NCMB Director and Legal Staff Members;

R. David Henderson, Executive Director NCMB


Thomas Mansfield, Legal Department Director


Patrick Balestrieri Attorney


Brian Blankenship Attorney


Todd Brosius Attorney


Marcus Ōlil HossĶ Billy Jimison Attorney

Expunged/Sealed Criminal Record with 6 known criminal convictions

Known by his lispy shrill voice and baby face.  He could be a poster-boy for hypogonadism.  This little wanna-be cowboy is the runt of the litter with a HUGE Napoleon complex.  ItÕs been said that bullyÕs have generally been the victim of other bullies.  If this lilÕ tyrant wasnÕt such a mean, vindictive critter, one could almost feel sympathy for him.  ItÕs unlikely that heÕll ever be accused of having any humanity.