribing

8/2012; CME requirements fulfilled, under probation, periodic monitoring by NCMB

***an unusually light disciplinary action, Soma does not Detox from Xanax!



Dearborn MI
William Gardiner Nutting MD

7/17/2012 Consent Order and non-disciplinary public letter of concern and $2000 fine due to malpractice issue,

Urologist, 2/1/11 Settlement on malpractice issue.  Repeated refusals to respond to NCMB

8/2011 NCMB started attempting telephone contact to his office, NCMB was advised that Dr. Nutting would not renew his NC license

8/2011 Email from NCMB ignored


Dunn NC

Ahmad Sultan Rana MD

3/2006 event when pt presented to ED with burning epigastric pain radiating to back, received labs/EKG/Chest XR (CXR).  Labs showed minimally elevated myoglobin and new 2-3 mm ST elevation and T-wave changes Compatible With (C/W) Myocardial Infarction (MI or “heart attack”) reflected on chart, sent pt home with Dx’  GastroEsophageal Reflux Disease(GERD).  Pt died. Public Letter of Concern included Continuing Medical Education (CME) on EKG interpretation

7/16/12 Public Letter of Concern due to malpractice issue


Charleston SC
Marisa Rose Graham PA-C

8/29/12 Public Letter of Concern after malpractice event that lead to pt’s demise


Harahan LA
Kashmir Kaur Rai MD

2011 Louisiana Medical Board (LA MB) investigated controlled substance prescribing and Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) practice, fined $3000, told to comply with LA rules Re; Integrative Medicine, needs an approved practice monitor, cannot prescribe Schedule II or III, CME on Family Practice and Medical Ethics



Hendesonville NC
Charmain Pamela A. Lowe-Hoyte MD

1/2005 Consent Order/Reprimand because she allowed an RN who was assumed to be a RNP to see patients.

8/21/2012 Reprimand for a doctor-shopping patient that she didn’t catch, she was not allowed to prescribe controlled substances or Suboxone except for inpatients, must complete 10 hours of Category 1 CME on record keeping


Raleigh NC

Jeremy Richard Stinson PA-C

2007 Owner of orthopedic practice did surgery on Lumbar spine level L2, L3, L4 decompression 9/2007 patient transferred to Post-anesthesia care unit/recovery room (PACU) 0900 stable, 1545 patient had weakness and decreased sensation of both lower extremities (BLE), 1900 the only on-call provider for the group called reporting same with additional bladder incontinence.  He contacted primary supervising physician, not Dr. Nelson who had done the surgery, 0419 patient had nausea, lower abdominal pain, weak/numb legs, ordered Phenergan for nausea, did not contact supervisors, 0900 after surgery, Dr. Nelson reviewed chart, complaints etc., 0902 ordered MRI, 1400 had epidural hematoma, 1600 hematoma removed, a rare but recognized complication.

8/20/2012 Consent Order Reprimand for unprofessional conduct.

*** incredibly light discipline; supervising physician should also have been disciplined


Charlotte NC
Jonathan Arnold Edwards MD

8/15/12 Consent Order/Reprimand after his RNP Dispensed 48 controlled Rx’s for a patient within 3 months, one of his midlevel Registered Nurse Practitioners (RNP) Adams was using the pills with the patient, he provided inadequate supervision to his mid-levels.  Between 11/25/11 and 2/16/12 30 Rx’s for Oxycodone, 14 Rx’s for Hydrocodone written by RNP Adams who was getting medications from this patient as well.  Dr. Edwards was not meeting with RNP Adams per regulations to review Adams’ care.


Durham NC
Arjumand Bano Syed MD

8/14/12 Consent Order; suspension for 12 months immediately stayed for all but 30 days, full license after thirty days

Physician practiced medication at times in Wake County working for a professional corporation headquartered in TN.  This company was founded to provide bio-identical hormone replacement therapy.   He supervised a mid-level practitioner, licensed by the VA Medical Board (VAMB) as a nurse practitioner and RN but not licensed in NC.  Patients “A” through “C” received substandard care without documentation of a history and physical in their charts, vital signs were not documented, mammogram results and/or breast exams were not checked prior to starting therapy, therapy was given despite normal lab parameters such as Estradiol, Progesterone and Testosterone.  Progesterone can increase coronary artery diseases; the nurse provided the surgical procedures with an excessive dose of lidocaine.  Patients were injected with Vitamin B12 despite normal serum B12 levels.  The CEO of the Company, Dr. Hale is licensed in TN but not in NC, yet directed the therapy with Dr. Syed’s role as being a “figurehead” as the nurse treated patients per Dr. Hale’s protocols.  Dr. Syed did not directly direct care nor supervise the staff, which constitutes unprofessional behavior

*** As an employee, how was he to know what her credentials were/that she was licensed in VA not NC, the employer was responsible for ensuring she had correct credentials.  It could be argued that as supervisor he should have gone the extra step, but that’s taken as a “given” that she’d be legal.  He was simply following his boss’s orders.



Fedelis Iguodala Uwensuyi-Edosomwan MD

9/2008 Consent Order; Charged with over-testing, illegible records, ordered to take CME classes in proper record keeping.

2010; no improvement, records illegible

8/1/2012; Non-Disciplinary Consent Order; over-testing, wrong diagnosis, wrong therapy for patient “A”, investigator for NCMB also randomly chose patients “B, C, D, E” but investigating committee of NCMB could not determine whether standards of care had been violated.  Ordered to have a professional assessment of skills then an interview with the NCMB.

***This is excessively light/ineffective discipline.  What was accomplished in 2008 with an incompetent provider?   He should have probably been suspended until he had proven competence at an outside testing/consulting agency



Dallas Aaron Smith Jr MD

9/24/12 Public Letter of Concern due to malpractice 2008, 2009 radiologist for SE Over-read services. 

9/2007 read screening mammogram, report noted normal findings with benign calcifications among moderately dense breast tissue.  Outside experts noted assymetric density in superior lateral breast quadrant, recommending further views.

On 9/2008 there was a suspicious mass in the same breast, superior lateral quadrant; there was delay of diagnosis and treatment.

4/2009 Interpreted B breast US on patient “B” in FL, on F/U US 9/2009, multiple solid nodules R breast and axilla were present, Dx’ed with breast cancer, currently being treated after delay of diagnosis.

NCMB recommends CME then notify the NCMB.


Cleveland NC
John Findley Barr MD

2006 Consent Order/Reprimand for failure to supervise mid-levels who were doing false testing and billing

9/11/2012 inappropriate controlled substance prescribing, inadequate charting patients “A-F” failed to conform to standards of medical care, insufficient diagnostic approach and medical history obtained, no corroborating physical signs of illness, failed to address abnormal findings or document adequately communication with patient

6/4/12 Indefinite suspension but may re-apply at any time if he maintains a NCPHP contract and has their advocacy.  Will not prescribe controlled substances for 1 year except as otherwise permitted by NCMB (immediately stayed)

***How did the NCMB let this guy go for 6 years without periodic chart audits?  Indefinite suspension seems quite harsh from what is available.  Needs NCPHP evaluation for competence/CME orders


Durham NC
Jerry Richard Lithman MD 

10/2010 Consent Order/Reprimand, probation for 6 months, has 4 months to have another physician to review records of patients being treated for psychiatric and pain issues, must meet with monitoring physicians twice monthly to review psychiatric and pain management issues.  Shall comply with NCMB Medical Record Documentation position paper and policy for use of controlled substances for the treatment of pain and pain mgmt./end of life care.  No time off of work.

Giving Diazepam, Oxycodone, Hydrocodone, Oxycodone-ER, Temazepam, Alprazolam and Tussionex; failed to perform to the standard of care, failed to monitor drug testing for compliance issues, escalating opiate treatment without documenting reason for escalation, failed to document liver function to R/O acetaminophen induced hepatotoxicity, escalating opiate treatment without documenting reason for escalation, prescribing overlapping refills of opiates with documenting reason for early renewal of Rx’s.  Records for four additional patients reviewed, failed to provide legible adequate documentation to support diagnosis and treatment of patients “B-E”, violating acceptable standards of medical practice

7/2011 NCMB received complaint from ED physician of UNC who had seen patient “A” with acute psychosis/delusional parasitosis, the patient had been prescribed large numbers of opiates; “outrageously inappropriate doses of opiates which may have caused or worsened the psychosis”.  ED Physician attempted to contact prescriber who was out of town,.

9/2011 NCMB received a complaint from a high school social worker concerned about patient “B” prescribed 6 mg of Xanax and 60 mg Vyvanase bid with student unable to function at school.  Patient “B” had expressed to prescriber that he “was having trouble selling his pills”.  Prescriber wrote a letter to the school that there was no risk in giving these medications to patient “B”

9/2011 NCMB received complaint from a pharmacist in ME, indicating that patient “C” had received Rx for Xanax, Oxycodone, Hydrocodone, Vyvanse, Valium, Adderall that had been filled at 11 different pharmacies in the Augusta ME area

12/2011 and 6/2012 NCMB received complaints from two local pharmacies about quantities of controlled substances by said Dr to his patients, also frequently authorized early RF’s of the controlled substances for his patients, especially Oxycodone. One of the local pharmacists described particular concern Re; patient “D” Oxycodone 15 mg #360 11/17/11 then Rx’ed #720 Oxycodone 30 mg 11/19/11.

NCMB obtained records from patients “A-D” which were reviewed by a forensic psychiatrist who opined failure to comply to standards

6/2012 Partial Summary Suspension of License; may not prescribe controlled substances as described by the DEA

6/2012 Hearing for partial stay of suspension. So that he can continue to take care of his at-risk patient, motion to stay denied

9/5/2012 Actual Facts Findings, granted an appeal by Wake County Superior Court

10/1/12 Indefinite suspension, may not reply until after 1 year has elapsed

1/2013 Appeal to Wake County Superior Court in process


Greenville NC
Maria Mitchell DO

9/2011 Complaints to NCMB about practice lead to assessment of medical skills, report 3/14/12; demonstrated medical knowledge to an acceptable level in most areas

9/4/12 Consent Order/Public Letter of Concern to fulfill and complete all educational requirements advised by his evaluators within 1 month of this order.


Roanoke Rapids

Thomas Joseph McDonald Jr. MD

11/30/06 Patient “A” presented to ED with severe Headache/dizziness/heavy bleeding, initial exam by ED physician who ordered lab work and blood transfusion, consult done due to heavy uterine bleeding.  Lab also revealed low platelets and elevated serum bilirubin that was not reported to you. Patient diagnosed with severe anemia 2’ to Dysfunctional uterine bleeding, morbid obesity, was transfused, placed on oral contraceptive taper and serial hemoglobin/hematocrit blood counts. Discharged 12/2/06 with F/U appt in office in 2 weeks

12/3/06 Returned to ED, assessed and discharged by ED staff

12/4/06 cardiac arrest, died of myocardial ischemia, died due to microangiopathic hemolytic anemia; at the time of the above treatment patient suffered thrombotic thrombocytopenia purpura.   Failed to diagnose condition.

Late October to December 13th 2011 allowed an unlicensed PA to work as a PA-C in his office for the direct purpose of continuing her education

8/1/2012 Letter of Concern Re; NCMB investigation from patient “A” of 11/30/06 MedMal Pmt

10/11/12 Consent Order/Reprimand Regarding unlicensed PA working in office, within 6 months must pay $3000 fine, reimburse patients and their insurers that were seen by the unlicensed PA and within 4 months can ask for relief of this.

4/2013; Relief of obligations


Asheville NC
John Robert Wright Jr. MD

10/9/12 Public Letter of Concern Re; Malpractice 2011 concerning patient of 2/2006, 42 wk Estimated Gestational Age, thin meconium stain upon Rupture of Membranes, external heart monitor placed which showed that the final 4 hours of labor showed fetal distress; fetal heart decelerations were noted with poor tracings during the last hour.  Patient was taken for emergency C-Section, baby born with neurologic injuries


Wilson NC
Alton Ray Anderson MD

6/2011 Consent Order/Reprimand

Provider had 6 chart reviews done due to poor record keeping, mandated to CME’s, and a mentor who must review 75% of chart

10/2/12 Relief of restrictions


Flushing NY
Sharda Kiran Dave MD

5/2003 NYMB Consent Order for Probation/3 year suspension immediately stayed, probation for the remainder and must take ACLS class and anesthesia practice restricted to hospital setting for 5 years

Patient “A” for termination of pregnancy in an outpatient center

12/31/12 NCMB Issues Public Letter of Concern when he applied for NC license assuming that 5/2003 was MedMal pmt


Charlotte NC
Laura Ann Black MD

12/20/12 Consent Order 12 month suspension/immediately stayed other than 30 days which were divided into 2 15 day increments

Locum tenen in Rutherford NC, saw patients over a 5 day period of time, on arrival at the job she was told the other physicians had retired, in actuality they had both been suspended due to prescribing controlled substances inappropriately.  The wife of one of the suspended physicians was a therapist and was running the practice in her spouses absence.  Dr. Alexander had been seeing >100 patients/d, had to surrender his DEA license etc.

12/13/11 NCMB obtained report from controlled substances database that Dr. Black was prescribing Friday 7/15/13, Friday 8/26/11, Friday 10/7/11, Friday 12/9/11 and Friday 12/10/12.  According to patient records obtained, Dr. Black did see each patient but saw as many as 60 patients/d, many of whom had complex psychiatric conditions.  Dr. Black’s care fell well below standard of care.  All of those patients were scheduled for 20-30 minute patients

***Seems to be excessive discipline; she was a temporary employed physician who had been lied to, who was worked like a dog and had no say in patient volume.  She was victimized by her employer and suspended by the NCMB. What action was taken against the clinic?


Winston-Salem NC

Ravi Kanth T. Reddy MD

6/30/11 Change in staff privileges for this gastroenterologist.  Stamey Regional Medical Center privileges for Endoscopic Retrograde CholangioPancreatography ERCP were suspended effective 6/7/11 as a result of a perforation event on patient “A” of 6/6/11.  Hospital notified NCMB, provider did not notify NCMB as is required for licensure; apparently he failed to disclose, as such a Reprimand is appropriate, had he disclosed, a public letter of concern would be appropriately.

NCMB found unacceptable patient care

12/20/12 Consent Order/Reprimand


Zebulon NC
Deen DeWayne Blakely MD

10/2007 Consent Order for Remedial Education Training, shall not treat chronic pain

After review of numerous records, was sent to center for personalized education for physicians (CPEP) revealing that there is the need for improved knowledge in several clinical topics, needs to obtain a mentor and take specific CME

1/2008 Approval for Mentor/Practice site

12/2012 Release from Consent Order



Ernest Bernard Eason MD

12/13/12 Public Letter of Concern Re; Failure to meet standard of care/MedMal issue

Patient “A” discharged from hospital after care for cardiomyopathy, sent to SNF on Coumadin, notes written on Lab report, not SNF order sheet to Discontinue Coumadin.  Complications occurred, re-admitted to hospital, died


Richmond VA
James Walter Stone Jr. MD

6/14/06 licensed in VA

6/24/11 While in VA, Patient “A” had ambulatory surgery, Dr. Stone was the anesthesiologist, after surgery he administered phenylephrine instead of a steroid, informed patient of his error, patient was admitted to the ICU due to hypertensive episode followed by post-operative hypoxia/low oxygen levels and spent 4 days in the hospital instead of having an outpatient/same day surgery

1/17/13 Consent Order/Reprimand in NC despite the fact that the episode happened in VA and probably warranted a Letter of Concern if it had been a MedMal Pmt, but no evidence of such was on the NCMB website.


Bayboro NC

Earnest Clinton Dunn Jr. MD

Complaint of excessive prescribing to patient “A” with numerous phone requests for replacement of medications and early refills, poor record keeping.

2/26/13 Public Letter of Concern mandated CME.

***very lenient, should have at least been reprimanded


Charlotte NC

Neal Stephen Taub MD

2/2/13 Reprimand; Mandated to stop inappropriate prescribing, start continued improvement regarding urine drug screen results, ancillary studies, medical record documentation and communication with consultants

***Similar to Dr. Dunn, why was one reprimanded and the other given a public letter?


Lenoir NC
Gregory Delano Haynes MD

Licensed in 2008 Gastroenterologist

2008 Public Letter of Concern resulting from Michigan Medical Board who had given him a consent order in 2/1997 and mandated to take CME on medical documentation

4/2009 Patient “A” Colonoscopy and laser therapy of Arterio-Venous Malformation (AVM) resulting in bowel perforation

5/2009 Patient “B” Screening Colonoscopy and biopsies, patient discharged home, developed abdominal pain due to perforation requiring prolonged hospitalization

5/2010-12/2010 Patient “A” files Complaint from patient that he didn’t conform to normal practices, NCMB reviewed patient chart, independent expert concluded that standards of acceptable practice was not followed by not decreasing the dose of her medication when she became increasingly anemic, he also failed to document medication lists and lab results, care was generally substandard.

NCMB concludes that care was substandard

5/2011 Public Letter of Concern and requirement to attend CME Re Colon perforations

2/21/13 Consent Order for 1year suspension immediately stayed with mandated professional assessment by an assessment center approved by the NCMB within 6 months.

*** Very Light Sentence and NCMB negligence due to delay


Fayetteville NC
Thomas McIntosh Jones MD

3/25/13 Public Letter of Concern

Patient “A” a minor involuntarily admitted to Holly Hill treatment Center.  He had a long history foster homes with diagnosis of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder/Schizoaffective disorder, had been treated with Clozaril.   During the 13 day hospitalization the Clozaril was discontinued.  The primary psychiatrist made attempts to contact you, but was unable to do so.  Patient was discharged 7/25/11 without medications, sending her back to her foster family. 

7/26/11 was seen by her outpatient therapist who resumed Clozaril, standard of care was below par due to lack of communication with her outpatient psychiatrist.


Fayetteville NC
Florias Andrew Morfesis MD

11/16/07 difficult cholecystectomy on patient “A”, during surgery the gallbladder was necrotic/gangrenous.  Patient was treated with antibiotics, became septic, and died.   Malpractice settlement was paid despite lack of proof of improper care.

4/29/13 Public Letter of Concern Re; prior malpractice settlement


Charlotte NC
Tuan Anh Huynh MD

2008-2009 prescribed Methadone for pain control for patients “A-D”, inadequate standard of care.

10/2010 Consent order/Reprimand; limited to not do pain mgmt. and must take CME on record keeping within 6 months and must, by until 11/12/10 to transfer patients to another physician for his pain patients.

3/14/12 Amended Consent Order, must have a proper DEA license and may prescribe all controlled substances but Methadone and Buprenorphine

4/12/13 Order for entire relief of consent order obligations


Clinton NC
Rodney Kevin Sessoms MD

2002 NCMB addressed issues form 1995-2000 that occurred at the hospital in which he was argumentative, used profanity, abused nursing staff

2000 Diagnosed with a mood disorder, treated for same, no further incidents occurred.

3/2007 Complaint to NCMB Re; pt. “A” NCMB order for assessment at Center for Personalized Education detailing areas where he needed further improvement; medical knowledge, clinical reasoning, documentation, communication skills and NeuroPsychological evaluation was recommended

2/28/08 Consent Order for Indefinite Suspension Re; treatment of patient “A”, advised to have an evaluation done

CPEP assessment questioned his ability to practice medicine, is probably not safe to work.  Has been cooperative, supplied letters from colleagues attesting to his skill and professionalism

3/1/08 suspended by both hospitals that he had privileges at

3/4/08 applied for reinstatement

9/23/08 NCMB denied application for reinstatement, requested Board Hearing

2008 a complaint from patient “B” was received by the NCMB Re; care given 2000 and 2001.

9/2/08 had second neuropsych eval which showed significant improvement, functioning in a normal manner, had been working with another physician as his preceptor.

12/2/08 Assessment questioned his neurological health and areas of demonstrated need for improvement.

 4/2009 Consent Order; Limited to 40 hours/wk, no overnight or weekend call, maintain relationship with preceptor with Dr. Wright and must provide a written plan to carry out the CPEP recommendations, Dr. Wright shall provide monthly then quarterly then biannual reports to the NCMB.  Preceptorship will be concluded when all educational needs are met. 

4/9/13 Order for relief of consent order obligations.

***Why was the NCPHP not involved in his care this would have been a perfect provider for them to be involved with and could have saved time and administrative maneuvers?


Columbus NC
John Edward Davis MD

7/21/11 Rutherford Regional Medical Center privileges suspended due to his inability to perform complex surgical procedures

8/17/11 NCPHP evaluated and recommended further evaluation/neuropsych .  Results were generally favorable, provider had appropriate knowledge and judgment

1/2013 Neuro-Psych testing done evaluating his ability to function in multiple environments including office-based

3/21/13 Investigative interview with NCMB with practice of medicine discussed

4/1/13 Non-Disciplinary Consent Order; May work as a first assistant with a licensed surgeon at all times, may not perform surgery by himself unless he’s being supervised by a NC licensed surgeon at all times.


Hendersonville NC
Jorge David Fleches MD

6/2007 Assessment of professional skills

11/2007 Further evaluation of clinical skills, unorthodox diagnosis and treatments on a mock H&P, on computer evaluation of 8 patients, 4 were appropriate, 4 involved wrong diagnostic tests and preliminary assessments

Extensively uses Oxytocin to treat his patients

5/2008 Signs Consent Order; Suspended for 1 yr, immediately stayed including at least 10 hours CME within 6 months, will make all patient charts available, will not deviate from evidence-based practice, will meet with the NCMB, and not prescribe Oxytocin; will refer patients in need of it to another provider.

5/22/2013 Public Letter of Concern due to violation of 5/2008 Consent Order, fined $1K, prohibited from using Oxytocin since he had prescribed it 3/12/12 for a patient with a low level despite agreement to refer such patients to another provider.

***Where was the NCPHP?  Why was he punished for treating a laboratory abnormality appropriately involving a low level of oxytocin?  This sounds like punitive action from NCMB, not rehabilitative as a Board should be acting.  When an assessment is required the NCPHP is also required!


Charlotte NC

Peter Kankaka Nkyesiga PA-C

5/13/13 Consent Order/Reprimand

1/4/2012 in AZ, Patient “A” presents to ED with 10/10 chest pain radiating to neck, discharged with chest pain, returned to ED 3 days later, had elevated WBC count with left shift, elevated glucose, low Na & K and elevated SGOT, EKG was not done.  Patient was admitted with diagnosis of gastroenteritis and dehydraton, later developed Shortness of breath, hypoxemia, cardiac arrest, death.  Failed to meet standard of care.

***Why did NC reprimand him for an issue in another state?  Public Letter would have been adequate


Rocky Mount NC

Eduardo Oscar Marsigli MD

6/8/09 Patient “A” presented for R foot surgery and left retained drill bit in the calcaneus (heel bone) which lead to severe post-surgical infections and pain, months later removed a piece of metal from the surgery site, failed to inform the patient, document the situation or locate the drill bit.

5/13/13 Public Letter of Concern due to malpractice pmt 2/13/12


Mooresville NC
Jitendra Keshavlal Patel MD

6/27/13 Consent Public Letter of Concern for Malpractice

11/22/10 Pt. presented to ED with shortness of breath/cough X 2 weeks, Dx’ed with COPD exacerbation and pneumonia, admitted under providers care.  The following day patient diaphoretic/rigors/random blood sugar 305.  Without examining patient provider ordered Ativan 2 mg IV and Sliding Scale Insulin, 1 hour later patient unresponsive/asystole, code blue called, resuscitation began, patient had suffered anoxic brain injury from respiratory arrest, family opted for comfort care, patient died 12/1/10.


Camp Lejeune NC
Neil Joseph LaHurd Jr DO

6/24/13 Consent Order for Reprimand reciprocal to VAMB will need periodic NCMB meetings

Has NC license but has been practicing in VA

12/2012 VAMB entered a reprimand order,

6/15/09 Patient presented to ED with Chest pain/LUE radiation intermittently for 1 year but recently worse, mouth had been numb the past few mornings with hemoptysis the last several mornings, BP was 154/105, EKG NST and T wave abnormalities compatible with anterolateral ischemia.  He remained hypertensive while in ED, 3 hours later was discharged with Dx chest pain & Htn with 199/144 BP. 

3 weeks later patient died at home of MI, Htn, rheumatic mitral valve disease

11/7/12 VAMB conference with restriction of VA license & reprimand

***Why would NCMB reprimand him for an incident that happened in VA, this should have been a Public Letter of Concern but he didn’t even have a license in NC; he had inactivated it 8/2009 before the 6/2009 case would have been filed for legal action in VA, the NCMB issued a Reprimand on somebody without an active.


Gastonia NC
Ramesh Gihwala MD


10/10/13 directed by NCMB to attend seminar by CPEP Re; Medical Records, and further training on Documentation

1st Claim inadequate documentation/assessment, treating patients “A-F” below the acceptable standards of medical care. Patient “A” Suboxone high dose without monitoring for many months

2nd Claim Medical incompetence, evaluated by NCPHP, violation of statutes, failure to respond to NCMB in a timely manner, noncompliance with NCPHP

3rd Claim Patient  “G” allegations of failure to maintain acceptable standards of practice due to failure to respond to patient’s numerous phone calls for medication refills and failure to respond to NCMB’s inquiries

6/20/13 Consent Order/Reprimand, license on indefinite probation, needs practice mentor approved by NCMB with quarterly assessments of patient care, medical knowledge and professionalism with monitoring until monitor and NCMB are satisfied with standard of practice. $1K fine, NCPHP through 5/2017

*** Multiple patients in 3 claims, refuses to respond to the NCMB’s attempts, and he only receives a reprimand?   This was extremely light discipline.


Forest City NC
Lawrence Burton Beasley MD

12/2010 SC reciprocates with NC

6/2010 Consent Order for stipulations below

NC between 2004-2009 provided psychiatric treatment to patients “A-F” and treated their pain issues.  Prescribing practices initiated an investigation by the NCMB.

Records of patients “A-F” were provided to consulting psychiatrist and pain mgmt. specialist and fell below the standards of care.  Provider neither admits nor denies, ordered to stop pain medicine and prescribing Schedule II or III for treatment of pain, shall obtain a physician assessment within 30 days and follow all recommendations.

6/10/13 Relief of Consent Order Obligations


Raleigh NC
Leonard Dorsey Nelson Jr. MD
6/6/13 Consent for Public Letter of Concern Re; Malpractice issue

9/2007 L2-4 decompression on patient “A” and 84 yo female without apparent complications, patient went to post-anesthesia care unit (PACU) in stable condition, then developed lower extremity weakness/numbness/continence issues, the PA on call ordered the nurse to monitor patient, later developed nausea, lower abdominal pain and worsening of the prior complaints, ultimately patient had MRI revealing hematoma within the spine, second surgery was necessary to remove


Marshall NC
Frieden Bertie Jones III MD

10/2005 Consent Order for Reprimand

Late 2002 Saw patient “A” whom he had treated for 7 years renewed Percocet, Valium which were appropriate.  Patient “A”’s sister would pick up his prescriptions, patient “A” inadvertently had sixteen months of refills due to his incarceration in prison which fell below the standard of care.  NCMB has no evidence of intent of wrongdoing, no prior disciplinary record

7/22/13 Public Letter of Concern Re; investigation for opiate therapy for Fibromyalgia with early refills, another medication was not considered, prescription of opiates was continued despite evidence of efficacy.  Patient exhibited diversionary behavior, mandated to take classes, which was completed on the same day as the Letter of Concern.


Charlotte NC
Charles Chike Anikwue MD

5/2013 met with NCMB committee where he admitted to self-limited, no longer providing deliveries and providing care to only 28 weeks EGA, doing only minor office-based surgeries

OB-GYN from Charlotte, NCMB became concerned Re; fitness to practice, review of 4 patient charts made by the Center for Personal Education for Physicians (CPEP) and result of Neuro-Psychology Exam. 7/22/13 Non-Disciplinary Consent Order; practice limited to no surgery other than office-based, no deliveries, may not provide care beyond 28 weeks EGA, referred to NCPHP, needs a mentor.


Durham NC
Rendon Clive Nelson MD
7/15/13 Public Letter of Concern Re; Malpractice pmt

4/27/10 Patient “A” referred for mgmt. of L renal angiomyeolipoma and also had L renal hemorrhagic cyst, patient wanted to have cryoablation/destruction by freezing of the angiomyelolipoma that was not indicated, procedure was done 4/27/10 under your supervision.  The L renal cyst had been inadvertently targeted the procedure was also complicated by a L ureteral injury, patient eventually required L nephrectomy.


Statesville NC
Michael Dennis Getter MD

7/10/13 Public Letter of Concern due to malpractice pmt.

2/11/12 Patient “A” a 15 yo male brought to the ED with compound Fx of radius and ulna, after appropriate emergent operative reduction/fixation you continued his follow up care as an outpatient.  At subsequent visits he had deformity with increasing angulation of the fracture site.  5/2012 cast was removed, mother was concerned about angulation.  You incorrectly informed mother that the deformity would fix itself over time.  6/12/12 while pushing himself up he had increased pain and swelling in the forearm. Providers partner saw patient who had re-fractured his arm.  Patients mother saw another physician who performed a second operation for fixation to correct the deformity


Fort Meyers FL

Jacinta Irene Gillis MD

7/19/13 Consent Order for Indefinite Suspension of NC License

Licensed in 2007, had prior license to practice in FL

5/2011 FL suspended her license after she treated patients from 6/2008-12/2009, charts reviewed by an independent expert concluding inadequate standard of care with cursory exams, no adequate review of medical history or development of adequate treatment plans, failed to monitor urine samples to ensure that the patients were taking the prescribed medications.  Doctor had been investigated by the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office for running a “pill mill”, Rx’s included as many 1,260 Oxycodone tablets at a time

10/5/2010 surrendered her DEA

1/2011 hired another physician to work with her and write Rx

4/27/11 Warrant for arrest due to money laundering, conspiracy to traffic controlled substances, affidavit that provider was using a webcam to see patients with an assistant who wrote the prescriptions over the internet, at least 50 patients/d, provider was incarcerated in the Pinellas County Jail

10/26/2011 NCMB suspended license reciprocity of FL

4/20/12 FLMB indefinitely suspended license


Elizabeth City NC
Steven Mark Faber

MedMal settlement by patient “A”

2/2007 EsophagoGastroDuodenoscopy (upper GI endoscopy) with esophageal dilation performed.  4 hours post-procedure patient presented to ED with chest pain, at midnight ED physician contacted provider stating the CXR showed no evidence of perforation, the ED physician had given oral medication to relieve pain which allowed sleep.  Provider allowed soft diet, later swallowing study revealed esophageal tear which was repaired at another hospital.

7/1/13 Reprimand

*** Most get Public Letter of Concern


Wilmington NC

Stephen Lewis Brewbaker MD

Licensed 8/82 OB-GYN

7/26/2006 Patient “A” laparoscopic removal of pelvic mass, pelvic sling, cystoscopy and rectocoele repair done on an outpatient basis

7/27/06 went to ED with pain complaints, ED did not contact surgeon, later that day a nurse in his office was learned that patient had been to the ED

7/28/06 POD2 patient with significant pain, provider did not request office visit, recommended to increase pain medications to every 3 hours and go to ED if not improved

7/29/06 POD3 went to ED with CT showing pneumoperitoneum (gas in the abdominal cavity) with peritonitis, provider did not go to ED but consulted general surgeon who found sigmoid perforation causing peritonitis.  Provider failed to document any communication with surgeon including review of the prior procedure, pt had sigmoid colectomy with diverting colostomy, was moved to the ICU with a difficult subsequent hospital courses

12/2012 Scheduling Order, numerous motions precede this date

8/23/13 Consent Order/Reprimand; Licensed OB-GYN since 1992

***Normally this gets a public letter of concern, why was it dismissed in 2009 then 12/2012 brought back up again?


Hickory NC
Jeffry William Braun MD
8/21/13 Public Letter of Concern due to malpractice pmt

6/23/11 Patient “A”, an elderly man presented to ED with mild back and R lateral back pain after a fall.  Thoracic spine XR showed T12 compression Fx with retropulsion of bone that was of questionable age but no neurologic changes, DC’ed with pain/nausea meds.

The following day returned to the ED with increased pain and constipation, diagnosed with paralytic ileus from opiates, neurologic exam was not documented, NG tube was placed, PT was given to patient “A”.

Nursing notes showed continued weakness with decreased ROM, 6/28/11 decreased ROM and inability to move toes, hospitalist ordered MRI which showed T8 compression Fx with hematoma from T5,6 to T8

6/29/13 family transferred patient to tertiary care center for neurosurgery but patient remained irreversibly paraplegic with bowel dysfunction



Shelby NC
John Milton Billinsky MD

2005-2009 Treated patients “A-E” with a variety of psychiatric conditions and wrote controlled substances for pain treatment for “A, B, D, E”.   NCMB independent review found inadequate medical records.

12/2010 Motions to continue

10/2011 Surrendered DEA

8/15/2011 Consent Order Suspension for 6 months immediately stayed with probationary terms and conditions, shall not prescribe controlled substances for pain or pain management for the next 30 days but may continue to treat patients even those with chronic pain with buprenorphine if they have been previously prescribed it.  Within 6 months he shall have a professional assessment

Provider states that if this goes to a formal hearing, he has other psychiatrists, Retired SBI and Sheriffs officers who would attest to his professionalism and competence.

10/25/11 Pennsylvania gave him probation when he surrendered his DEA

8/21/13 Relief of Consent Order Obligations


Clinton NC
Mouhamed Iyad Fakhri MD
8/19/13 Voluntary surrender of NC License

12/10/14 Consent Order Indefinite Suspension of license due to self-prescribing Gabapentin, using office samples of FONDINKATramadol, and Methadone obtained from relatives internationally to treat his back pain

8/8/18 Re-entry agreement

***This physician had back pain, practiced in a very rural area, inappropriately obtained prescription medications to treat his back pain—medications that are not known to get folks “high” and be obtained for abuse—but for self-medication and was out of practice for 5 years?  He should have been immediately put under contract with the NCPHP, evaluated and returned to practice under contract—none of which happened!  Tragedy!


Lexington NC
Ruffin Smith Morgan PA-C

8/12/13 Public Letter of Concern Re; Malpractice pmt

7/1998-3/2008 Patient “A” was treated 7 times for costochondritis

12/30/10 Patient “A” was treated for costochondritis but returned 1/7/13 with chest pain, N/V and was given Toradol 60 mg and 2 five-day prescriptions for oral Toradol.  Subsequently the patient had a duodenal ulcer diagnosed and then died of complications from the ulcer.


New Bern NC
Marvin Franklin Ewy MD

8/7/13 Public Letter of Concern MedMal Pmt

4/2012 Performed Laparoscopic cholecystectomy on patient “A” injuring the procedure iliac artery was injured, patient became hypotension, patient died of multi-organ failure


Raleigh NC

Jason Whitney Perrow PA

9/23/13 Public Letter of Concern

Regarding prescribing of controlled substances that failed to meet the standard of care, specifically Rx not documented in the medical record as is the absence of physical exam findings, urine drug screenings.  On one occasion you prescribed Adderall without a valid reason for that drug which was also not documented.  NCMB is aware that you’ve voluntarily placed your license on inactive status and wishes to ensure this doesn’t happen again.


Henderson NC
John Jay Faulkner MD

3/9/06 Patient “A” had evaluation with EKG/spirometry/testing and was started in a smoking cessation treatment that involved 3 injections of an anticholinergic medication and was found dead in his hotel room the next morning.

7/2011 NCMB received information in a complaint that Patient “A” had called the Lifeline smoking cessation clinic, made appt for evaluation and died.

9/16/13 Findings of Fact/Conclusion of Law and Order after Hearing and Public Letter of Concern/Conditions including CME class on Documentation


Greensboro NC
Charles Earl Frazier MD

Licensed in 1973

2007-2010 reported 0 Category 1 and Category 2 CME

4/1/10 notified by NCMB and 7/7/10 Certified Mail with 30 days to respond, 7/13/10 telephoned the NCMB and notified Dr. Kirby that he intended to do so

3/3/11  further correspondence mailed from NCMB giving deadline to 3/7/11 to provide CME updates, no further updates occurred

5/18/12 NCMB gets information that he’s inappropriately prescribing controlled substances Schedule II in excessive amounts, investigation is conducted with NCCSRS.

Patients “A-G” independently reviewed finding failure to adhere to acceptable standards prescribing opiates without justification and documentation as well as abuse prevention, did not perform physical exams, failure to obtain required CME.

9/11/13 Consent Order for 12 months suspension immediately stayed and needs to complete 150 hours CME within 6 months, prohibited from prescribing Schedule II or III medications

***Needs NCPHP evaluation, an elderly physician, not keeping on CME’s required, not responding to the NCMB, I think an un-stayed suspension would have been in order until the NCMB is satisfied that he’s a safe provider!


 Top of Document






James G. Salerno MD

PO Box 457 Columbus NC 28722 (828) 894-0489
Licensed 1982 Family and Pain Mgmt. Hendersonville and Columbus NC

9/20/10 NCMB investigator obtained records on patients “A-F” for independent review

2/4/11 Inactivates license

10/24/11 Consent Order; Indefinite Suspension-standards below the acceptable standard of care

***No mention of why he was investigated, whether DEA was involved of what has happened to him since 10/24/11


Joseph Litton Cooper MD


2/2006 Delivered baby “A” with vacuum extraction for 61 minutes which resulted in Vaginal Delivery with perineal trauma, anemia, infection and neonatal depression for baby, there had been no fetal distress but initial APGAR was 3.

4/2007 Patient baby “B”, mother had prior C-Section, 1930 External fetal heart-rate monitor showed persistent/sustained late decelerations with poor baseline variability for the next 4 hours, despite evidence of compromise, no internal monitor placed.  0000 C-Section

10, 11/2007 Consultation and review of charts above by 2 independent OB-GYN’s

His practice workload was to busy for a solo practitioner, he committed to reducing his days and nights by half over the next 6 months and signed a contract with NCPHP

3/2008 Comprehensive assessments at the Center for Personalized Education for Physicians (CPEP) from 5/2008 X 3 weeks and 6/2008 for 3 weeks, practice was directly observed by 3 physicians, 2 of whom were Board Certified.  Their opinion was that he met the standard of care.  He agreed to participate in a structured individualized education program being developed by CPEP

7/2008 Consent Order; 12 month suspension immediately stayed, probationary terms and conditions, maintain NCPHP contract.

8/31/08 Resigns from hospital, community has no more OB care.

10/3/11 Requested relief from Consent Order

12/2011; Consent Order; relief from restrictions

***What did he do wrong?  He was observed by 3 physicians, who found no evidence of problems with his clinical skills.  He’s had no convictions, felonies, or malpractice issues.  He’s just a busy practitioner.  He had a couple of suboptimal outcomes during deliveries.  Could this have been sabotage from the other 3-physician group in town?  Most deliveries have perineal trauma, to many C-Sections are done in the US, in 2006, 2007 there were many articles in the literature about the need to reduce C-Section rates


Rene Marlon Kotzen MD

Spine Surgeon in NC since 2002, previously in NY

3/5/2008 Public Letter of Concern failed to respond in a timely manner to a severe cauda equine syndrome that was not a malpractice settlement.

11/26/06 Patient “A” came to Dr with lumbar complaints, 11/26/06 L4,5 surgery, felt that pt. had a dural arterio-venous fistula, no procedure was done to address this after surgery or in a subsequent surgery that was done

9/8/2009 Patient “B” L4,5 spondylolisthesis, opting for surgical treatment.  On 6/9/05 had performed a minimally invasive L4,5 micro-lumbar discectomy with continued post-op pain and foot drop that was not noted in pre-surgical history and physical, several other surgeries were performed in an attempt to stabilize the spine. Records are incomplete and fail to address factors that lead to surgical conditions.

Independent review finds that there was failure to maintain standards of care

He prescribed Xanax and Ambien to family members without documentation

He admitted to self-prescribing long-term to himself without having a physician involved

9/2009 Consent Order; Surrender of License due to…

2/10/2011 Consent Order; Reprimanded; and ordered to pay $5K

***Out of work/out of the system since 2/10/2011, did he see the NCPHP for a boundary/substance abuse/health evaluation, CPEP for a proficiency evaluation?

Why was he reprimanded after he surrendered his license? Is he just another provider “lost” that the NCMB legal dept has not done anything with?  Review of other records show that he now practices in NY where he has license restrictions due to NC actions


Carl Thomas Whiteside MD

Inactive license

NCMB is concerned that you treated patient with chronic pain and prescribed controlled substances to patients for pain that was not within the acceptable standards of care.   Six charts were reviewed with an absence of physical exams, no urine drug screens or compliance monitoring systems in place

1/2011 Consent Order; Public Letter of Concern

***This is light treatment, others get suspended for this type of care


Barbara Hollandsworth MD

Last worked before 12/2010

Agreed to not supervise mid-levels due to NCMB’s concerns over inadequate supervision

6/2008 signed a Consent Order that has been terminated

5/2010 NCMB reviewed 5 charts noting several deficiencies; failed in adequate initial evaluations of her psychiatric patients before providing psychotrophic medications, failed to properly supervise mid-levels. She continued to prescribe medications to patients despite evidence of misuse/abuse by patients and poor record keeping/documentation and at least one case of failure to maintain a chart on a patient who was prescribed medication and at least one patient who was hospitalized for an amphetamine induced psychosis

Had originally agreed to assessments and CME to address these issues

12/8/10 Consent Order Indefinite Suspension;

***Lost to follow up; no evidence of attempts to rehab provider


Willis McCoy Privott Jr. MD

1995; Failure to diagnose and treat a premature infant for Factor VIII deficiency resulting in the infant’s death.

On or around 7/2008 GA MB entered a public consent order; He must participate in 20 hours of hematology CME class.

10/27/10 Findings of Fact, Law and Order at Hearing in NC: Reprimand for above

***Factor VIII deficiency/hemophilia is a VERY RARE disorder, if this guy was a pediatric hematologist I could see where he might have caught the diagnosis, but if the infant was born very ill and had a CNS bleed due to birth trauma, there’s no way it could have been diagnosed and treated in time to save the infant.  There’s no mention anywhere of a malpractice settlement.  Malpractice settlements are given a Public Letter of Concern, this guy is given a Reprimand by the NCMB for an event that occurred in another state!  This is totally aberrant from what other’s get after malpractice, if this even WAS malpractice!


Brian Thomas Hanley PA

Medmal Settlement; worked in a penal institution, patient came in with back pain that had been relieved with opiates purchased on the street.  Without examining patient, provider ordered 40 mg Methadone po. Patient died of overdose

10/11/10 Consent Order Public Letter of Concern Re; malpractice pmt.

***PLOC is OK for killing a patient reprimand unnecessary.


Dorrette Grant MD OB-GYN

Gerianne Geszler MD OB-GYN

Both attempted to do a C-Section after being unable to induce labor, during the C-Section the uterus was found to be empty—the patient was not pregnant

1/2010 Public Letter of Concern issued to both physicians.

***Unnecessary surgery and all they get is a letter of concern?


Santhosh  Augustine MD

3/2007 While performing EGD he told his assistants he could do the procedure with his eyes closed, he then closed his eyes during part of the procedure while on of the assistants held sponges over his eyes. 

7/2007 Surrendered his license

12/14/07 Consent Order; for indefinite suspension, required compliance with NCPHP
1/2009 Consent Order; Temporary license

7/2009; Consent Order; Full licensure

***Out of work for a year and a half for a prank; the EGD would have been video-recorded so no harm was actually done to the patient.


Meinardt Albert Niemeyer MD

NCMB Investigation showed opiates being prescribed to patients with inadequate exam, history, assessing efficacy of medications.

5/14/09 Motion for Full-Board Hearing

7/2009 Consent Order; Reviewing above Suspended for 3 years, stayed other than 8 months, shall not prescribe Schedule I, II, III, IV.  At the end of the suspension may request relief from this.  He must write a written apology acceptable to the Board President and Staff regarding his conduct, obey all laws, keep address current…

***Where was the CME class on record keeping and prescribing of opiates?  It sounds like he was trying to get in front of the Board and then foolishly allowed himself to be talked out of it.


Larry Evans Rosenberg MD

Licensed 1991; Family Physician in Asheville with no prior NCMB issues.  After his practice-partner died, he inherited all of those patients.  Following the death of one of those patients who had called, stating her Rx had been stolen, he authorized a refill.  She OD’ed and died the following day.  Provider then met with NCMB investigator and subsequently surrendered his DEA# indefinitely as per NCMB order and was ordered to periodically appear before the NCMB.  NCMB reviewed several charts expressing concern regarding prescribing patterns.  No mention is made of any patient other than the index patient “A”, who lied about losing her Rx before dying of her self-inflicted overdose.

3/2009 Provider met with investigators from DEA & NCMB, following that meeting he surrendered his DEA privileges for Schedules II, III, IV. 

10/8/09 Consent Order; Provider shall not re-apply for reinstatement of DEA privileges indefinitely.  He shall appear before the NCMB periodically etc

***Excessively harsh, no evidence of chart review by an independent examiner or failure to meet the standard of care.  There is no evidence that this was a pattern of inadequate care of anybody.  One of his patients died of an overdose after lying to him about losing her Rx to obtain more opiates.  What exactly did he do wrong?


Clyde Nolan Jr MD

Greensboro Dermatologist

6/2002 forgot to renew his license for almost a year but it was renewed back to the original date without any other consequences.

9/2009 performed a thermal procedure on the skin with inadequate informed consent

9/18/09 Consent Order; License reinstated to 3/18/08 due to forgetting to renew it, license suspended 1 year effective 9/21/09 immediately stayed all but 6 months

***Why suspend this absent-minded physician for a year with 6 months out of work?  Lack of informed consent for what was probably simple hyfrecation?  That’s such a routine procedure, the majority of family physician’s do this as a very routine procedure that no consent is signed for.  Wouldn’t a reprimand and small fine have been more appropriate to remind him to keep his license in order?  This was very heavy-handed discipline for a “rules” violation that didn’t harm anybody!


Agnes L. Ortega MD

GYN in Alabama

2007 failed to register license in a timely manner, license was made inactive.

2009 Consent Order; NCMB allowed to have her license back-dated to 2007 with a reprimand.

***Three years without a license, it’s back-dated so that it will be continuously current, she was absent-minded at worst and gets off with only a reprimand whereas another provider is out of work for 6 months for a shorter time period of lack of licensure.



Theresa Sharon Clarke PA

Dunn NC

Voluntary surrender of license

PA resigned abruptly on a day in which she had 20 patients scheduled.  Record review by independent expert showed substandard care.  She was referred to CPEP which documented inadequate knowledge, clinical judgment and documentation.  CPEP recommended that she no longer practice in an “off-site” location away from her supervising physician.  Initially given 12 month suspension stayed under conditions but she chose to voluntarily surrender her license instead.



Meinardt Niemeyer MD

Elon NC

Reprimand/CME mandated

Inadequate care of patients A-C per expert, inadequate documentation as could happen with a faulty EMR improperly set up.  Required to complete CME’s on record taking and controlled substance prescribing and must provide 5-10 charts involving prescribing of controlled substances for the NCMB to review, the charts will be selected thru a review of the NCCSRS database.  Review will be done at his expense.

***Again with the “expert” reviews that have yet to show any physician who is mandated to “expert” review is shown to have adequate charts.  Historically if a reviewer finds no deficiencies, a 2nd reviewer is called in to re-review charts.



Michael John Rosner MD
Hendersonville NC
Order amending consent order

Prior order mandated restrictions on posterior fossa and C spine decompressive surgery for Chiari malformation patients.  Physician must now have the patient reviewed by another independent neurosurgeon prior to elective surgery on surgeries in which there is <0.5 mm herniation below the foramen magnum.



Ramesh Gihwala MD
Gastonia NC

Amended consent order

1/7/13 Charges Re; medical record documentation, patient care, failing to timely respond to NCMB order

6/20/13 Consent order/Reprimand/indefinite probation

12/9/13 full compliance, termination of probation



David Harry Cook MD
Cary NC

12 month probation/must complete CME Medical Records & Prescribing due to patients A&B who were on high dose opiates without appropriate documentation and care in prescribing



Joel Chua Ang MD
Washington DC

Consent Order/Public Letter of Concern

DCMB gave consent order/required CME Re; practice mgmt., ethics, record keeping and $2K fine with monitoring for 2 years based on the allegation that he entered an incorrect diagnosis into a patient’s medical record.

***This sounds like the NCMB chasing after & harassing somebody who neither lives in nor practices in NC.



Gregory Delano  Haynes MD

Lenoir NC
2/21/13 Consent Order 1 year suspension/immediately stayed due to not decreasing dose of medication he was using to treat a patient’s hepatitis C when patient became anemic.  NCMB had an expert witness who felt that he fell below standard of care.  Physician hired an expert witness who felt care was appropriate.

***Again, battle of the expert witnesses—and the NCMB always wins!



Benjamin Gould Cox MD

Menifee CA

2/21/14 Consent Order/Reprimand

Excessively prescribed marijuana in CA, 5 yr license suspension with mandated CME on record keeping, adequate supervising, ethics & family practice, cannot engage in patient care directly or supervise.



Richard Lee Rumley MD
Greenville NC
Consent Order/Reprimand

Numerous expert witnesses used by the NCMB, not in 100% agreement with each other, nurse was either going beyond her training in what she was doing or acting as a scribe, so it was assumed that she was not a scribe but going beyond her duty.  He was sent to FL CARES for a comprehensive assessment that found deficits in his record keeping, pain mgmt. and general medicine practice and made recommendations to remediate these deficiencies but that he had an overall adequate medical knowledge base and cognitive skills.

***This poor guy was the fish in the barrel that the NCMB was shooting at, there is no way he would be found adequate even if he was Albert Sweitzer MD!!



Tmothy Roy Oman MD
Gloucester MA
Consent Order/Reprimand

MAMB found his care of 2 patients below standard and reprimanded him and required additional CME.

***He doesn’t live in or practice in NC so that means that NCMB MUST just jump aboard and harass him too!



Evans, Ricky Lee MD

OB/GYN Burlington NC

3/25/14 Consent Order/Public Letter of Concern

Between 9/2011 11/2011 administered 1,680 mg Kenalog in a series of pudendal nerve blocks for dyspareunia causing Addison’s syndrome, requiring endocrinology intervention for iatrogenic adrenal insufficiency.


T. Hemanth Prabhakar Rao MD

Charlotte NC

3/12/14 Public Letter

Provider paid $2,500,000 to US Govt and entered into a 5-year integrity agreement Re; Medicare regulations with IV Immunoglobulin therapy that was given without your presence in the office as required by Medicare.



James Bennett Holleman Jr MD

Columbus NC

7/7/07 Central line placed for patient after gallstone pancreatitis, 7/8/07 patient died with TPN in pleural space

***No clear evidence of wrongdoing, CXR had documented slight overshoot of line which was retracted 3 cm, sequential blood draws/flushing showed normal function until patient had a known complication of a central line and died.  NCMB playing “Monday AM quarterback” states that another CXR should have been done after line was retracted 3 cm—it wouldn’t have made any difference in the outcome.



Timothy Peter Wenn MD

Salisbury NC

3/31/14 Consent Order/Reprimand

7/2011 saw patient in ED with RLE pain suddenly while walking/worse with extension, had 2+ pulses distally, discharged with a strain of the calf.  2d later returned to ED where another physician diagnosed vascular occlusion requiring amputation, patient had Hx of stent which was not documented and that Dr. Wenn did not acknowledge or act on an US report showing no visible flow in the stented R SFA, his defense was that he overlooked the arterial issue while searching for a venous issue.



Patrick Thomas Malone MD

Consent Order/Public Letter of Concern

Chart reviews showed that 7 patients were inappropriately prescribed benzodiazepines.  Independent review resulted in “concerned that you werenot as attentive as you might have been to the possibility that some of your patients might have been selling the benzo’s you were prescribing to them…”  Notes that you recently completed  a CME class on prescribing controlled substances.

***Seriously?  A PLOC?  It’s great that he proactively took a CME course, but most physicians with a problem like this are out of practice for at least 1-2 years!



Gerald Lee Points II MD
Wilimington NC

Consent Order/Public Letter

MedMal Pmt of 8/22/13 after patient OD 8/20/08 on MS Contin 100 bid & Naprosyn brought him to the ED obtunded/hypoxic/hypotensive/rhabdomyolysis and requiring prolonged rehab

***PLOC is about par for the course for medical malpractice but involving OD on opiates can also often cause loss of practice privileges for years.  I guess Dr. Points got off easy… How does the NCMB decide who to make an example of?


Pembroke NC

Donovan Dave Dixon

4/28/14 Consent Order/Public Letter of Concern

Patients A-E, some of whom in PA, WV, VA getting excessive amounts of pain medications, needs to obtain 10 hours of CME on prescribing & Medical Records within 6 months, and has a Reprimand

4/6/15 Consent Order; License limited & Restricted/Prohibited from prescribing any type of controlled substance, must complete CME Medical Records within 6 months.

2/16/16  Public Letter of Concern regarding to Robeson County Superior Court Judgement against licensee’s corporation due to breach/nonpayment of lease agreement for medical office space.

7/21/16 Voluntary Surrender of License

12/4/18 Revocation of License

2/20/19 Entry of Revocation

***I’m very happy to see that he got an appropriate type of punishment, but what about the folks like him who are kept out of practice for prolonged periods of time?  Their careers have been marked for the rest of their professional lives IF they are practicing.  There is no consistency! 
The above written after initial 4/28/14 action; subsequent events reveal very light discipline, apparently he was given 2 chances to take the CME course, unclear/doubt he ever did so and then surrendered license  Why does it need to be revoked after surrender and why did it take a year and half before it was revoked?




Denny Cook Tate MD

Graham NC

Consent Order 1 yr suspension/immediately stayed after multiple drug-abusing patient overdosed and died while getting opiates from Dr. Tate without office visits.

***Physician is prescribing opiates WITHOUT office visits.  The bipolar patient with multiple addiction issues overdoses and dies.  Death due to negligence usually gets a public letter of concern.  Mis-prescribing of opiates, especially without office visits can result in years of the physician being out of work.  I guess he’s lucky she died or he’d be out of work a lot longer!



Charles Deaton Maddox MD

Arden NC

Consent Order/Reprimand inadequate care of patients A-D regarding the type, frequency, quantity of controlled substances prescribes.  Expert review criticized that patients were being prescribed in excess, limited assessments were done, patients were likely abusing medications and the doctor continued to prescribe.   Physician is reprimanded with restrictions on prescribing and ordered to take CME classes

***THIS is how it SHOULD be done, he’s not taken out of practice indefinitely as has been done multiple times in the past to other practitioners.



Carol Ann Martin MD

Cary NC Psychiatry

Immediate suspension/stayed upon condition of CME completion after review of patients A-D, patient A was being prescribed 8X the total maximum daily dose of Xanax for sleep problem.  Other patients were also getting substandard care with excessive amounts, failed to confirm diagnosis’, failed to coordinate care outside of her specialty and demonstrated lack of pharmacovigilance Re; cognition of abuse.  Within 6 months must complete 10 hours CME on Medical Records & Controlled substance prescribing

***Other providers would be out of work for prolonged periods for these transgressions.




Paul Armando Martinez MD
Apex NC

Public Letter of Concern
2/18/11 failed to diagnose sepsis
àdeath, MedMal payment made 9/28/13



Steven Grover Williamson MD
Hickory NC

Public Letter of Concern

3/29/13 patient fell/trauma by EMS to ED where he has repair of lacerations and is admitted to trauma/Ortho consult.  There was a failure to document adequate neurologic exam in the ED, even though ortho/surgery were consulted, and he went to the OR for spinal decompression—what exactlhy did he do to deserve a public letter—there were no lawsuits!

***This is a great example of a Monday morning quarterback—the patient was seen by the right consultants, I really don’t see what went wrong other than lack of a documented neuro exam by the ED Dr but the patient was seen by the correct consultants etc.  This suggests that enough of a neuro exam was done even if the NCMB didn’t think it was documented.  Should we concentrate on treating and saving patients or pay more attention to documentation?



Stanley John Filip Md

Durham NC

Public letter of concern due to 2 cases of surgical negligence resulting in one death.

***No Medmal payment documented, this is more like the NCMB, it’s OK to kill patients and be negligent, just don’t drink, do drugs, touch a patient in a manner the patient thinks is inappropriate—whether it is or not, or have sex with a patient.



Mark Tuan Le MD
Cornelius NC
Consent Order/Voluntary surrender of license 2’ to fraudulent billing & substandard care.



Daniel Steven Timmerman DO
Enka NC

Consent Order/Public Letter of Concern due to an instance 1/8/13 in which a hemorrhoidectomy patient developed anal stenosis/sphincter incontinence requiring a 2nd surgery by another physician.  NCMB Expert felt care was substandard, Dr. Timmerman had his own Board-Certified surgeon review all aspects of care and found it was within the standard of care.

***No evidence of MedMal case, any possibility of negligence is questionable as it’s very rare for a NCMB “expert” to that appropriate care was given; it becomes a matter of “he said, she said…”



Gordon Bruce Arnold MD
High Point NC
Consent Order Reprimand and restricted license, cannot prescribe II, III, IV, V due to a patient diverting medications he was prescribing which triggered an investigation showing that he had inappropriately prescribed for patients “A-E” per expert review.

***I am doubtful of any expert review by NCMB experts, they always show inadequate care, no further information about “A-E” is available.  This physician cannot prescribe medications with no end-date in sight which seems harsh, no other remedy is listed on the order.



Ashley Royal Davis PA

Smithfield NC

Public Letter of Concern

Patient death due to negligence, no mention of MedMal action.



John David Hamel MD
Nebo/Emergency Medicine

Consent Order/Reprimand

Performing cosmetic surgery and weight control on numerous patients that fell below the standard of care

***He got off lightly, no mandated CME, no time out of work



Grace Gibbes-Evins MD

Non-disciplinary consent order

Shall have a mentor if she performs any inpatient surgery in the future, must have an EMR in the office.

***Vague as to what happened, apparently she was having problems with surgical competence @ Mission Hospital system and was allowed to step down.  I don’t know why the NCMB didn’t also give her a difficult time.




Andrew B McCorison PA

Butner NC

Public Letter of Concern

Patient death due to negligence, with MedMal settlement



Kevin Westray Holcombe MD
Public Letter of Concern

Missed Dx of pneumonia in ED.



Cheryl Tan Navarro-McGuinness DO
Moorehead City

Consent Order

$1,000 fine for improper documentation of notes/physical exam etc when prescribing opiates to “Patient A” another physician

***Unbelievably light punishment, no CME’s mandated, suspension/time out of practice—lucky or shrewd?



Joseph Nathan Holmes MD

Salisbury NC

Consent Order/Reprimand for allowing staff to practice medicine without a license

Consent Order/Suspension 1 year immediately stayed for improper care including $5K fine, 10 hours CME on prescribing controlled substances and on treatment of obesity & future chart review.

***Wow, a reprimand for allowing his staff to practice medicine without a license!!  Who does he know?



Thaddeus Drexel Houston MD

Charlotte Radiologist

Public Letter of Concern

Negligence in reading CT scan that caused ultimate B BKA’s to patient in New York.

***The patient doesn’t have a leg to stand on, but at least the Dr hadn’t been drinking…



Charles Earl Frazier MD


Consent Order/Reprimand

1 reviewer of the NCMB stated he failed to adhere to the standard of care in some of the patients he had prescribed opiates to.  The NCMB had a 2nd expert review who found that Dr. Frazier failed to meet the standard of care.  Must also complete CME’s on records and prescribing.

***Another excellent example of the NCMB using “experts” until they get the results that they want to incriminate somebody!



James Edward Anderson Jr MD
Fort Worth Tx

Consent/Public Letter

MedMal payment due to bowel perforation during an axillary-bi-fem bypass in which the patient died.



Brent Lee Perkins PA

Calabash NC
Public Letter of Concern

Negligence/medmal payment after patient died.

Patient had declined recommended testing.

Supervising physician felt care was adequate

“Expert” from NCMB felt otherwise

Then 5 other patient charts were reviewed, 2 were OK, but in 3 patients with URI’s the reviewer felt that antibiotics were overprescribed.

***Noncompliant patient died, supervising physician found no problems.  What happens to the supervising physician?  Apparently, nothing.  What is the “real” story?



John Edward Ritchie MD
Winston-Salem NC
Public Letter of Concern Re; MedMal Payment for arthroscopy on the wrong knee.



Jeffery Stuart Anderson MD
Moorehead City NC
Consent Order/Reprimand

Physician shall have his supervising physician review every chart for which schedule II medications are prescribed due to deficiencies found in 5 charts by expert witness.



Michael Lawrence Fisher MD

Hickory NC
Consent Order/Reprimand

Had been over-prescribing opiates per an audit of the prescribers database.  He was ordered to take CME and read a book on Responsible Opiate Prescribing



John Shen MD
Albemarle NC
Consent Order Suspension for 30 days with only 7 days active suspension

Physician was in SC when a patient of his presented to the hospital with fetal distress.  Patient was monitored, Dr. Shen communicated for several hours with the L&D nurse before Dr. Shen allowed the patient to be admitted and covering physician called.  By then there were no fetal heart tones/fetal demise.

***A baby died, this should be a Public Letter of Concern by standard NCMB actions!



Brian B. Blackburn MD
Mooresville NC

Consent Order/Public Letter of Concern

Patient A complained of care given, expert commented that there were some deficiencies, 5 additional records were reviewed, in all cases, the expert found that care may have been below the acceptable and prevailing standard and with 3 of the 5 of them it may have been below the prevailing and acceptable standard of care.

***Who’s the expert? Anybody can be a Monday Morning Quarterback, why were 5 below standard and 3 of the 5 below standard??  This sounds suspiciously like another NCMB witch-hunt!



Joseph David King MD
Plano Tx

Consent Order/Public Letter of Concern

8 yo child having dental office anesthesia by the physician died.  A MedMal settlement 4/1/14 was paid, disciplined by TX, reciprocal action by NC.

***Why does NC need to “pile on”?  The case in TX is listed in the National Practitioners Database, he doesn’t need additional discipline in every state he has a license!!



Marvin Lewis MD
Spring Lake NC
Consent Order/Reprimand/restriction of license

Allegations of inadequate care, “expert” review of 4 charts agreed that care was inadequate and that excess controlled substances were prescribed. He can only prescribe Schedule V drugs and can no longer supervise mid-levels.

***Where’s the remedy and duration?  You don’t do this to a physician for the rest of his life, you give remedies such as CME, monitoring and a set time such as “to be re-evaluated upon completion of CME…”  Who was the expert?  4 charts aren’t a very good number to do this to a physician; statistically, a sample size of at least 30 should be needed!  This guy got screwed by the NCMB!



Donald B Reece II MD
Moorehead City NC

Denial of licensure due to lengthy history of problems related to lack of professional competence, overdose death of a patient, repeated prescribing issues and lack of supervision of mid-levels between 1985 & 2009, settlement with DEA of $25K over penalties of $6.2 million, >24 months out of practice at this time.




J David Gilliland MD

Lakewood CO

11/17/14 Consent Order/Public Letter of Concern

In CO missed lucencies/Tumor adjacent to the knee Fx of a 23 yo woman.

***Why does NC need to reprimand this doctor who is already on the National Practitioner Database?


Atlanta GA

Eniola Oluyemisi Otuseso MD
11/4/14 Public Letter of Concern Patient admitted to a hospital 11/30/07 in AB, treated appropriately but a nurse did not follow the written orders properly, hypertonic Na was given to excess amount and rapidity resulting in central pontine myelinolysis resulting in brain damage as a result of the nursing order.  There was a MedMal settlement 4/7/13

***The nurse screwed up and didn’t follow orders.  It happened in AB, it’s on the Practitioners Database.  Why does NC have to add to his suffering?



Godfrey Sama-Nyuvaga Fondinka MD


Consent Order 2’ to inappropriate prescribing of controlled substances for indefinite suspension/immediately stayed, prohibition for prescribing Schedule II/III, complete course on Medical Record Documentation within 6 months.

12/15/15 Relief of CO obligations

1/13/16 VA License restrictions removed

***Mild punishment compared to many other prescribers.


Henry Lepore MD

Sunset Beach NC

12/18/14 Consent Order/Public Letter of Concern 2’ to negligence.  An unknown entity complained to the NCMB about his prescribing practices.  3 pharmacies were contacted; none had any concerns about Dr. Lepore.  4 patient charts were pulled from the prescriber’s database and sent to an independent reviewer who found a problem with one chart.  Later another 4 charts were reviewed, and all were OK

***He probably did nothing wrong; this is how the NCMB does its witch hunts, it MUST find something wrong with a prescriber once it decides to do an investigation.  No mention of who the disgruntled source of the complaint was.



Henry Igdal MD

Myrtle Beach SC (& Hickory NC)

12/17/14 CO to reinstate license, must remain under NCPHP contract

7/8/08 Consent Order Public Letter of Concern for failure to perform digital rectal exam on anemic patient subsequently diagnosed with colon cancer

8/5/13 Substandard care Re; prescribing of controlled substances for patients A-G, ordered for hearing.

9/10/13 Reply Re 8/5/13 per counsel Carruthers & Roth PA Greensboro

10/17/13 Consent Order Indefinite Suspension

12/17/14 Consent Order; Referred to the NCPHP, must remain under NCPHP contract, entered treatment at the Pavilion 2/2013, license reinstated

***The only clue to substance abuse is that he underwent treatment at the Pavilion.  Was his care back to standard?  He spent 14 months out of practice, appears to have had substance abuse issues but this can only be surmised inferentially, otherwise he appears to be a negligent physician returned to practice without further assessment of skill.



Gustavo Adolfo Diaz MD
Huntersville NC

4/30/13 Notice of Charges, Allegations, Hearing; substandard care, prescribing Phentermine to family members

Numerous procedural issues occurred during interim to stall NCMB actions while physician undertook remedial actions not specified by the NCMB.

12/11/14 CO Reprimand for not having ACLS Certification, crash cart, or any hospital privileges while doing plastic surgery, had taken a leave of absence and additional training after initial 4/30/13 charges.

***This guy was doing substandard work per the NCMB, engaged in boundary violations and inappropriate documentation, never lost his license and was let off in the end with only a reprimand.  How did he get off so easily? Mary B Wells of Young, Moore & Henderson PA in Raleigh was his attorney and did a very good job of defending him!


Oxford, NC

Dennis Michael Mahan, MD

Family Physician

12/10/14 Consent Order for Public Letter of Concern regarding patient with minimal pre-natal care starting at 30 week EGA delivered a baby with fetal distress that developed at 8/7/12 @ 1800, OB had been called @ 1923 due to fetal distress and @ 1935 called for C-Section.  The baby was stillborn by C-Sec and resuscitation failed.

***Rural FP still doing OB has a bad outcome, fetal distress recognized and treated appropriately 1800, by 1930 distress had not fully resolved or resumed after initial success (which is more likely, but unclear from the NCMB report).



Sanjiv Sharadchandra Dalvi – MD

Amended Consent Order May reapply for DEA #

12/8/11 Consent Order Surrender of DEA# due to inadequate record keeping on a complex psychiatric & medical patient who overdosed and presented to the ED in an obtunded state.  Physician appropriately monitored urine drug screens, prescriber’s database etc.

***Patients deceive prescribers and addicts overdose, this guy did all that he could to prevent abuse.  This would not be the first time in which the NCMB has used an “outside expert” to give it the result that “it wanted” which appears to be the case.  One of the “reasons” given for poor record-keeping is that he gave a patient an IV antibiotic during an office visit with the reviewer surmising that perhaps a trial of oral antibiotic should have been given.  What competent clinician has not gone a bit “above and beyond” the routine for a patient who was quite ill and probably needed that level of care.  This appears to be “second-guessing” by the reviewer, there’s no evidence on the public record of substandard care. 

Top of Document


Substance Abuse Issues;

Substance Abuse Issues;

*Anybody who goes through the NCMB is remanded to extensive time out of work-years; those who enter the NCPHP anonymously without NCMB knowledge can return to work in weeks to months. NCMB attorneys engage in punitive actions, disregarding rehabilitative recommendations of NCPHP as noted in transcript of 7/30/13 meeting with Logan Graddy MD NCPHP Psychiatrist.  The NCMB reports routinely refer to “Alcohol Dependence”.  There is never a mention of alcohol abuse which epidemiologically is much more likely; dependence means that withdrawal symptoms will occur if it’s stopped, abuse means they may have used it inappropriately or at the wrong time, possibly only once!


Richmond VA

Mathew Steven Torre DO

2/9/15 Consent Order; Relief of Restrictions/Reinstatement of license

Resident with substance abuse issues completed NCPHP mandated inpatient substance abuse treatment and had license reinstated

***This is how it should work for everybody!


Jamestown NY, Issue occurred in Washington NC

Thomas John Andrews MD

12/22/14 Consent Order Reprimand, Probation & referral to NCPHP due to prescribing opioids to spouse and abusing them requiring hospitalization for 2d 2’ to OD? Had hx of EtOH abuse

State of New York shows no history of disciplinary actions                   

***Hx of EtOH abuse, essentially self-prescribes & OD’s on opioids requires 2d in medical hospital and his ability to practice shows no evidence of being interrupted?  No mandatory substance abuse treatment, New York shows no actions against the physician.  Who did he know and what did this cost?   VERY light disciplinary action!


Lumberton NC

John Frederick Penrose MD

1/14/15 Consent Order 6 month suspension stayed, returned to practice

7/7/14 NPA dissolved

7/4/14 Completed Residential Treatment

12/17/13 Signed NPA

6/4/13 DUI in Palmyra MO BAC 0.178

***Out of state DUI, no patient harm or risk, 7 months residential treatment seems excessive, but after treatment his NPA is dissolved within 3 days?  How much did that cost and who does he know?  Others are out of work for years after treatment!


Highlands NC

Richard Ford Carter MD

12/14/15 Summary Suspension of license due to EtOH abuse after being reported to NCMB by Highlands/Cashier’s Hospital

3/18/16 Consent Order; license made inactive due to allegations of inability to practice 2’ to alcohol abuse and noncompliance with NCPHP contract after going to treatment @ The Pavilion.

6/12/18 Summary Suspension of GA License due to not notifying GA of inactivated NC License



Wilson, NC

Dolphin Henry Overton III MD

4/2010; Non-Disciplinary Consent Order

Alcohol and other mental health issues had voluntarily inactivated license, Board stated it must remain inactive.

9/2011; Consent Order for Temporary License and mandated to NCPHP after inpatient treatment for substance abuse and under contract to NCPHP. 

1/2012; Full license restored

***Out of work for a year and a half


Sneedsville TN

David Lucius Shumway MD

2000; Voluntarily surrenders license due to arrival at work in ED intoxicated

leaving NC and moving to TN where he continued to work full-time

8/28/00 Surrenders NC license and goes to work in TN full-time, entered into TN PHP contract

2005 Completed TN PHP Contract

2/28/2008; DUI Charge/dismissed

4/2008; 28d inpatient substance abuse treatment in NC

7/2008 Applied for NC reinstatement; denied by NCMB

7/-10/2008 Entered 3 month treatment program, entering into new TN PHP contract 10/2008 Enters TN PHP Contract

12/2008 Entered contract with NCPHP

3/2009 NCMB denies reinstatement request

3/2009; Reckless Driving conviction

1/2011 NCMB Informal interview; Must notify NCMB if he gets a Buprenorphine license.

2/2011 Consent Order/Temporary License. 

1/19/12; Full relief of prior consent orders


Raleigh NC

Jeffrey Brennon Childrers MD

4/2007; Arrested/Charged with impaired driving

5/2008; Arrested/Charged with impaired driving

12/2009 Public Letter of Concern due to driving issues, had NCPHP contract prior to arrests above

1/2012; Consent Order; admitted to EtOH abuse on 2007, 2008

10/2010; DUI 0.20 Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC), referred by NCPHP for comprehensive assessment

3-5/2011; Inpatient EtOH treatment, with continued therapy

1/12/2012; Consent Order for indefinite suspension of license

***Shows the progression in punitive discipline progression over time, but this may also be in part due to his multiple-relapses, did not have re-entry plan.


Asheville NC


Simms Hunter Rentz Jr MD

6/2007 DUI Arrest

7/2011 DUI Arrest

1/10/2012 Consent Order for indefinite suspension/immediately stayed after self-reporting to the NCMB and to NCPHP after seeking residential treatment before being ordered to do so

***How does the NCMB miss the 2007 DUI, or did they just not care back then.  In 2012 there’s a rare instance of non-punitive NCMB action with appropriate use of the NCPHP. His NCMB documents on the website are undated and unsigned; are they legal?  Light discipline.


Winston-Salem NC

John Charles Gerancher III MD

9/2011 Arrested in SC for Indecent Exposure 9/26/11 and 9/27/11

2/16/12 Consent order; indefinite license suspension, given NCPHP referral, went through inpatient treatment, pleaded guilty to charges

2/2013 Consent Order; temporary license, 5 year NCPHP contract

7/2013; Renewal Temp License


Choctaw MS

Michael Lee Maynor MD

10/2011 Arrived at work intoxicated in KY

10/2011 KYMB Suspended license

10/2011; SCMB Suspended license

10/2011; COMD Entered pt. into interim cessation of practice agreement

2/15/2012; Surrendered NC License

6/2012; Indefinite suspension of license by NCMB

***KY/SC/CO all suspended his license immediately, 4 months later he surrenders his NC license, 4 months afterwards NC gives an indefinite suspension?   What about the other states?  Why does a license need to be suspended after its surrendered other than to get the licensee into the National Practitioners Database and causing difficulties for the remainder of their career?  This is about kicking somebody when they’re down while they are trying to do the right thing!



Chapel Hill

Thomas Howard Jones MD

12/2011; NCMB received complaint that he was having cognitive changes

1/2012; License surrendered 2’ to substance abuse, prior NCPHP participant, sent back to NCPHP, entered residential treatment program

3/27/2012; Consent Order for Indefinite Suspension


Rockwell NC
Joseph Andrew Oliver III MD

10/2007 Voluntarily Surrendered License, alcohol (EtOH) dependence per NCPHP, under contract with NCPHP, no mention of inpt. treatment

9/4/2009; Applies for reinstatement, NCPHP advocates for him

9/2010; NCMB recommends Clinical Skills Assessment, given re-entry plan

12/2010 Assessment done

8/2011; Re-entry plan

10/2011 Education plan developed/re-entry plan given

12/2011 Consent Order; allowed to resume practice with Temp license

3/8/2012 Renewal

1/17/2013 Renewal

***Out of work from 10/2007 until 12/2011, Did NCPHP recommend skills assessment in 9/2010?  Not allowed to practice for >4 years!  He’s basically ignored for a prolonged period of time by the NCMB.  This is cruel and unacceptable!


Charlotte NC


Joel Wesley Thompson PA-C

6/1987 Charged with DUI which he failed to disclose on his application; ”response incorrect on application” He also had 3 prior arrests for DUI.

2/14/2011 Has a hit and Run MVA, License Tag “Dr Wes” charge was dismissed, no damage to vehicles.

6/2011 Ordered to NCPHP for evaluation, under NCPHP Contract, NCPHP endorses his return to practice

4/20/12 Reprimanded, 2 year probation

***Inadequate records on NCMB regarding alleged DUI’s; did they really happen?  NCMB site states that his practice of medicine was not affected by these incidents.

June 1987 DWI charge that was dropped that was prior to my PA licensure and I did not know I was to report it. – I think an honest mistake.

Additional DWI – not reported. Yes a mistake.

2005 DWI reported. Monitored for 1 year by PHP and forced to attend 12 Step Religious Services for 1 year.

February 2011. Accused of H&R which was later dismissed and expunged – evidence indicated my car was never damaged and another car was involved

May 2011, Letter received indicating an investigation was opened regarding me because I had not reported the H&R when I renewed my license March 2011. (Attorney told me it was being expunged and not required to report)

May 2011. An investigator came to interview me. He told me I was a liar and he had evidence. He stated he interviewed the policemen who arrested me and examined my car for damage (Neither was true. No officer arrested me and my car was never examined by an officer).

Attorney retained and he took the investigator’s side and sided with PHP

NCPHP interviewed me. I was scared and I was afraid to admit I drank because I was afraid of the monitoring I had already experienced and I was more afraid of the rehab stories I heard at the 12 Step Religious services. This was a mistake, but I was afraid. As you know I have a disabled partner.

The interview went well and then I had a urine test which I never heard the result. I was requested to submit letters of support which I did. All letters supported that there had never been an issue with alcohol by anyone personally or professionally. Then I had a nail test which I heard showed alcohol use and I was labeled a liar and told I had to go for an assessment.

November 2011. Talbot 96 hour assessment. The assessment continued to call me a liar and use guilt trip shame therapy techniques. Interviews with family and friends failed to yield any evidence of alcohol problems. I was labeled as possible alcohol abuse. The doctor assessing me retired the next month FYI.

November 2011 NCPHP demanded that I go for a second assessment.

December 5, 2011. I went to Shands Vista in Florida where I was told in no uncertain terms that if PHP had sent me for an assessment, I would be forced to go and it did not matter the findings. I mentioned financial ruin to them and my need to take care of Trey. I was turned over to a lawyer there at Shands who instructed me to file bankruptcy and let the government worry about my debt. I was also told if I wanted insurance to pay for the rehab, I had to say I was drinking X amount. I was prompted what to say. I said what I had to say. The assessment of course listed alcohol dependence. FYI all family and professional interviews including the psychotherapist I was seeing for grief counseling did not identify any alcohol problems.

December 27, 2011. I chose to go to Ridgeview as it was the closest to Charlotte in case Trey, my partner got sick and I needed to return home quickly. I did my time, played the game and for the second 6 weeks, I worked in the detox unit as a counselor/peer advocate. I received no intervention during this time except for a 3 – 4 minute meeting with the psychiatrist every several days

March 16, 2012. I was released and forced to meet weekly with a group therapy and to attend 4 hours minimum of the 12 Step Religious services weekly.

April 23, 2012. I returned to work full time.

October 2013. The mandatory daily login to see if I was randomly selected twice monthly for urine tests was discontinued. The monthly random urine test by the PHP monitor continues. And I am required to continue the forced attendance in the 12 Step Religious Services



Asheboro NC


Mark Howard Scheutzow MD1997 Consent Order?

Before 2000 had Substance abuse issues, goes through treatment

11/2003 Consent Order; Inactive status due to relocation to NY

12/17/08-3/28/09 inpatient treatment in VA and entered NCPHP contract with advocacy for him to be re-licensed

2009 DUI

Did not practice from 2003-2012

9/20/2012 Re-entry agreement

4/2013 Completion of re-entry agreement

***Out of work for three and a half years!!!


Cary NC
Himanshu Pravinchandra Parikh MD

6/2010 Referred to NCPHP after stealing medications from patients when he mandated that patients bring all medications to each appt for pill counts, he used water for his urine screen with NCPHP which he denied, hair screen showed Oxycodone which he didn’t have Rx for

7/2010-9/30/2011 Suspended

7/23/10 Surrenders license

Health Care Connections Assessment

1/4/11 Applied for licensure/denied

8/19/11 Board Hearing, had been in NCPHP since 6/2010, had their advocacy

10/1/2011 Returned to practice

5/1/2012 Amended consent order

11/2012 Full license reinstated with partial consent order

12/2012 amended consent order

6/13/13 2nd amended consent order

***Stealing and abusing controlled substances from patients and is out of work for 16 months! This happened after meeting with the Board, not their attorneys!


Jacksonville NC
Michael Shutak II PA-C

6/22/12 Reprimand given for failure to F/U with the NCPHP

***Where’s the suspension?


Apex NC

Bryan Dorsey Smith MD

2009 ordered to NCPHP and given indefinite suspension for substance abuse issues.

5/19/10 Public Letter of Concern/denied license due to reciprocal actions in ME due to concerns over application for licensure error in how long it took him to pass his exams

11/20/09 Determines that he abused EtOH, voluntarily/anonymously self-refers to NCPHP and is in treatment from 11/30/09

1/8/10 Voluntarily surrenders license and is ordered suspended.

1/26/2011 Consent Order/temporary license

3/2011 takes cold medication containing dextromethorphan

6/2011 Relapsed, requested that his license be inactivated

9/2011 new Consent Order Indefinite suspension

6/20/2012 Consent Order/temporary license/re-entry agreement

1/2013 Temporary license renewal

3/2013 Full license restored.

***Multiple relapse, first referral is out of work for a year, but is only out of work for 9 months the second time he gets sober


Hickory NC

Clinton Toms Andrews Guarino MD

11/20/06 Dirty urine, admitted to Oxycodone, Hydrocodone, Tramadol called in by his former PA

12/10/2005 DUI

1/19/06 Consent Order Indefinite suspension (may be the one listed below, website unclear)

5/1/06 Consent Order for indefinite suspension

10/2006 Ordered to NCPHP and inpatient treatment, may not serve as a supervising physician, but may serve as a backup-supervising physician, must keep NCPHP contract

12/4/06 failed another drug urine screen

12/7/06 admitted to using before his urine drug screen

12/7/06 voluntary surrender of license

6/18/07 Consent order indefinite suspension

12/27/10 surrenders medical license

3/2007 Charged with lying on application about history of drug abuse

6/18/2007 Consent Order; Indefinitely suspended on

6/2009 Public Letter of Concern inadequate supervision of mid-levels that occurred in 2005

2/2011 Consent order for re-entry

5/2011 Temporary License

10/2011 Renewal

1/2012 Amend consent order

5/2012 Renewal of temporary license

6/19/2012 Amend consent order

5/2013 Temporary license


Martinsville VA
Jason Todd Vigue MD

10/26/11 VAMB ordered a reprimand/conditions on license 2’ to substance abuse

6/7/2012 Consent Order; reprimanded due to substance abuse, currently working in VA, at least will need NCPHP contract after meeting with the NCMB

***Most other Dr’s have gotten suspensions for this


Charlotte NC

William Parshall Huntington MD

4/26/12 DUI arrest with MVA causing significant property damage and multiple injuries BAC 0.285, under NCPHP contract will be suspended if any future violations occur (non-resident would have been suspended)

7/26/12 Consent Order/Reprimand

***Anybody else would have been out of work for several years, BAC 3-4 times legal limit, MVA/damages and MULTIPLE INJURIES, and does not miss a day of work!!!!  Who did he pay off? Somebody needs an audit.


High Point NC
Ashley Nowlan VanStory PA-C

7/21/09 Voluntary surrender of license due to admission of substance abuse issues, referred to NCPHP

1/2010 Consent Order; Indefinite License Suspension

12/2010 Consent Order; After completion of inpatient treatment, full compliance, may work <41 hrs/wk, given temporary license

7/26/2012 Voluntary surrender of license after dental procedure, given Norco which NCPHP allowed for 3 days, she continued taking the medication, admitting to NCPHP that she did not require it for analgesia

11/2012 Indefinite suspension of license

***Out of work for 17 months, then relapses after dental work and is still out of work?  What does the NCPHP recommend for her?


West End N
Sarah Wistran Young MD
10/2009 took Oxycodone from three patients in the hospital

4/2010 placed license on inactive, self-referred to rehab until 7/2010

2/2011 Indefinite license suspension

12/2011 Limited to <43 hours/week, NCPHP contract

7/20/2012 Temporary license renewal

9/2012 Amended Consent Order

1/2013 Full unrestricted license

2/2013 Relief of all consent orders

***Stealing medicines from patients IN THE HOSPITAL and is out of work 16 months!


Lumberton NC
Gabrielle Logan Neal PA-C

11/2011 wrote Rx for Vicoprofen for coworker who filled Rx

12/2011 Entered into NCPHP contract

1/2012 Surrendered license

7/2012 Consent Order

7/19/12 Indefinite license suspension

8/2013 Temporary license

CME on record keeping, prescribing.

7/13/12 Reprimand

***18 months out of work; what did the NCPHP recommend??  None of this involved the Board Members, only involved the Legal Department!


Bonita Springs FL
William Conrad Doebler MD

4/2010 DUI while vacationing in MN, failed to report to NYMB/NCMB

Entered Consent order with NYMB, Censored/Reprimand/given 5 yr probation

7/19/12 NC Reprimand/Probation to match NYMB probation/$5K fine

***DUI which he fails to report to the NCMB, does not miss a single day of work!


Winston-Salem N
Tom Orli MD

7/5/12 Took patient’s oxycodone for personal use after several home visits the patient reported missing medications

7/6/2012 Voluntary surrender of license, entered into contract with NCPHP and treatment

10/17/2012 Consent Order for indefinite suspension remained in NCPHP

9/19/13 Met with Board

9/27/2013 Consent Order allowing him to return to work, mandating compliance with NCPHP and given temporary license

***Steals and abuses medicine from patient and is out of work 14 months!


Goldsboro NC
Hany Aziz Kaoud MD

2006 cautioned to stop prescribing for colleagues and himself without documentation

11/2010 to 2/2012 wrote himself Rx’s for Ultram and Ambien, wrote meds for his relatives, diverted medications to himself

3/2012 Entered contract with NCPHP and went to 3 months of inpatient treatment

4/2012 NCMB received reports of diversion of controlled substances

6/2012 completed 90d inpt treatment for addiction

8/27/12 Indefinite suspension.

12/2012 Amended consent order and temporary license through 5/2013, must keep NCPHP contract etc.

*** Punished after voluntarily completing treatment for addiction, out of work for 7 months including 3 months in treatment, then allowed back to work.  Why keep him out of work when he sought and completed voluntary treatment?


Clayton MO
Martin William Schoen MD

4/10/2009 Voluntarily surrenders license; neither admits nor denies allegations that he obtained 2 prescriptions Flonase and Actiq lollipops by forging another physician’s signature and having them filled by somebody other than himself

4/21/2009 He attempted to get finasteride and Fentanyl by forging another physician’s signature and having it filled in the name of a person other than himself

4/24/2009 Surrendered license; had been chemically dependent on drugs

4/24/09 Consent Order for indefinite suspension not signed until 10/20/10

7/22/2009 completion of inpatient addiction treatment, entered NCPHP contract

10/2010 Consent Order for indefinite suspension signed

7/19/12; discussed application for re-instatement

8/21/12 Consent Order restoration of license and must complete a re-entry plan in an approved residency, shall not prescribe to himself

***4/24/2009 surrenders license but his consent order for indefinite suspension is not signed until 6 months later, meanwhile he enters and completes 3 months of inpatient treatment and NCPHP contract, does not work again until 8/21/12, is out of work for three and a half years!!


Raleigh NC
Gene Robert Botwright Jr. MD

8/1995 Surrendered license, license was restored

1/1996 Temporary license, then full license

3/2006 Tested (+) for Phenobarbital with NCPHP and had also had a DUI 2/2006

6/9/06 Voluntary Surrender of License

9/2006 Consent Order indefinite suspension

8/2012 Consent Order for re-entry

8/2013 Completion of re-entry

9/2013 Full unrestricted license.

***Harsh Out of work for SIX years, what does the NCPHP say about these prolonged absences?


Greensboro NC
Long, Scott David PA-C

2007-2010 Diversion of controlled substances to self by writing for them as being prescribed for other people, he then filled the prescriptions at the pharmacy

1/2011 Voluntarily surrenders license.  Underwent treatment for addiction

5/2011 Indefinite License suspension.

8/2012 Granted temporary license while under contract with NCPHP.

5/2013 Partial relief of restrictions.

***18 months out of work, what does the NCPHP recommend?


Pinehurst NC
Paula Clark Adkins MD

2004 Obtained controlled substances under false pretense, surrendered license after arrest.

2006 NCPHP tested (+) opiates at work

2010 after Consent/re-entry in full compliance

4/2012 Relapse, ordered to never apply for NC license again

***Harsh! Ordered to NEVER APPLY AGAIN?  What does NCPHP recommend?  She was an addict, was able to get clean, then relapsed once.  Where is the logic?


Wilmington NC

Jan Maree Pixton PA-C

2/2008 Consent Order NCPHP order, involuntarily committed after suicide attempt/overdose, entered into inpatient treatment and surrendered license

2/2008 Indefinite suspension of license

6/2010 Temporary License granted

10/2012 No mentor needed

3/2013 Continues with temporary license

***2/2008 Suicidal/OD attempt, 6/2010 Temporary License, what did NCPHP recommend? 2.3 years out of work seems excessive.



Spruce Pine NC
Douglas Allen Shields MD

5/28/2010 Relapse reckless driving/DUI/open container arrest

6/2010 Inactivates license

9/72010 Consent Order indefinite suspension

4/8/2012 Consent Order; temporary license, comply with NCPHP

9/20/2013 Full license granted

***Out of work for ~2 years



Christopher Morrow Justis MD

1/2008 DUI arrest, self-referred to NCPHP as an anonymous self-referral

4/9/2008 NCMB Consent Order; PROBATION with terms/conditions to continue with NCPHP

6/2011 Relief of Consent Order Obligations

6/5/2012 DUI, Relapse, voluntary surrender of license

9/20/12 Consent Order Indefinite Suspension

***2008 DUI, not suspended, gets probation, 4 years later it’s automatic suspension


Danbury NC

Michael Warren Kilby MD

1/2011 Surrendered license after arrest for communicating threats, possession of drug paraphernalia and carrying a concealed weapon, also had a prior DUI

3/14/11 Voluntarily enters addiction treatment program

9/8/11 DUI/MVI arrest relapse

10/26/11 DUI arrest, driver’s license revoked

9/6/12 Indefinite suspension


Lake Waccamaw NC
Steven Joseph Kinnally PA-C

2004 St. Louis MO, practicing without a license for prescribing Demerol without maintaining a medical record or doing a physical exam, paid $700 fine and was suspended at the hospital he worked at in Duluth MN

2005 convicted of practicing medicine without a license

11/2006 Receives temporary license in NC

5/2007 Unrestricted NC license, terminate original consent order

9/2012 Appeared to be impaired at work short-term memory deficits, presented to the NCPHP, describing self as an alcoholic while taking opiates for chronic knee pain, NCPHP sent him for residential treatment for dependence which he failed to do

9/5/12 Indefinite suspension of license

***What has happened in the last year?


Wilmington NC

Paul Simpson Chipley MD

3/6/2012 arrested and charged DUI/MVA/Property Damage after using sleeping medication with alcohol, was late for surgery the next morning when he hit a parked vehicle with EtOH on breath, BAC 0.08 that morning on his way to the OR where he was late for surgery.

9/4/12 Pubic Letter of Concern

*** Very light No NCPHP eval, no consequences, legally intoxicated on the way to the OR and NO PUNISHMENT???  Somebody needs an audit!  Who was paid off? Who let this guy perform surgery while he was intoxicated? Which NCMB atty made a big deposit into his bank account?


Durham NC
Adam C. Coleman PA-C

2007 Licensed

4/12/12 NCMB informed that he had been terminated from employment @ Duke

Provider was terminated from employment for fraudulently obtaining controlled substances from 10/2009-3/2012, forgery and filling Rx’s for controlled medications for self, wife and in the names of family members. 

4/16/2012 Voluntary surrender of license

10/19/2012 Consent Order Indefinite suspension of license

***No mention of NCPHP


Jacksonville NC

John McMillan Morykon PA-C

3/2012 Intoxication/arrest in Wilmington

2006 Resisting arrest

7/2011 Public intoxication

12/2011 applies for NC license referred to NCPHP evaluation due to public

3/2012 NCPHP evaluation, denied marijuana but urine test contradicted his denial, lied on his application for licensure in NC

8/5/12 Consent Order/Public Letter of Concern

1/2013 Amended Consent Order

*** Very light discipline


Spruce Pine NC

Jerry David Cade MD

Licensed 1975

2005 DUI, monitored by NCPHP since then

7/2012 (+) Benzo metabolites in violation of NCPHP contract and admitted to having using EtOH

7/26/2012 signed NPA

8/3/12 Inactive license

12/12/12 Indefinitely suspended


Raleigh NC
Aaron Albert Munching PA-C

7/2001 Drug diversion/self-prescribing/forging Rx’s

8/2001 Voluntary surrender of license

4/2003 Consent Order for indefinite suspension

3/2005 Consent Order for Temporary License

5/2007 full unrestricted license

6/2007 Termination of Consent order

3/2008 Public Letter of Concern due to not notifying NCMB of change of supervisor

6/2011 MVA, struck in face by airbag, started with seizures and cognitive dysfunction, MVA may have exacerbated prior TBI while in US Army in 1982, currently traumatic glaucoma, brachial plexus injury, empty sella syndrome and seizure disorder which caused excessive pain and depression with ADHD.  There was concern about his ability to practice, so he went to the NCPHP 6/2011, told them of the need for pain meds and stimulants, had an evaluation done concluding iatrogenic, received treatment in a FL treatment center

2/2012 cleared for practice

10/17/2012 Relapsed and drank 4 beers and had a Vicodin on family vacation, had cognitive dysfunction, short-term memory deficits, getting lost while driving, difficulty focusing and completing tasks.  NCPHP had to break his anonymity and withdraw advocacy.

1/30/2013 Consent Order Indefinite suspension of license

***This guy serves our country, is injured in war, exacerbation 6/11 MVA aggravating his TBI, cleared to practice 2/2012, relapses 10/2012 and may never be heard from again if the NCMB’s legal dept’s prior actions is any indication of his future!  We need to serve and protect HIM!


Smithfield NC

Michael Allen Evans MD

6/2012 Consent Order

2/2005 arrested, misdemeanor possession of paraphernalia and two counts of schedule IV, a felony

2/2005 on recommendation of NCPHP entered inpatient treatment

2/2006 all former charges were dropped/dismissed

2/2011 hand fracture/surgery/pain meds lapsed.  Identified self as a fictitious patient to a pharmacist in an attempt to gain Schedule II Endocet, police were called

7/9/11 Entered inpatient treatment

10/5/11 Arrested

11/8/11 Inactivated NC License

12/22/11 Plea of guilty to reduced misdemeanor charge

6/2012 Indefinitely suspended

1/30/13 Consent Order Temporary license

7/18/13 Renewal

8/2013 Amended consent order, relief of restrictions

***Out of work from 11/2011 to 1/2013 because he broke his hand; Suboxone would have been a PERFECT drug for him, it would have kept him working, off of pain medications (it’s a good pain reliever and fights opiate cravings), almost 2 years out of work from a hand fracture!


Jonesboro AR

Linda Harris Gilliam MD

8/2010 ARMB issues emergency suspension due to excessive narcotic/hydrocodone improperly prescribed to patients

9/28/10 NC inactivates license

10/2010 ARMB revokes license after investigation of above
5/2011 Consent Order; indefinite suspension NC

2/13/12 had violated order from 2010 by failing to participate in a substance-monitoring program and provide quarterly reports

1/2013 Public letter of concern Re; Public Letter of Concern given in AR

***Public Letter of Concern in AR where the problem occurred, and NCMB indefinitely suspends her?


Durham NC
Nicholas Thomas Befera MD

3/2012 while a resident in training; is denied reinstatement due to two prior alcohol related arrests in 2003 and 2005.  He had just left an inpatient detox and rehab facility in 2012.

1/28/2013; Consent order granting license while his NCPHP contract is in effect.

***Resident in addiction treatment is denied license, then 10 months later license restored for the Resident, why do trainees get such rapid restoration of license where practicing physicians must wait for years?


Morehead City NC
Philip Scott Rice MD

Had difficulties while working in the US Air Force, held a Vermont license. VTMB suspended his license in 2000.

7/17/01 entered agreement with Virginia Medical Board; prior to 4/19/00 he disclosed to the VA MB that he had been prosecuted for drug offenses while serving in the USAF, incarcerated in Ft. Leavenworth KS for the drug offense in the USAF with History of substance abuse, dependency, psychological impairments.  

Entered into NCPHP contract and finished 90 day inpatient alcohol treatment in FL then…

6/2010 DUI, which was dismissed, but he did not report the DUI on his license renewal as required

12/2012 (+) for Restoril on drug screen

12/17/2012 Signed Non-Practice Agreement (NPA)

1/2/13 Meeting with NCPHP admitted to 10/2012 relapse, then assessed @ Shands FL

1/14/2013 Surrendered license

8/2013 Consent Order Suspended Indefinitely attesting to all of the above


Goldsboro NC
Michael Shane MD

1/6/2013 arrested for DUI, Hit and run, failure to stop with property damage and assault on a female, while on-call for hospital and called in for emergency as a pediatrician to assist in a complicated delivery, hospital staff smelled alcohol on his breath, BAC 0.15

1/9/13 Voluntarily surrenders license and completed inpatient treatment and NCPHP contact

4/17/13 In court admitted/pled guilty in court, demonstrated remorse, apologized in open court

5/2013 Consent Order for indefinite suspension


Asheville NC
Fernando Alberto Sanchez-Brugal MD

9/14/2012 DUI conviction and $100 fine

2/25/13 Voluntary Surrender of License


Charlottesville VA
Stephen Douglas Scotti MD

2/21/13 Consent Order Indefinite Suspension/immediately stayed in all respects

Radiologist specializing in thoraco-abdominal imaging who had been a resident under NCPHP control, received full licenses 3/10/2009 entering into

3/10/09 Consent Order to remain under NCPHP contract

2/24/12 Relapse; abusing LSD and involved in a MVA, charged with DUI

3/5/12 Signed NPA

3-6/2012 Successful completion of inpatient treatment

6/2/12 Safe to return to work

6/2012 Resumed practice in VA, currently under VAPHP contract

6/4/13 Voluntarily placed NC license in inactive status while working in VA

***VA had him out of work 3/5/12 to 5/2/12, he was under his VAPHP contract and returned to work immediately after completing his inpatient treatment for addiction, apparently, he had learned enough about recovery 2009 when he had treatment that the treatment Ctr and VAPHP didn’t feel that he needed longer treatment.  NCMB keeps licensees out of work for YEARS not WEEKS as VAMD did!  In VA he went right back to work but NCMB suspended him indefinitely 2/21/13.


Chicago IL
James Anthony Caruso PA-C

Licensed in 2004

5/7/10 DUI

6/27/10 DUI Failed to report DUI’s

10/23/12 Parked in a handicapped space without a privilege and consuming alcohol

3/16/13 Consent Order for Reprimand and $1,000 fine

***Exceedingly Light, no NCPHP, treatment etc.


Huntington WV
Liza Antonette Aceo-Frederick MD

4/11/11 Dishonest answer on application for licensure Re; history of substance abuse issues.  While in WV, answering “No” on licensure application is acceptable if under WVPHP contract, she should have answered “yes” due to this issue that happened in WV while she had a NC license, NC gave reciprocal action.

4/11/11 date of WVMB Consent Order limiting her to 20 hours/week, attend 3 meetings of Narcotic anonymous each week, maintain a strong relationship with her sponsor and maintain contract with WVPHP and annually appear before the WVPHP meeting in March, may not prescribe psychostimulants for weight loss and must continue to ingest naltrexone until at least 10/1/11.  Prior to elective surgery, will have a discussion with her psychiatrist and workplace monitor and will work on tobacco cessation

9/11/11 NC Consent Order for 3 yr suspension concurrent with WV conditions

4/26/13 NC amended consent order license reinstated with conditions; must provide NCMB 60 day notice if she wishes to practice in NC and must maintain NCPHP contract.


Raleigh NC
Margaret Bridgid Rosier MD

2009 EtOH incident lead to “privately cautioned by the NCMB” and referred to NCPHP.

12/11/12 DUI arrest in Orange County after a minor rear-end collision

4/26/13 Public Letter of Concern

***Extremely lenient; who was paid off for this one?? Why was she not suspended for a few years?  Should have at least had a reprimand1!


Bristol TN
Bendik Larson Clark MD

7/2/2008 Consent Order with TN Medical Board (TNMB) regarding substance abuse

11/18/08 Order of Compliance, TNMB lifted restrictions on license and gave 5 year probation

2008 VAMB Reciprocal suspension

1/2011 VAMB reinstated

10/2012 NC licensure application; attended NCMB interview on

3/20/13 Conclusion of Law, while abusing substance, is unable to practice medicine

4/23/13 Full license with 5 year NCPHP contract and usual restrictions, shall not have possession of EtOH or psychotropic drugs


New Bern NC

Vincent Paul Wilson MD
2012 Surrenders license due to EtOH dependence, had been in FL PRN for 5 years and did well

7/20/12 signed 6-month monitoring contract with NCPHP

9/2012 NCMB mailed letter to provider advising him to abide by his NCPHP contract

10/2012 Abused Ambien, family members became concerned, he admitted to NCPHP use of a schedule IV substance that he had not previously notified NCPHP that he was taking

4/2013 Consent Order Indefinite Suspension for violation of NCPHP contract


New Bern NC
Gary Thomas Whitlock III MD

1/2007 Voluntarily surrenders license

10/2007 Consent Order Temporary License 2’ to EtOH/substance abuse, mandated to NCPHP

3/18/10 Full license
4/3/13 Consent Order of relief of obligations


Mooresville NC
Eric David Kirsch PA-C

2009 NCPHP contract

4/2013 NCPHP recommended evaluation at a professional assessment center, this was done 4/2013 and treatment was recommended but not undertaken

5/13/13 Voluntarily Surrenders license

8/2013 Consent Order Indefinite Suspension


Winterville NC

Michael Patrick Coyle MD

Licensed in 1995

10/27/11 Employer concerned about possible impairment; when confronted refused drug/alcohol testing and placed on medical leave

11/2011 NCPHP recommended

12/2011 Evaluation at Florida Recovery Center and entered into treatment

1/12/2012 NPA

5/13/13 Consent Order NPA dissolved, may return to practice, Suspended for 1 full year with immediate stay of the suspension, probation for two full calendar years

***Why is he out of work for so long after finishing treatment?


Goldsboro NC

Kenneth James Tompkins MD

1999 Impaired driving

1/19/00 During treatment of patients “B”, “C”, “D” who were employees, prescribed Phentermine without having done a comprehensive history, exam, EKG, recording a diet and exercise program, vital signs, prescribed the drug for >90 days without recording a weight loss of >12 lbs

Patient “E” was given Viagra Rx without documentation of Rx’s

Patient “F”, “G” & “H” were given Ambien without documentation of Rx’s

8/2006 Informal conference with VAMB Re; possible violation of certain laws, prescribed Ambien to an individual with whom he did not have a doctor-patient relationship

9/6/07 Consent Order/Reprimand from NCMB

5/2007 NCMB learns of 1999 impaired driving, recommend assessment with NCPHP, from there to Farley Center for treatment after testing (+) for Ecstasy and Cocaine.

10/2007 Surrenders NC License

2/11/2008 Consent Order; License is suspended indefinitely

7/21/2009 Consent Order; Informal interview with Board, gets temporary license for 4 months with mandated NCPHP contract.

5/2010 Unrestricted license

6/2010 Relief from original consent order

9/4/2010 DUI

9/10/10 Self-reports to NCMB, agrees to NPA until NCPHP clears him to return to practice

1/2011 Consent Order for indefinite suspension, immediately stayed, remanded back to NCPHP

5//13/2013 Public Letter of Concern “NCMB has completed it’s investigation of the VAPHP contract which said he was only allowed to work in 1 NC and 2 VA locations which you violated, NCMB admonishes and encourages you to ensure you are always in compliance with all terms of your contracts.

***2009 out of work ~16 months despite treatment/NCPHP contract, 2010 back to work, then DUI, back to NCPHP who clears him to re-enter practice, then he’s given an indefinite suspension, yet it’s immediately stayed? Stayed means go back to work!  What does this say in the National Practitioner’s Database?  This is very arbitrary and confusing How much did this cost and who did he pay off?  Escalating discipline after relapse makes much more sense than lessening discipline!



Huntersville NC
Richard Francis Eanni MD

NCCSRS Report alerts NCMB of problem due to controlled substance prescribing pattern.  Seven patient records reviewed, 2 had inadequate and inconsistent documentation for diagnosis, other five records were OK. NCCSRS profile showed that from 4/2011-10/2012 he had prescribed 6 controlled substances for self

6/10/13 Consent for Public letter of Concern

***Very light discipline, no treatment, NCPHP contract etc. Why was this guy not kept out of work for a couple of years after self-prescribing and allowing him to abuse drugs that he had prescribed to himself?




Asheville NC
Nick Rohit Patel MD

Licensed 2/2012

2/9/12 (+) Cannabis screen Job screen

3/4/12 (-) Cannabis screen Job Screen

3/8/12  (+) Cannabis Screen Job Scren

3/28/12 Referred to NCPHP, tested (-)

4/8/12 (+) Drug Screen @ NCPHP

4/16-19/12 Talbot Campus for 3-day assessment, urine and hair both tested (-)

7/29/13 Non-Disciplinary Consent Order to maintain 6 month contract with NCPHP

3/6/14 Relief of Consent Order

***Very light Discipline! Tested (+) twice in 2012, never gets an indefinite suspension (not that they seem indicated with NCPHP advocacy, unless NCPHP requests them).  This provider is treated completely differently from the majority of others, was somebody paid off? Why such a short NCPHP contract?


Salisbury NC
Scott David Humble MD

Went under contract with FL PRN while a resident, moved to NC 10/2006 with assessment by NCPHP and entered into contract with NCPHP

5/2007 met with NCMB for informal interview to discuss above, advised of need to maintain NCPHP contract, issued temporary license, renewed every 6 months until

5/2009 given full unrestricted license

6/2009 Consent Order Relief of 2009 Order

7/2011 DUI in Winston-Salem

9/27/11 Entered residential treatment for EtOH

12/2011 Consent Order Indefinite Suspension

7/29/13 Consent Order for temporary license and maintain NCPHP contract

Licensed in FL/Alabama/DC/NC

***I see no reason for 2 year suspension unless mandated by NCPHP


Mount Airy NC


Lajos Urmos

8/26/09 DUI charge

6/8/11 Plead guilty to DUI in NC Circuit Court, suspended drivers license and unsupervised probation X 12 months and required to have evaluation Re; substance abuse, surrender drivers license and complete 72 hours of community service within 90 days

7/24/13 Public Letter of Concern failure to provide information on DUI arrest on license renewal application $1000 fine

***Very light sentence; lied on his annual NC license application about the 2011 DUI, had a DUI and didn’t spent a few years out of work like most other licensees!  No evaluation, no NCPHP contracted

Durham NC
Gustaaf Gregoire DeRidder MD

6/24/08 DUI conviction, referred to NCPHP

6/10/11 during NCPHP assessment urine showed cocaine metabolites

8/29/11 Denial of Licensure

7/24/13 Consent Order Temporary Resident Training License issued to expire with conditions, must remain in full compliance with NCPHP contract, intermittent NCMB interviews.

***2 years without license despite NCPHP contract as a resident; other residents get minimal if any time out of practice.  Is older than the average resident, probably the NCMB thought they could wring more $$ out of him.



Rayna Larain Rogers MD

7/2009 Dr. Rogers filed a complaint with the NCMB that she had inadequate relief of pain from her physician for a chronic problem that she had.  She admitted that she had taken narcotics from a friend, the medication gave her relief. 

8/2010 Dr. Rogers ordered to the NCPHP

9/2010 Dr. Rogers twice wrote for controlled medication prescriptions for herself; she had a NCPHP evaluation

8/18/11 Entered NCPHP contract, provided urine screen (+) BAC 0.03%

12/11/11 entered monitoring agreement with NCPHP

2/2012 ordered to have comprehensive assessment at an approved assessment center; she went to Ridgeview Institute in GA which indicated Major Depressive Disorder vs. Bipolar II and Personality Disorder not otherwise specified, recommendation for continued NCPHP monitoring, abstinence from EtOH/other drugs

10/23/12 NCPHP field coordinator attempted to obtain urine screen; she refused

5/29/12 Sent Email to NCMB that she had a complete nervous breakdown in office

6/20/12 Sent Email to NCPHP that she could no longer work with her psychiatrist

7/27/12 NCPHP coordinator unable to contact

7/30/12 NCPHP notified NCMB of difficulty monitoring provider

6/25/13 NCMB issued notice of charges and allegations

8/23/13 Hearing, provider did not attend, now indefinitely suspended

8/29/13 Indefinite Suspension of NC Medical License

9/6/13 Went to Wake County Court to reverse proceedings as she was never notified of the 8/23/13 hearing, which was not properly served.

9/26/13 filed notice of appeal and petition for judicial review Wake County Superior Court which remanded the matter back to the NCMB.  Rogers states she willing to stay under NCPHP and withdraw her appeal

5/16/14 Consent Order/Reprimand and agrees to comply with NCPHP

***As sick as she has been, her license wasn’t touched until 8/29/13; she had been having problems for 18 months by then while refusing to cooperate with NCMB investigators, NCPHP etc!!!


Charlotte NC
Rachel Chaya Shemtov MD

8/30/12 NYMB License suspension based on issues in NC

11/2011 NC Consent Order for indefinite suspension after (+) Drug Screen on an employment physical and was referred to NCPHP, then violates NCPHP contract by consuming EtOH/Opiates used without Rx, entered into inpatient addiction treatment

8/26/13 Order for relief of prior Consent Order Obligation

***Why did this person get off so lightly?  Who did she pay off??



Mooresville NC
Eric David Kirsch PA

3/2009 NCPHP contract

4/2013 Admitted to relapse from 10/2012-3/2013, NCPHP recommended evaluation at a professional assessment center

4/2013 evaluation done, no inpt therapy

5/2013 Voluntary surrender of license with prior Hx of EtOH abuse

8/23/13 Indefinite suspension of license


*Karen Ann Kinney MD (no letter sent, 59 yo, money to bribe?)

Greenville NC

Licensed 1991

4/9/12 Non-Practice Agreement

7/2012 Completed residential treatment and entered into NCPHP contract

9/2013 Met with NCMB to discuss progress with NCMB

10/9/13 Consent Order/Temporary License

***How did she manage to not be kept out of work for years due to substance abuse issues?  All she had was an NPA followed by a temporary license!  How much did that cost her in bribes?


Vamsee Prasad Paruchuri – MD


High Point

8/8/11 arrested for obtaining controlled substances/Ambien by fraud/forgery

8/10/11 NCPHP assessment/referred for residential treatment

8/12/11 Voluntarily inactivated license

2/14/12 Indefinite suspension

7/17/13 Requested reinstatement

8/22/13 Temporary License

***He would have completed treatment ~11/2011; he took simple sleeping pills, not narcotics or more dangerous controlled substances.  He would have been out of treatment by mid-November 2011 yet didn’t go back to work until almost 2 years later?


 Top of Document







Malcolm Andrew John Dugliss PA

Initially licensed 2001

11/30/2007 Voluntary surrender of license; for forging two prescriptions of Norco diverted to self, admits to substance abuse/dependency

3/2008 Consent Order; Consent Order; indefinite suspension

4/2010; Consent Order; Re-entry agreement, continue with NCPHP

1/2011; Voluntary surrenders license due to arrest for 2 felony counts for attempting controlled substances by fraud and 3 felony counts of obtaining and attempting to obtain property by false pretense.  Should have been under NCPHP contract at the time.

8/15/2011; Consent Order; Indefinite suspension for diverting prescriptions for his own use.   No criminal court convictions are noted in public records.

***What did the NCPHP say about his re-entry into practice and when to do so?  Why is he kept out of practice for so long?  Presumably he went into treatment 11/07 or thereabouts?  Why is he not practicing after problems in 2011? 


Robert Glenn Jones MD


6/12/06 DUI arrest while under NCPHP contract

6/2006 Voluntary Surrender of license

9/20/06 Consent Order; indefinite suspension of license due to EtOH/pharmaceutical abuse.

7/26/07 Consent Order; Temporary License

11/2007 Consent Order; Full license

10/2010 EtOH abuse in violation of NCPHP contract, tested (+) for metabolites

2/1/11 entered residential treatment and ceased practicing medicine until meeting with NCMB

5/2011 Met with NCMB;

8/2011 Consent Order; upon successful of treatment and with full compliance/advocacy by NCPHP and with ho evidence of compromised patient care had license suspended indefinitely immediately stayed but actively suspended 90 days through 5/1/11, must maintain NCPHP contract obligations.

***Such wide variability of treatment.  Who was paid off?  On his first addiction treatment, he was out of work for 13 months, had a full license within 4 months. On his second episode/relapse he was out of practice 10 only months.   Most substance abusing licensees are out of work 2-3 years (currently) after first addiction treatment and longer after the second/or relapse.


Deborah White Greimel MD

Licensed 1997, under contract with NCPHP since 2009 for substance/dependence issues

2/15/11 admitted to NCPHP she had relapsed.

2/28/2011 NCMB investigator notified NCPHP of failing urine drug screen, license to practice was made inactive.

7/28/11 Consent Order; Indefinite suspension

5/2012 placed on Medicaid/Medicare exclusion list despite lack of NCMB documentation of a reason for this

Has no further documentation on the NCMB website

***No prior information on this issue, may have self-referred anonymously to NCPHP prior to 2009 without NCMB’s knowledge.  Why has she disappeared completely?  She’s been out of work apparently since 2/28/11, by 10/2013 she should have been back in practice.  Is this an example of the NCMB Legal Department keeping a licensee from practicing for an indefinite period of time?  Does NCPHP advocate for her? There is no record of a problem with her from 1997 until 2/28/11.  She practiced over a decade with no apparent problems and has not been heard from since.


David Campbell Gerlach MD

Licensed 5/20/95

1/1/2010 Consent Order; Voluntary surrender of license 1/1/10 after felony possession of cocaine

7/2010 entered inpatient treatment

7/30/10 Felony charges dismissed

10/2010 Consent Order for indefinite suspension

8/5/11 5 months after applying for license re-instatement had (+) cocaine urine screen.

10/2011 Denial of License; Due to criminal history including 1/2010 felony charge, and disciplinary history with NCMB including 2010 consent order, your application about substance abuse/EtOH consumption questions being answered on re-application about using EtOH or other substances being used which could impair your ability to practice.  Your answer was that during the time you were intoxicated you were unable to practice.

12/3/14 Consent Order/Re-entry into practice

***Why deny licensure for so long to somebody who was honest on his application, practiced for 5 years without problems, had a substance abuse issue for which he was treated, felony charges which were dismissed.  Why didn’t he get an “indefinite suspension” like most others would get.  He appears to have relapsed 8/5/11, that should get him back to NCPHP for re-evaluation and re-treatment with an indefinite suspension.


Cathy Nichelson Dover MD

Licensed 1997, no convictions/malpractice

9/31/11 Self-prescribing medication allegations, Soma and Norvasc

2/2011 NCMB reviewed patient records, some were below acceptable medical practice, patient’s “E-I” were below medical practice standards.

6/2011 NCMB received information that she was continuing to self-prescribe and taking Phentermine which she admitted to, using Phentermine from out-of-date office supplies.

9/20/11 Consent Order indefinite suspension

***No mention of NCPHP, this sounds like another situation in which the Legal Dept banishes a licensee by refusing to charge or release them.


Kristen Rene Earle MD

Licensed in 1996 with no prior history available

Hx EtOH abuse, anonymous NCPHP participant

9,10/2010 NCPHP notified NCMB that she had consumed alcohol in violation of NCPHP contract

2/22/11 Consent Order; Indefinite suspension.

***No further records; typically, an addict goes into treatment for about 90 days and is cleared to return to practice by the treatment center.  If this had been done she would have resumed practice by 6/2011.  Is this another licensee being covertly punished by the Legal Dept?


Gregory Warren Dill MD

825 W Linebaugh Ave Tampa FL 33612

Psychiatry/addiction medicine

2006 NCPHP contract for substance abuse/dependence related issues

9/13/10 Informed NCPHP of Methamphetamine use during 2010, thereafter stopped prescribing and practicing, entering into inpatient treatment

1/2011 Voluntarily Surrendered License

4/2011 Consent Order Indefinite Suspension

***Voluntarily entered and (assuming) completed residential treatment, should have been out and ready to practice around 4/2011, now lives in Tampa FL. This sounds like another “lost” victim of the NCMB legal dept.


Gregory Shanton PA

Inactive license

Conviction 2007 Obtaining non-control drug pled down to a felony

Hx Substance abuse and depression, Hx of issues with NCMB, in a prior consent order shot holes in the walls at home while intoxicated

11/2010 Consent Order; Indefinite Suspension

***No record of what happened to him after the indefinite suspension


Theresa L Hamel MD

Licensed 1991

8/1/2010 DUI charge

9/2/10 NCPHP evaluation

9/22/10; Entered into NCPHP Monitoring Contract

10/4/10; Convicted of 1 count of level V DUI

1/14/11 Consent Order; Non-Disciplinary but no public letter in file

Hereby Ordered ______ Shall maintain NCPHP contract, shall not unlawfully obtain prescriptions

***Why did she get off so lightly when others are out of work for years?


Joseph Lawrence Brady Jr. MD

2/26/10; Consent Order 6 month suspension immediately stayed, refrain from illegal drug use etc.

11/2009 Admitted to a NCMB investigator to prior use of an illegal controlled substance, in 2009 voluntarily entered NCPHP who found no evidence of substance dependence; he voluntarily entered into a NCPHP contract. 

***Consent Order/suspension is harsh for a guy who thought he may have had a problem, voluntarily sought help and remained under contract voluntarily.  One of the key tenets to addiction recovery is “rigorous honesty in every detail of our lives”.  This guy was candid with an investigator and was unnecessarily disciplined; he had already fixed his problem, should have gotten no more than a private letter of concern.


Kathryn Knight-Palmertree

Licensed 2003

Spring 2009 wrote Rx’s for self; written for family members, diverting to self, NCMB referred her to NCPHP. Spring 2010 was taking Rx’s to pharmacies

5/2010 Voluntary surrender of license, went into residential treatment, has never been heard from.

***Out of work for >3 years, what did NCPHP say?


John Roger Moore IV MD


8/25/09 DUI/Reckless driving arrest, his Midlevel was in the vehicle with him sustaining injuries in Pinehurst NC

10/10/10 Consent Order for Public Letter of Concern

***DUI/Reckless driving/arrest; where’s the NCPHP?  Who did he pay off and how much did it cost him?  Why do others spend 2-3+ years out of practice for this?  Where’s the consistency in disciplinary actions?


Charles Daniel Hall MD

Supply NC

Hx of substance abuse

Fall 1994 DUI while a participant in the NCPHP after 3 month inpatient treatment

1995 Consent Order? (Unable to open on website)

2005 Consent Order?

5/8/09 DUI/arrest, surrendered medical license

7/20/10 License suspended indefinitely

***Lost to follow-up, where’s the NCPHP?  Is there nothing that could be done to rehab this guy?


Thomas Samuel Bumbalo MD

Had periodically smoked marijuana for several years, no evidence of discipline or harm to patients.  No restriction on license, has agreed to voluntarily self-refer NCPHP.

5/2010 Consent Order to self-refer to NCPHP, suspension for 6 months immediately stayed

Currently license inactive, no date as to inactivity of license or circumstances around that.

License expired in 2011, has not been renewed.

***Is this another “lost” licensee who has neither been charged nor released?


James Lennart Carlson MD

Hx of NCPHP participation followed by relapse and indefinite suspension

5/17/2010 indefinite suspension.

***Is this another “lost” licensee who has neither been charged nor released?


James William Ogilvie PA

Raeford NC

Fayetteville PD informed NCMB that they were going to press charges against licensee for using former/retired supervisors old Rx pad to write himself Rx’s.  NCMB told him to refer to NCPHP, he was compliant, no convictions in the legal system, no medmal, no prior substance abuse history

2/2010 Voluntary surrender of license

5/24/10 Consent Order Indefinite Suspension

***Another lost soul, no information as to what happened to him on NCMB site.


Greensboro NC

Michael Philip Apostolou MD

Licensed 1997

Was in a personal relationship with somebody who became his patient.  He prescribed non-controlled medications to this person without appropriate documentation.  4 complaints were received from other patients and inappropriate and bizarre behavior from the provider. 

5/2008 Informal interview with NCMB investigative committee

5/23/08 Surrendered his license

5/2010 Consent Order; Indefinite suspension

6/16/10 Consent Order; Indefinite suspension

***This provider practiced for 11 years, had psychiatric issues, surrendered his license and is among the “lost”.  Was the NCPHP involved?  What was their opinion?  Why was his license indefinitely suspended TWICE within a 1 month period AFTER HE HAD SURRENDERED IT WITH NO RECORD THAT IT HAD BEEN REINSTATED?  It appears that the NCMB has incomplete records on this (former) licensee.  The NCMB would use incomplete records as an excuse to suspend (or worse) a licensee’s license yet they get away with it?


Joseph Lawrence Brady Jr. MD


Voluntarily told NCPHP of prior controlled substance abuse.  NCPHP found no indication of dependency.  He voluntarily entered NCPHP contract.  He admitted his history to a NCMB investigator

2/26/10 Consent Order; Suspension 6 months, immediately stayed

***Why would the NCMB penalize somebody for trying to do the right thing?  During the same time frame, 2 physicians wrote controlled meds for family members; Dr. Kato gets reprimand, 10 hours of CME, Dr. Fenn gets consent order for suspension 6 months/immediately stayed all in January 2010.  Why this variability? Who is being paid off?


Elizabeth M. Robertson MD

Provider wrote for Schedule II narcotics for a family members then diverted them to herself.  No prior history of problems.

2/2010 Consent Order; Revocation of license

***No NCPHP, no opportunity for redemption, another “lost” disposable physician!


Robert Bruce Thompson MD



NCPHP client for prolonged period

6/2009 Suspected relapse/admitted/surrendered license

3/2/10 Consent Order; Indefinite suspension of license, still inactive, out of work for >3 years at this point

***Another “lost” provider.


Steven Ray Black MD

Psychiatry Etowah NC/Silva County

Arrested in Cherokee for misdemeanor marijuana possession, went under NCPHP contract.  Had another comprehensive evaluation

8/30/07 Talbot Evaluation

9/18/08 Met with NCMB and surrendered license

3/2/10 Consent Order; Indefinite Suspension

***Had some pot in his car and hasn’t seen a patient since 9/2008, now “lost” 5+ years later? Where is the outrage?  Other providers have gotten letters of concern regarding this sort of transgression!  Shame on him for not paying off the legal dept!


 Vinod Singh MD

Benson NC Internal Medicine

12/2009 NCMB received information Re; abuse of EtOH/Benzodiazepines, referred to NCPHP, entered residential treatment

3/10/10 Indefinitely suspended, no further information on NCMB website

***Another “lost” provider?!


Raleigh NC

Jeffrey Brennon Childers MD

Licensed 2005

4/2007; Arrested/Charged with impaired driving, charges dropped

5/2008; Arrested/Charged with impaired driving, charges dropped

12/2009 Public Letter of Concern due to driving issues, had NCPHP contract prior to arrests above, no conviction was given Re; the DUI allegations

10/2010; DUI 0.20 Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC), referred by NCPHP for comprehensive assessment after arrest/conviction

3-5/2011; Inpatient EtOH treatment, with continued therapy

1/12/2012; Consent Order for indefinite suspension/immediately stayed of license, admitted to EtOH abuse on 2007, 2008.

***Shows the progression in punitive discipline progression over time, but this may also be in part due to his multiple-relapses.


Greensboro NC

Roy DeWayne Book MD

5/2009 Voluntarily surrendered license

8/31/09 Rec’d Consent Order for indefinite suspension after DUI in 2008 and DUI in 2009, self-referred to NCPHP, went to treatment on his own without order,

5/2011 Consent Order allowing return to work with stipulations, given re-entry steps to follow, given temporary license.  Initial license was valid for 2 months, 7/2011 renewed to 1/2012, renewed to 1/2013

***Out of work 2 years


Thomas Carl Goodwin MD

12/2/13 Consent Order for Reprimand

6/26/13 Dr. Goodwin voluntarily placed his license on inactive status; no further action is necessary at this time

6/22/13 DUI BAL 0.21 NCMB opened investigation, which revealed that he had failed to report his arrest and convictions of 2007 & 2008 during license renewal as required

3/7/08 DUI level 5 Misdemeanor

6/6/07 DUI/speeding BAL 0.15


David Lewis Smith PA

Raleigh, NC

Patsy Smith may be who the Excel Phone #’s are to

2004 Consent Order alludes to a history of substance abuse.

2007 on occasions improperly obtained Focalin and using Focalin discarded by patients and agreed to purchase Focalin by one of his patients who was not taking the medication, also exchanged Focalin for samples of other non-controlled Rx’s with a patient in order to obtain Focalin
3/2008 Consent Order; Indefinite suspension-never heard from again.

***Sounds like a guy with ADD/ADHD, no evidence of NCPHP involvement.  Was he self-treating his ADD?  This is a twice-daily drug with a lower abuse potential unless it’s crushed and snorted.  There is no evidence to support that this was happening.  If it HAD been happening, he’s a NCPHP candidate but was not referred.


Dannie Burton Jonas PA

Hayesville NC

Dollie Jonas, relative @ 300 Arbor Dr Greenville NC 27858

8/2007 arrested for the Greenville Police charged with felony manufacture of marijuana, intent to distribute, possession of drug paraphernalia.  All resulted from an anonymous tip to the GPD which revealed two plants, scales, a pipe, pepper spray, ammunition, a gun and $700 in cash.  He was given a suspended sentence and placed on unsupervised probation for 12 months

10/29/07 started working in a practice in Hayesville, 2 weeks later he notified the NCMB of his new job.

12/2007 Robert Ayala NCMB investigator conducted a “physician extender site-check” noting several deficiencies, a copy of his supervisory agreement was not present, nor was documentation of quality improvement meetings occurring, prescription pad did not list his supervising physician’s name

10/2008 Consent Order for indefinite suspension, has never returned to work.

***Another disposable provider from 6 years ago.


Deborah Lewis MD

Raleigh NC FP

8/2007 DUI arrest; was ordered to undergo assessment/treatment for EtOH abuse

6/19/08 admitted to EtOH consumption; she inactivated her license.

9/2008 Consent Order Indefinite Suspension

***Another disposable provider!


Martha Miles MD

Sanford NC ~51 yo

2004 Consent Order

Failed to keep proper inventory of controlled substances, kept pre-signed Rx blanks and prescribed medications to family members

7/13/06 entered into NCPHP contract

2007 complaint to NCMB that she was prescribing narcotics to a patient in an “inappropriate manner”, NCMB reviewed charts for this patient and 15 other patients

9/2009 Consent Order indefinite suspension


Beth Basamania MD FP

Prescribed numerous prescriptions for non-controlled substances to herself without keeping records of them.  Also abused Ultram.  She was not practicing medicine during this time.

6/2006 Surrendered license

Recently moved to WA state.

***Excessive discipline never had a chance to return to practice.  She’s hardly the first physician to self-prescribe, yet she NEVER returns to work?


Gregory Morter MD


Hx of substance abuse

2005 Consent Order; must tell NCPHP if he is prescribed any controlled medications, he didn’t tell them when he took Hydrocodone cough syrup prescribed from his physician

2/2007 Admitted to NCMB investigator that he had abused Hydrocodone after a difficult court date regarding a domestic situation

4/2007 Surrendered license

8/2007 Consent order; indefinite suspension—never heard from again.

***This is terribly harsh for an episode of hydrocodone abuse! Another lost soul.


Jason Fields MD

Pediatrician, Wilmington NC

Mother Pam & Sister Joan in VA (540) 774-2966

Jason (910) 431-4614

2006 Inactivated license

3/2007 inpatient treatment/NCPHP contract/compliance

4/2007 Surrendered license after (+) urine screen
10/2007 Consent Order; indefinite suspension, due to methamphetamine dependence,

***1 relapse, never to return to practice again…


Stephen Rathburn MD


4/2007 Surrendered license and self-reported to NCPHP due to diversion of controlled substances to self on 2 occasions. 

10/2007 Indefinite suspension

***2 diversions of controlled substances to self and he never returns to practice…


Lawrence Champion MD


Durham NC Psychiatry

6/2004 DUI/pled guilty 11/2004.  Completed a substance-abuse treatment, abstained from EtOH since 6/2004 and must maintain NCPHP contract

1/2006 Non-Disciplinary Consent Order

12/10/14 Consent Order for Reprimand 2’ to “intimate encounter” with patient after 6 sessions beginning in 1978, lasting until “at least 2004”

***Why is this guy out of work for a few years?  Does he know somebody on the NCMB as he lives in Durham?  How much did it cost?

Re; “intimate encounter” why does this come up a decade after most recent encounter the whole story is not being told. DIAZ


Jami Lacey MD

GA & VA indefinitely suspended license, NC reciprocated.  Lives in Greensboro unclear as to what happened.


Kenneth Kunz MD

Franklin NC 56 yo ON-IM

Wife Sharon died 2002

3/2002-11/2002 Diverted several controlled substances for his own and wife’s use by issuing Rx’s for Patient “A” and then purchasing the medication from patient “A”.

Dr. denies NCMB’s allegations but signs consent order

3/2006 Consent Order; indefinite Suspension

***He’s never heard from again…


Steven Gravatt PA

53 yo, Chapel Hill

5/6/2006 while Under NCPHP contract, tested (+) for marijuana

8/2006 Consent Order; Indefinite Suspension

***Never heard from again…


Tammy Presnell PA

Reidsville NC 53 yo

Hx of substance abuse, was an anonymous participant of NCPHP,

8/2005 tested (+) for Ultram which she had self-administered without notifying the NCPHP, also in 8/2005 tested (+) for a controlled substance provided by her dentist after a procedure but failed to notify the NCPHP of the Rx.

2/2006 Surrendered her license

6/2006 Fibromyalgia diagnosed

7/2006; Consent Order for indefinite suspension, no further record of activity with the NCMB

*** Another lost soul…


John Sappington MD

Linville NC 51 yo P/CHP

8404 Mountain Rd Casper WY 82601

2521 E 15th St Casper WY 82609 (800) 457-9312

8/2002 Surrendered license which was suspended at that time while he was working as a counselor in a physicians office and obtained blank Rx’s which he filled out and gave to other people to obtain controlled substances

8/2006 Consent Order for indefinite suspension due to substance abuse, may not re-apply for 24 months.

***No NCPHP, is never heard from again…



Robert Gwinn Crummie MD


Licensee has 2 DUI’s

11/2007 Suspension of license, all but 30 days stayed based on above; entry into 5 yr NCPHP contract

6-8/2008 missed 14 phone calls Re; testing for NCPHP

8/2008 Tested (+) for EtOH

9/3/08 Summary suspension of license

1/29/09 Consent Order; Suspension for 1 year backdated to 9/3/08 for 4 month period already served, in the future if he misses two calls for monitoring with NCPHP he’ll have a 90 day suspension

***2 DUI’s, 14 missed phone calls ordered by NCPHP, finally a positive EtOH test result in a 4 month suspension.  He was not sent away for several months for evaluation/therapy of his addiction, did not get 2-3 years of no practice.  Who and how much did he pay off?


Heim, Alan Lee LP

Tested (+) for EtOH after reporting for work with smell of EtOH on breath, admitted to 8 12-oz beers the night before his work shift.  His employer required participation in 12-15 week of substance abuse treatment plan, subsequently…

2/25/09 Consent Order; Reprimand and must participate in any employer mandated treatment program based on the perfusion advisory committee of the NCMB.

***No NCPHP involvement, may have had residential treatment, not clear that he did, had no suspension, essentially no other punishment after showing up at work drunk to run the heart-lung machine during open heart surgery.   Man, I can’t wait to have open heart surgery with him running my machine!


Eric Ferman Strother MD

2004 Treated, 2007 relapsed, additional treatment 4-8/2007 as he as already in the NCPHP

8/31/07 Voluntary surrender of license

2/20/08 Consent Order; Indefinite suspension

1/12/09 Consent Order; temporary license

5/19/11 Full license

7/11/11 Non-disciplinary Consent Order allowing him to dispense controlled substances

Currently license inactive, date/reason unclear

Licensed in WA & PA

***Out of work for a year and 9 months after relapse of EtOH abuse and therapy, no reason given for the extended time out of work after treatment, no reason why he’s not working has an inactive license currently.  Suspicious.


Ryan David Jamieson MD

4/14/08, 4/23/08 While under NCPHP contract his urine samples had low-levels of BZO, he had a prior Hx of opiate abuse

6/4/08 Hair sample showed Fentanyl metabolites

6/5/08 License surrendered

3/2009 Consent Order; Indefinite Suspension

Never heard from again.

Hugh Patrick Hughs PA

1/2009 Surrenders license (no other information on NCMB website documents)

***What happened?  Usually there are further entries/consent orders etc.  Who did he fail to pay off?


Mr. Richard Walter Trombley PA

Licensed 1993

5/9/06 pled guilty to DUI/Concealed Weapon Permit violation

4/3/08 Self-reported DUI Re; arrest of

3/22/08 with BAC 0.15

4/3/09 Consent Order; Reprimanded for above, shall maintain contract with NCPHP

4/13/09 Consumed EtOH

10/1/09 Inactivated License

1/2010 Consent Order; Indefinite suspension Re; 4/13/09 and failure to enter NCPHP contract, had been assessed as alcohol dependent (but no word on who made this determination)

Lost to follow-up

***No mention of being sent to residential treatment at any time, who did he pay off to avoid that?  Why was he treated so lightly 4/3/09 then hammered 1/2010?  Where is the consistency?  Now he’s a “lost soul”.


Kuirin C. Abraham MD

4/1998 Level V DUI

5/2001 Application for licensure did not mention 1998 DUI

7/2001 Appeared before NCBM committee, answered “no” Re; other crimes

1/2005 Arrested for DUI in NC

11/2/05 Conviction for Level II DUI
11/2008 Information rec’d by NCMB Re; 11/05 DUI, investigator inquired about 1998 and 11/05 convictions which were denied

10/2009 Consent Order 6 month suspension stayed for all but 30 days then placed on probation for 6 months.

***No evidence of NCPHP evaluation, very light disciplinary actions, who and how much was paid for this?  No letter sent to provider.


Andrew Taylor Hearn MD

Burlington Vascular Surgery

1/2008 in Naples FL DUI/pled “no contest”

11/2009 Public Letter of Concern Re; above

***Unbelievably light punishment, being a vascular surgeon, he made good money, how much did this cost and who was it given to.  No mention of NCPHP contract, residential treatment or years out of practice is made.


Howell Anderson Vaughan PA


12/9/93; Voluntary surrender of license

1/1995; Consent order; license issued, not allowed to work >50 hours

1997; Consent Order; Full license restored

10/1999; Surrender of license

8/2000; Consent Order Temporary License renewed thru 5/2001

8/2001; Surrender of license   

2/2003; Consent order; Temporary License renewed through 3/2004 due to History of abusing hydrocodone and other substances, needs to remain under NCPHHP contract and surrender of DEA License

8/2004; Notice of Charges/Allegations

11/2004; Consent Order; (unable to open most of these documents on public website)

12/2007; Consent Order; Temporary License/re-entry agreement

1/2009; Full license after meeting with Board to discuss his recovery in attempt to regain DEA license

9/2009; Ammended Consent Order/re-entry agreement

***This is very light treatment, no word on inpatient residential addiction therapy but I hope it occurred.  How does this guy get off so easily when others have been hammered so hard?  He’s had multiple relapses, yet a first-time substance abuser who voluntarily goes into the NCPHP anonymously then answers his license renewal question honestly is removed from practice with a suspension??  Bribery?  This is how the system should work!


Worth Gurkin MD

Greenville NC Pediatrician

Hx of EtOH abuse, in 1994 surrendered his license, later returned to work with NCPHP monitoring, by 1997 had an unrestricted license.

3/2004 Voluntarily surrendered license due to EtOH/hydrocodone abuse, underwent inpatient residential treatment @ Palmetto Treatment Facility in Louisiana.

3/2005 Consent Order Indefinite suspension per Jimison, physician did not have counsel.

***Another lost soul…


Sarwar Murtuza MD


3/2005 Consent Order Findings of Fact/Conclusion of Law/Order of Discipline; in 3/2005 Atty Mary Boycewells represented the NCMB & Respondent without Dr. Murtuza being present.

Dr. M had been licensed since 1989 IM in N Wilkesboro NC

5/21/03 Arrested for DUI in TN, a passenger of the vehicle was an employee and patient, she was also impaired.  Blood test at time of arrest showed that Dr had Diazepam, Nortriptyline & Amitriptyline, no mention of EtOH.  Conclusion of unprofessional conduct, substance abuse and never heard from again.

***1 DUI, possibly by an appropriately prescribed medication taken appropriately while vacationing in another state and he’s lost forever! How can one atty represent both the patient and the NCMB?


Paul Austermehle PA

Subject of a criminal investigation in Asheville due to suspicion that he had written Rx’s for controlled substances in his wife’s name then diverted to himself due to chronic pain after shoulder injuries

7/2004 surrendered license and was charged with 5 counts of obtaining a controlled substance by fraud, had entered into NCPHP contract and PA PHP due to holding a license there as well.

4/2005 Suspended indefinitely, later went to work in PA

***Very harsh treatment in NC.  Bar Grievance candidate?



Susan Lovejoy Roque MD

Indefinite suspension immediately stayed

3/25/13 Statesville PD arrested with possession of marijuana, two cases of delayed arrival to hospital for patients in labor and one case in which supervised midwife inappropriately gave misoprostol.  She completed NCPHP mandated inpatient treatment that began 08/2013 and was cleared to return to practice.

***Why was she allowed back into practice immediately after treatment when she had possibly been smoking pot on call and slow to respond to calls to the hospital for laboring women?  Other physicians are out of work indefinitely for less than this!!



Jeffrey Curtis Hooper MD
Asheboro NC
Indefinite suspension

7/2013 Suspicion of intoxication at work

8/2/13 ordered to NCPHP/voluntarily signed Non-practice agreement with NCPHP until cleared by NCMB & NCPPH which indicated that he had relapsed on his history of substance abuse

926/13 Voluntary surrender of license

12/10/13 Indefinite suspension

***Why suspend somebody who surrendered his license?  Did he go to a treatment facility 8/2013?  If so, he should have been out of treatment by 12/2013 and probably cleared to return to practice as is the norm in such circumstances.  There’s a lot more to this story that is not on the record!



Thomas Carl Goodwin MD
Hendersonville NC

6/22/13 DWI EtOH 0.21, Hx of

6/6/07 DUI EtOH 0.15—failed to report arrest on his 2007 or 2008 license renewal

12/2/13 Reprimand for DWI and failure to report prior DUI conviction

***Not only does he have 2 DUI’s and fails to report them to the NCMB, he gets no referral to the NCPHP nor does he miss a single day of practice!  How much did that cost or does he know.



Thomas Wesley Templeton MD

Winston-Salem WFU School of Medicine/Dept of Anesthesia

3/5/14 Consent Order for Public Letter of Concern for consuming alcohol while on call for hospital on 10/12/13

***So we have an anesthesiologist who is on call for the University/Medical School/Teaching hospital, drinking while on call and he gets a public letter of concern where most other physicians would get put away for a few years out of practice.  Why does he get off so lightly?  Is it because of connections between the Board members and the university???


Greensboro FP

Enrico Guy Jones MD

5/15/13 signed voluntary NCPHP contract and went into treatment

10/28/13 voluntary inactivated license

4/9/14 Consent Order; Indefinite Suspension Hx of EtOH abuse/sober, had knee surgery, relapsed on pain meds, self-referred to NCPHP & turned self in, went into 3 months inpatient treatment which he completed

3/26/15 Consent Order; license reinstated

3/22/16 US DEA Restricted to prescribing Schedule III-IV Controlled substances

***WHAT DOES THIS ACCOMPLISH?  He’d already completed treatment, 3 months, inpatient from May through August, was in the NCPHP which did NOTHING FOR HIM!  Why bother with the NCPHP?  What is the purpose of keeping a physician out of treatment for such a prolonged period after inpatient treatment of substance abuse?  Where is the evidence-based medicine that supports such action?



Maher Salah Agha MD

Charlotte NC

Severe alcohol use disorder Dx’ed by Pavilion where he was treated, indefinite suspension/immediately stayed, under NCPHP contract

***Why is his suspension immediately stayed and others are out of work for years or permanently?



Rayna Larain Rogers DO

Fayetteville NC

9/26/08 licensed

10/2010 NCPHP for EtOH/self-prescribed medications

8/2011 Monitoring contract with NCPHP

7/30/12 NCPHP notified NCMB it was having trouble monitoring Dr. Rogers

6/25/13 Notice of charges/allegations, hearing scheduled for 8/22/13, Dr. Rogers stated she was never notified of the hearing

10/2/14 Summary suspension of license.



Daniellee Lynettee Artis MD

Non-disciplinary consent order/temporary medical license

While practicing in VA, applied for NC license 7/2012.  12/2012 withdrew application while undergoing inpatient substance abuse therapy, then in 4/2014 completed treatment.  Now will transfer to NCPHP

***She spent 14 months as an inpatient in addiction treatment and gets a NC license without further problems??? I’ve never heard of somebody spending 14 months in addiction treatment!!  Was her addiction that severe??  If so, how was she able to get a license without any other obstacles to overcome in NC??



Robert Richey Granville Jr MD

Hickory NC
Non-disciplinary consent order license issued

Hx of substance abuse, practiced in FL/TX/Washington, now coming to NC, will be under NCPHP contract



Michael Shane Hoover MD

Goldsboro NC

1/6/13 DUI on the way to hospital to resuscitate emergency C-section, rear-ended a car at a stoplight, with property damage and assault on a female after the hospital was arrested with 0.15 EtOH

1/9/13 voluntary surrender of license, submitted to NCPHP and inpatient treatment for depression/EtOH dependency

5/7/13 Indefinitely suspended

1/22/14 temporary license

7/17/14 undated medical license

***OK, so this drunk pediatrician is on the way to the hospital to resuscitate a newborn at a C-section or induction, rear ends a car and is practicing medicine a year later, no residual punishment by 7/2014?  Who does he know or how much did that cost?



Drew John Steiner MD

Rutherfordton NC

Consent order/temporary license

12/2006 DUI/voluntarily surrendered license.  Inpatient treatment 1/22/07-5/11/07, entered into NCPHP contract 2007. 

1/16/13 applied for reinstatement of license

11/13-14/13 CPEP evaluation Re proficiency/performed well

7/30/14 will begin re-entry program & fellowship approved by NCMB medical director within 6 months of this date

***This guy completes treatment in 5/2007 and is not allowed to even try to practice until 6 years later????  Is the NCMB God???  This is absurd!!!



Timothy John McGrath MD

Meben NC

7/23/14 Consent Order/indefinite suspension of license 2’ to opiate use and Hx of diverting to family members/inappropriate records.

***He relapses on the death of his child to SIDS, no mention anywhere of referral to the NCPHP which is mandated by law.  Will he be another lost soul??



Bradley James Sumrow MD
Anesthesiology Durham

5/2013 IVDA at work, completed inpatient treatment and entered contract with NCPHP

7/21/14 Indefinite suspension

***Will he be another lost soul?



Patty Joyce Balch MD
Winston Salem

Non-Disciplinary Consent Order

2008 Consent Order due to EtOH abuse/NCPHP contract

5/2012 NCPHP contract completion

10/5/13 DUI Cherokee County, then self-reported to the NCPHP and entered 90 day treatment program

3/10’/14 5-year contract with NCPHP

***She’s voluntarily out of work on her own from 10/2013-1/2014 for her 90 day treatment program.  She’s a relapsing alcoholic and has no extra time out of practice.  Yet another guy above is out of work for 6 years on a first offense?  How much did this cost?? She doesn’t even get a public letter of concern!!



Ralph Thomas Reach MD

Johnson City TN

Non-disciplinary consent order

Long Hx of addiction, bipolar, borderline etc going back to cardiac arrest 1997, licensed in VA, TN,

License reinstated 1999

2002 relapsed

2004 deemed safe to practice with monitoring

2005 VA license reinstated

2007 VA indefinite probation removed

2010 VA PHP contract concluded

8/6/2013 applied for NC license, still under contract for monitoring in TN, will be allowed a license in NC with NCPHP monitoring to begin when he starts practicing in TN

***Interesting, he’s out of work for 3 years at one point in VA and has practiced ever since.  Maybe our lost souls should move to VA?




John Harrison Baker MD
Durham NC


Consent Order Reprimand

Hx of EtOH abuse, under NCPHP contract, relapsed on alcohol over his lunch break, his private NCPHP non-practice agreement is now a public non-practice agreement

10/30/13 Consent Order Reprimand

Altered medical records to indicate that an RN was present during 2 abortions when there was no RN present

***This guy is drinking on the job while under NCPHP contract and still practicing?? Who does he know?




Bruce Jonah Webb MD

New Bern NC
Public Letter of Concern

Developed PTSD/Substance abuse issues after active duty in Afghanistan, completed military substance abuse/PTSD treatment, under contract with NCPHP after voluntary surrender of license.

***I applaud the NCMB for not taking his license away.  Apparently, he lives in VA for the most part, maybe that’s part of their reasoning.  I am glad that one of those who served are not being unduly further punished—but it is out of character for the NCMB!  He received light treatment!


William McCutchen III DO

Loris NC

11/20/14 Non-disciplinary consent order reinstating license (voluntarily inactivated license 8/27/12) and shall maintain NCPHP contract with his Hx of EtOH abuse/DUI and completion of a 6-week inpatient treatment program in 11/2012 (usually 12 weeks of treatment are required).

***Why was he not allowed back into practice upon completion of treatment?  Why only 6 weeks of treatment?  The public record on the NCMB website for him doesn’t really state that he had voluntarily withdrawn his license, it’s buried in the text of the 11/20/14 document—why?  There is an appearance that on the one hand the NCMB is trying to hide his EtOH history yet on the other it kept him out of work for >2 years and did not give him any re-entry agreement to ensure competence.



Mouhamed Iyad Fakhri – MD

Clinton, NC

12/10/14 Consent Order Indefinite Suspension for self-prescribing and prescribing excess to a patient then splitting Rx’s for Neurontin, Methadone

8/19/13 Voluntary Surrender of License

***This is a rural internist with chronic back pain who was forced out of practice 8/19/13, the NCMB doesn’t even bother to do anything with it until 16 months later.  The very worst case scenario is that this guy suffers from addiction as well as chronic pain, no patient harm occurred, and a small rural town loses a doctor indefinitely.



John H. Baker MD

Amended Consent Order; may resume practice

10/20/14 Consent Order; Reprimand & Public NPA due to drinking while under contract with NCPHP

7/15/14 Signed private NPA due to drinking while under contract with NCPHP

7/14/14 Drank alcohol while under NCPHP contract

***This guy violated his NCPHP contract by drinking and was out of practice from 7/14-12/18/2016?  Five months out of practice, despite having had an earlier NPA 10/30/13 for negligent office standards and lying to a NCMB investigator!  Who does he know or how much did he pay for such light treatment???



Timothy Earl Kwiatkowski MD

NCMS Member

Charlotte NC
Consent Order; Reprimand for

4/23/14 had a Consent Order/Public Letter of Concern for Medical Malpractice in which a patient under his care in the ED died due to an allergic reaction that had occurred in 2012.  30 year old patient dies of allergic reaction in ED due to inadequate care/supervision by physician, no other discipline, there was a MedMal payout.

4/24/14 Level V DUI & Possession of Adderall, admitted to prescribing arrangement with another physician in which he would prescribe Ambien to each other without keeping medical records

5/6/14 NCPHP Evaluation

5/13/14 Charges dismissed by law enforcement/courts

12/1/14 Consent Order Reprimand

9/19/17 Consent Order Reprimand Re; substandard care delivery in the ED and referred to NCPHP

***Why was he not out of work for several years for DUI—even with dismissed charges, other licensees have been subjected to this, furthermore, he admits to an illegal manner of prescribing with another physician which is a huge red-flag for substance abuse and other physicians typically spend years out of work and are required to take extra classes on medical records, controlled substances, etc.

***Allegedly, the purpose of the NCMB is to protect the public from inadequate providers.  If somebody dies through gross negligence, it’s really no big deal/not much of a disciplinary issue to the NCMB.  God help the provider who has a patient complaint about “inappropriate touch” (Whatever that is, and what patient knows all of the various ways in which touch IS appropriate? A false accusation ruins a career forever!) or a provider who gets caught with a positive drug screen or allegation of alcohol misuse!







Negligence #149, most recent March 2014 Names Doc


Evidence (With Names)

            Boundary 62 (April 2014) Names (Woundedhealers/tfp/govMcCroryLtr/Boundary.docx) 6/7/16

            Combined 20 (April 14) Names (Woundedhealers/tfp/govMcCroryLtr/BoundarySubstance.docx) 6/16/16
            Legal Issues 50 (June 14) Names (Woundedhealers/tfp/govMcCroryLtr/Legal.docx) 6/6/16

            Negligence 68 (5/29/14) (Woundedhelers/tfp/govMcCroryLtr/Negligence.docx) 6/7/16

            Substance 101 (6/14) (Woundedhelers/tfp/govMcCroryLtr/Substance.docx) 6/7/16

NCMB Victims


Boundary Issues

Combination Boundary & Substance Abuse Issues

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